Sleeper Sofa Design Concept (Room & Board Competition 2010)


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Sleeper Sofa concept for MCAD Room & Board design competition 2010.

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Sleeper Sofa Design Concept (Room & Board Competition 2010)

  1. 1. Design ProposalTribeca Sleeper Sofa Kelly Jo Kokaisel MCAD 2010
  2. 2. Kelly Kokaisel owns the copyright for this document and all its contents. This proposal should be considered private and confidential and maynot be shared with any third party without the prior written permission of Kelly Kokaisel.Executive SummaryTimeless design | Authentic handcraftsmanship | Serious comfortWhen it comes to furniture, Room and Board believes quality and style should always go hand in hand.Room and Board partners with small, family-owned companies that share their commitment to qualityand sustainability. Room and Board prides themselves on offering a collection of furniture thats 80percent American made, and provides the kind of service wed want ourselves if we were makingimportant decisions about our homes.Client | Room & BoardHandcrafted American-made furniture and accessories. Timeless, elegant, practical pieces. Furniturethat will journey with you as your needs change.The Present SituationMarket | Minneapolis | Chicago | Denver | San Francisco | New York | Santa Ana, Calif. | WashingtonD.C. |Boston |Seattle |New Jersey |San Jose, Calif. |Miami | DallasClients of Room and Board are the target audience for this product. The average customer is 40 years ofage, middle to upper middle class, and has a keen eye for design. They are particular about what theywant, and will wait to buy until they find it. They may have a small or large space, and may requireversatility. They are coming to Room and Board to shop because they appreciate the aesthetic, comfort,quality and great customer service that Room and Board provides. Need | Alternative to the Sleeper SofaCreate a product concept that provides an innovative alternative to the traditional sleeper sofa. Thestandard sleeper sofa design has not changed much over the past 50 years, and it’s inherent issues makesthem rather undesirable to today’s modern consumer. They are heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable. Theyare rather inconvenient to pull out, the bar is always in your back, and the mattress is rather thin. Themechanism in which the sleeper sofa pulls out with needs a total redesign. Room and Boards products areenvironmentally friendly and produced domestically, the sleeper sofa redesign must meet theserequirements.The Innovation Dimensions | Studio Sofa H: 25 | W: 80 | D: 35 | SH: 19 | O: 80 X 70
  3. 3. Dimensions | Sofa w/back H: 34.5 | W: 80 | D: 35.75 | SH: 19 | O: 80 X 70Manufacturing InformationThis design could be manufactured through Room and Boards current vendors.Assembly InformationThis design could be assembled through Room and Boards current vendors. The optional back restaccessories are simple to assemble by the customer. Merely slide the aluminum back rest bars into theslots underneath the sofa and place the loose back pillows in front.Materials InformationFrames | Built using quality materials and reinforced. Aluminum legs and back rest. Solid wood isresponsibly forested maple, cherry, oak and walnut. Certified sustainable kiln-dried hardwood frame.Cushions | Back cushions are foam core wrapped in down feathers. Seat cushions are multilayer soy- orplant-based polyfoam wrapped in fiber-down blend and encased in downproof ticking.Fabrics | Natural fabrics. Upholstered in 100% cotton weave or 100% bison leather with stain-repellenttreatment and topstitched detail.Foam | Eco-friendly flexible foam made with BiOH®. This foam uses soybean oil polyols to replace aportion of petroleum-based ingredients used in traditional polyurethane cushions.Lifetime of the InnovationThe quality and life duration of this design is equivalent to all other products sold at Room and Board.SustainabilityTimeless, well-crafted furniture is an investment in the future of your home and the health of the planet.
  4. 4. When you choose furniture designed and built to last, you don’t have to worry about it breaking or goingout of style. That means less waste, less energy consumed and more money in your pocket. –Room andBoard website. This design adheres to Room and Boards current sustainability ethics.The PlanCreative StrategyThis design was inspired by Room and Boards current designs, best sellers, customer feedback, andcustomer service interviews. A painting of a man on a lounger by Francis Bacon also had an influence.In this painting the seat cushion of the lounger had slid off to the side, and inspired me to think, ‘whycan’t it be that simple?’ This aha moment inspired the idea to have the top cushion simply slide off andbe placed to the side of the bottom cushion to form a larger sleeping surface. Legs underneath the topcushion flip down and align the top cushion to the height of the bottom cushion. The bottom cushion isequal in comfort to the top cushion. The optional back cushions are of a density that can be used assleeping pillows if desired. The top cushion can stand alone and be used as a 2nd sleeping space also ifdesired, giving a unique versatility to the product. The various options of this design stand it apart fromanything currently on today’s market.Technical StrategyThe frames of the seat cushions are made of a lightweight aluminum that allows them to be easilyhandled and moved by one person. Cloth webbing and lightweight foam adhere to this necessity aswell. The high density foam is specially chosen because of its structural integrity, retaining its shape,and also for its unique softness and comfort. The aluminum feet are flat and wide, allowing them to foldeasily on the top seat cushion, and are modeled after the existing Chelsea line of furniture sold throughRoom and Board. The back rest bars and cushions are sold as an option, allowing a customer a choice instyles or needs.Tasks Client consultation and Project Brief • In-depth discussion with the client to determine requirements was completed on two occasions, once at MCAD during the project brief, and once at Room and Board. • Project brief, presentation board, and scale model due Thursday April 15th, at which point 5 finalists will be chosen. Presentation boards and models will be on display in store for almost a month. Customers and employees of Room and Board will vote and decide a winner. • Formal awards presentations will take place Thursday May 13th at Room and Board. Design direction and development One design provided in person on April 15th. Sign off either by email or in writing. Implementation One design concept will be provided. Design will be outlined in presentation board and project brief. A scale model of the design will accompany this.
  5. 5. PeopleGeorge Mahoney | InstructorKelly Kokaisel | DesignerRoom and Board | ClientIf chosen, for a period of one year, Room and Board will retain the rights to the design. Room and Boardwill hold exclusive manufacturing rights during this time. The design will be manufactured exclusively byRoom and Board until they discontinue the product, at which time the right of the design will return tothe designer.TimeProposal, Drawings and Model due Thursday, April 15th 2010Winner to be notified Monday May 3rd 2010Formal award presentations will take place Thursday May 6th 2010The PrototypeRefer to Drawings & ModelConclusionThank you for the opportunity to provide a proposal. I hope my design solution meets the needs anddesires of Room and Board and its customers.Team BiographiesGeorge Mahoney | Faculty, Furniture Design | MCAD Owner, Furniture Design Studio | SolvKelly Jo Kokaisel | Design Student | MCADContact DetailsGeorge Mahoney2501 Stevens Ave SouthMinneapolis College of Art and DesignMinneapolis, MN 55044gmahoney@mcad.eduKelly Jo Kokaisel1259 Landmark Trail SouthHopkins, MN 55343kkokaisel@mcad.edu612.987.4889