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Permaculture Memes


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A cute little project for permaculture memes.

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Permaculture Memes

  1. 1. MicroMemesPass on the idea of permaculture with MicroMemes.MicroMemes are spare microgreens planted in my used yogurt cups that I can give out to friends and family. Theyare wrapped with different messages relating to permaculture, such as:EarthcarePeoplecareFair ShareObserve & InteractCatch & Store EnergyObtain a YieldApply Self-RegulationAccept FeedbackValue Renewable ResourcesProduce No WasteDesign From Patterns to DetailsIntegrate Rather Than SegregateUse Small & Slow SolutionsUse & Value DiversityUse Edges & Value The MarginalCreatively Use & Respond To ChangeLabels are all marked Permaculture and direct people to my Facebook page, MN Sustainable Urban Garden Sys-tems. Recipients are encouraged to repot their plants and take a small chunk to put back into the yogurt cupa andpass on to someone else, spreading the idea of permaculture with a purpose and function. Kelly Kokaisel MCAD Summer ‘10