EQuIS 5 Flyer 2009


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The most widely used environmental data management software in the world

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EQuIS 5 Flyer 2009

  1. 1. EQuIS 5 by EQuIS 5 by THE MOST WIDELY USED ENVIRONMENTAL DATA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE IN THE WORLD PO Box 1376 Concord MA 01742 Toll-Free: (800) 649-8855 Local: (978) 369-2201 Fax: (850) 471-7470 info@earthsoft.com www.earthsoft.com
  2. 2. EQuIS 5 www. THE MOST WIDELY USED ENVIRONMENTAL DATA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE IN THE WORLD .com by ELECTRONIC DATA ENVIRONMENTAL DATA Analysis: highly GIS: powerful Reports: rich user EDP: rich user DELIVERABLES (EDDs) WORKFLOW AUTOMATION integrated with interface with interface with interface application popular modeling ESRI ArcGIS 9.x, powerful reporting for checking and Professional and analysis in addition to light- tools for adhoc importing EDDs EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) is the most widely used RUNS ON applications (GMS, weight embedded graphs, tabular and WORKSTATION system in the world for EDD management. EDP and ▲ SAME CODE & CHECKS! EDP RockWorks, LogPlot, map tools crosstab reports, etc. Licensed by named (DIFFERENT GUI) EQuIS EDDs are written into many contracts as standard or concurrent users. Your Data EVS, Surfer, etc.) At their facility: ▲ Provider operating procedure. Checks for correctness and EDD correct? completeness guarantee known data quality. EDP is ▲▲ so powerful and flexible, it is used by many US state and EPA environmental enforcement agencies. EQuIS NO, INTERACTIVE Schema: industry leading database for environmental data management. ▲ Simple enough for a single facility, yet scalable to thousands of facilities. RUNS ON SERVER Automated Data Review (ADR) is the world’s most Licensed by server ▲ advanced software tool for analytical data validation processor(s) or Enterprise user CALs. support and is used extensively by the US Army Corps EDP NO, EMAIL On your server: of Engineers and US EPA. EDD correct? EIA: Environmental EDP: automatically EZView: web Supported EDDs include SEDD, GeoTracker, HazSite, Information Agents receive (FTP, email, or interface standard watch incoming data web upload) and reports and GIS NEDD, and any other EDD format. EQuIS additionally Enterprise and automatically process EDDs and supports geological, geotechnical, limnology and other RUNS ON SERVER YES, EMAIL send reports (new send acceptance Licensed by server EDDs not found elsewhere. data, exceedances, and/or rejection processor(s) or scheduled graphs, etc.) notifications user CALs. ▲ EDP & ENTERPRISE EDP Archive, Register Closed Loop with Doc Mgmt EQuIS DECISION SUPPORT BUILD – SERVE – PUSH High Volume ▲ s Smart Cl nt GRAPHICS AND REPORTS EDD Processing ie Scientists do more science: EQuIS provides interfaces to Heavy lie footprint Web Rich C many graphics solutions, both directly nt services & EarthSoft has development, Rich user experience offline/online s and from ArcGIS 9.X, including: Tough to WINDOWS + WEB = support marketing and Help Desk deploy High EVS relationships with many system ■ developer Broad WORKFLOW AUTOMATION. productivity reach “DLL hell” LogPlot providers for continued innovation ■ Network Easy change dependency Responsive Thin Clie EDP provides you and your subcontractors with RockWorks and support for these advanced ■ management advanced software tools. Many consultants provide EnviroInsite ‘Power User’ modules. Saved ■ Poor user Easy to Device experience deploy adaptability either a desktop tool or a web tool, but only EDP GMS exports can then be served via the ■ Complex provides both. This double feedback loop provides web with EQuIS Enterprise or nt to develop EQuIS amplifies environmental s checked secure EDD submissions and automated ‘pushed’ via email to ‘Casual Users’. visualization and modeling skills. migration into EQuIS databases. © Microsoft® ADR EVS plume in ArcGIS with EVS RockWorks GMS LakeWatch LogPlot EnviroInsite EQuIS for ArcGIS 3D Viewer OVER 200 CONSULTANTS ALREADY USE EQuIS.