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Cell Phone Re-Design (concept)


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A re-design concept for mobile phones using sustainable principles.

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Cell Phone Re-Design (concept)

  1. 1. Reinventing The Cell Phone A Sustainable Approach To Meeting The Needs for Communications ServicesKelly Kokaisel | MCAD | Design Green 2010
  2. 2.  Problem Motivation Solution Design Bottom Line Opportunities ConclusionOverview
  3. 3.  Cell Phones Pollute ◦ Cell phones contain many hazardous materials; arsenic, antimony, beryllium, cadmium, copper, lead, nickel and zinc. ◦ These materials cause cancer and various neurological disorders. ◦ Over 32 thousand tons of used cell phones wind up in landfills each year. ◦ Not to mention the pollution from Production (factory pollution & energy), Transportation, Use, and Disposal.Problem
  4. 4. Reduce Risk Increase Market Share Improve Corporate ImageMotivation
  5. 5. A cell phone such as the French ModeLabs one on the right, which adds charging functionality by flipping the keyboard out, is a good start on a new functional design. Additionally, considerations such as below can create an even more efficient and effective phone service. Reduce pollution by using less toxic materials Preserve & Restore Natural Capital Use Closed System Cycle for Less Waste Focus on Product Service for more satisfied customers Increase ‘Eco-Efficiency’ By ‘Factor X’Solution
  6. 6.  Prevent pollution ◦ Using materials that require less extraction and contain more technical & possible biological nutrients will create less environmental pollution. Preserve & Restore Natural Capital ◦ Using Fair Trade systems and inputs for materials and production treats workers more fairly, builds corporate image, and reduces risk of negative exposure while being more socially sustainable. Closed System Cycle: ◦ Designing the cell phone so that it is easily deconstructed and recycled creates less waste and therefore less pollution, is more economically efficient. Focus on Product Service for more satisfied customers ◦ Creating an ala cart system for phone services, like how many computers are built and sold today, provides customers with only the services they want while being more economically efficient. Increase ‘Eco-Efficiency’ By ‘Factor X’ ◦ Using better materials, sourced through Fair Trade practices, designed with a closed loop system, and offering ala cart services will create efficiencies many times over the current baseline.Design
  7. 7. Economy Environment Society(Triple) Bottom Line
  8. 8. Lower raw material costs•Using recycled materials that require lessextraction and Fair Trade systems for production Fewer repairs fornot only reduces production costs (despite the customersincrease cost in using Fair Trade systems), but Better customeralso improves global economies, which in long retentionrun economics make all of us better off.•Reduced risk of negative exposure reducesfinancial responsibility of the company.•An ala cart system for phone services is moreeconomically efficient for both the producer andconsumer.Economy Economy The Triple Bottom Line Environme Society nt
  9. 9. Less energy•Using more technical & biological nutrients will Less materialuse less energy and raw materials which will No ozone depletioncreate less environmental pollution. Less smog and acid•Using Fair Trade systems saves global rainendangered lands from being destroyed due to No global warmingextraction. Fewer toxins•The Closed System Cycle using recycledmaterials creates less waste and pollution.Environment Economy The Triple Bottom Line Environme Society nt
  10. 10. Higher quality products•Using materials that require less extraction not Safer workplacesonly saves money and the environment, butalso saves resources that societies can use to Healthierimprove & sustain their way of life and customersstandard of living. Educated children•Using Fair Trade systems not only provides Happier plantworkers a fair wage but also provides them neighborswith resources such as health, safety, and More satisfiededucation that they may not otherwise have employeesthat they can use to be more productive andcreate higher quality products, making thesociety more satisfied and socially efficient.Society Economy The Triple Bottom Line Environme Society nt
  11. 11.  Laws are and need to continue to be passed to keep global markets open which in the long run makes us all better off. The numbers of green consumers are growing and companies need to be proactive and reactive to these changing needs, aligning themselves with other like minded ecologically conscious initiatives. Positive environmental activities are seen as reducing risk, which enhances the company reputation as well as the stock price.Opportunities
  12. 12. ECO-DESIGN WILL HELP DISTINGUISH US AND OUR FIRM Some of the most respected corporations in the world (Aveda, Walmart, etc.) are taking the lead in eco-designs and are seeing positive feedback which is helping to define them as a trusted producer for the ever-growing population of eco- consumers.Opportunities
  14. 14. THANK YOU