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I Am A Trimtab


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How I influence others.

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I Am A Trimtab

  1. 1. TrimtabKelly KokaiselHow am I a trimtab? I guess I like to think of myself as a social trimtab, I suppose. I like to get involvedwith local initiatives that are pushing the boundaries of what we can do sustainably. I like to learn aboutnew ideas that take what we already have and make it more efficient. I test these ideas at home andfind the ones that work, and the ones that do not work, within my circumstances. I like to take the goodideas and work with people on a community level to execute them in areas such as agriculture, housing,and community development. By educating myself on monitoring, assessment, and prediction ofsystems, I arm myself with the tools necessary to join a group of likeminded people and effect change.Through this group, I can make differences on a community scale that I could not accomplish alone.These community groups grow and get exposure and are invited by larger groups to participate innational or global initiatives that the community could not accomplish on their own. I see deviation inwhat I am learning is good and right, and what we are doing collectively. It is this that prompts me toact. It is through this little sticking out of my foot into the waters of our culture and economy that I aidin turning our big American boat towards a more healthy true north. It is in this way, I suppose, that Iam a trimtab.