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EarthSoft Corporate Overview October 2010

  1. 1. EQuIS© Overview<br />Environmental Quality Information System<br />Copyright EarthSoft, Inc. 2010<br />
  2. 2. “The world will collect more environmental data in the next 5 years than in all previous history…”Original quote courtesy Dow Jones Investment Forum, environmental * added by EarthSoft…<br />
  3. 3. What data does EQuIS manage?<br />Scientific / Technical / Environmental Data:<br /><ul><li> Environmental: Water (Lake, Drinking, Discharge, Ocean, River, Ground), Air/Vapor, Sediment (Superfund/DoD), Dust, Noise, Analytical, Eco-Risk, Biological, Archeological
  4. 4. Geotechnical and geological data</li></li></ul><li>EQuIS Disruptive Technology<br />EQuIS Workflows change how environmental and geotechnical professionals work:<br /><ul><li> Are you collecting a huge amount of air, water, environmental, ecological, or geotechnical data? Do you have standardized EDDs?
  5. 5. Are your data in a variety of hardcopy, spreadsheet, or personal database formats? Do you work with multiple labs and consultants?
  6. 6. Are you sending a large number of samples to labs for testing?
  7. 7. Are professionals and consultants making graphics and reports “by hand” or with spreadsheets and billing you per hour?
  8. 8. Are you paying a different consultant to discover lots of errors in your data months later?
  9. 9. Do field crews and labs check their EDDs prior to submission to you?</li></li></ul><li>EQuIS <br /> Primary EQuIS Modules:<br /> Schemas in Oracle, SQL Server, and Express<br /> Professional<br /> EDP and Enterprise EDP<br /> EZView and EIA<br /> Sample Planning Module & EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE) <br /> EQuIS for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Server <br />Several EQuIS case studies show dramatic cost savings in <br />data collection and management expenses.<br />
  10. 10. What is EQuIS?<br /><ul><li> Technical Data Management: Sample – Test – Result Data
  11. 11. Chemistry /Geology /Water / Limnology /Air /Geotechnical Data
  12. 12. All .NET; SQL Server / Oracle
  13. 13. Open Systems; Licensed or Hosted
  14. 14. Multi-lingual
  15. 15. The most widely used data management system in the world</li></ul> …Field Sensor and Lab Data to Web GIS Spider Diagrams….<br />
  16. 16. EQuIS Workflows<br />Imports: EDP and Enterprise EDP:<br /><ul><li> Closed Loop enforces data quality
  17. 17. Most labs, consultants already have EDP</li></ul>Exports: EZView and EIA:<br />Build-Serve-Push Reports and Graphics<br />Sample Plans: SPM & EDGE<br />Field EDDs prepared in advance<br /><ul><li> eCoCs and Completeness Checker</li></li></ul><li>EQuIS<br />Data Collection to Graphics<br />Field Collection<br />EDP<br />EQuIS<br />Monitoring/<br />Instrumentation<br />Data Out: <br />Automated/Manual<br />Data In:<br />Automated/Manual<br />Laboratory EDDs<br />
  18. 18. EQuIS:<br />One database: Two types of user interfaces:<br />Schema<br />Enterprise<br />EQuIS<br />Database <br />(Oracle/SQL)<br />Professional<br />Inter/<br />Intranet<br />Inter/<br />Intranet<br />EQuIS provides two <br />sets of modules for different user types<br />connected to the same<br />Oracle/SQL database.<br />Power-Users<br />( Database Administrators, Consultants )<br /> Thin-client web GUI for Web-Users<br />( Management, Site Personnel)<br />
  19. 19. EQuIS<br />Field Collection<br />EDP<br />EQuIS<br />Monitoring/<br />Instrumentation<br />Data Out: <br />Automated/Manual<br />Data In:<br />Automated/Manual<br />Laboratory EDDs<br />
  20. 20. EQuIS Automated Workflow<br />…EDD Management…<br />EDGE - Field Data Collections<br />EQuIS<br />Schema<br />Oracle, SQL Server<br />Enterprise<br />EDP<br />EDGE,<br />Field EDP,<br />Lab EDP<br />EDDs<br />Spreadsheets, <br />txt files or <br />XML files<br />Sensors/<br />Instrumentation<br />Data Loggers<br /> Correct / <br />Incorrect<br /> Today’s EDDs<br />Emails for correct EDD submissions<br />Yesterday’s EDDs<br />Emails for incorrect EDD submissions w Error Logs<br />web dashboards<br />emails<br />Laboratories<br />LIMS<br />SPM<br />
  21. 21. EZView Automated Workflow<br />One email via Outlook produces:<br /><ul><li> EDD Acceptance Message
  22. 22. Failed Agent Notification (no data submitted)
  23. 23. Five Agents
  24. 24. Time from Submission to report:</li></ul>Two Minutes!<br />Google Earth<br />Elevated Contours<br />Outlook Agent Folder<br />Exceedance Report<br />Statistics Result Table<br />Multi-Parameter Time Series<br />Successful EDD Submission Notification<br />Notification: No Data Submitted for this Agent<br />Contour PDF<br />
  25. 25. EQuIS Enterprise <br />EZView and EIA<br />Workflow Automation with emails or thin-client web apps <br />Web enabled, for the entire portfolio<br />.NET web Dashboards<br />Build, Serve and Push<br />Reports, Graphics and Graphs<br />Google Earth .kmz files, GIS exports, Crosstabs, and more…<br />
  26. 26. Of course EQuIS provides trend charts...<br />EQuISprovides many charting and graphing options…<br />Generate dozens of trend charts with one successful EDD import… <br />
  27. 27. EQuIS places pie charts and other graphics on your map!<br />
  28. 28. EQuIS offers many <br />graphics choices.<br />Support any graphics tool you wish with EQuIS<br />
  29. 29. More EQuIS Graphics!!<br />
  30. 30. EQuIS for ArcGIS supports Version 10.<br />ArcScene<br />Fence Diagram by RockWorks<br />
  31. 31. Detailed 3-Dimensional Representation of Contamination Accounting For Variation in Geologic Structures and Sample Depths<br />Image by RockWorks<br />
  32. 32. Third release of the EVS interface!<br />Image by EVS<br />
  33. 33. EZView<br />EZView distributes reports and graphics over the web. Increased productivity and reduced costs are the result as reports are distributed to many more users with greater speed and ease.<br />EZView :<br />As easy as 1, 2, 3!<br />1. Choose Report from Pick List. 2. Adjust Query if needed. 3. View Report.<br />
  34. 34. …converts to:<br />Information!<br />EZView<br />Data…<br />EZView converts data to information.<br />
  35. 35. …converts to:<br />Information!<br />EQuIS Information Agents (EIAs)<br />Data…<br />EIAs offer “Push reports” for “No-keystroke” reporting via email or web dashboards. <br />Trigger Reports Automatically!<br />
  36. 36. EQuIS Exports and <br />Interfaces<br />Enterprise<br />Professional<br />ArcGIS<br />ArcGIS<br />Server<br />Spreadsheets<br />Cross Tab Reports<br />Push<br />Reports<br />EDD<br />Submissions<br />Graphs, Graphics,<br />Visualizations<br />EQuIS<br />EZView<br />Reports<br />View/Edit<br />Data<br />Build<br />Reports<br />Spider<br />Diagrams<br />Google Earth <br />Animations and Mashups<br />EZView<br />Reports<br />Web<br />Maps<br />Map<br />Labeling<br />3D and 4D<br />
  37. 37. Crosstab Report Writer<br />The EQuIS Cross Tab Report Writer (CTRW) is a very popular tool with many consultants!<br />
  38. 38. EQuIS Data <br />Processor (EDP)<br />(Standalone)<br />Enterprise<br />EDP<br />EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) and Enterprise EDP<br />…Integrated automated workflow for EDDs with email notifications …<br />…Most widely used EDD processing software in the world…<br />Emails<br />Or <br />Web<br />Lab<br />EQuIS<br />LIMS<br />Emails<br />Or <br />Web<br />EDDs<br />Samples<br />Emails<br />Or <br />Web<br />Field<br />Data<br />
  39. 39. The EDDs are coming! The EDDs are coming!<br />No Standards Are Emerging<br />(ie, many standards are emerging…)<br />Different Valid Values<br />Different EDDs for each program / site type (Refinery vs. Gas Station EDDs; Water vs. Air EDDs)<br />EQuIS is the standard (80 out of 300+ for TA)<br />Interactive/Private + Batch/Web<br />As large projects ramp up, EDDs evolve<br />New Programs coming On-Line<br />EDDs Separate Strong-LIMS from Weak-LIMS Labs<br />
  40. 40. EQuIS Data Processor (EDP)<br /><ul><li>EDD Checking at the lab or field prior to submissions.
  41. 41. Data producers can checkandthencorrect EDD problems in one step.
  42. 42. Format can include custom checking scripts – special checking Scan be configured for:
  43. 43. QC recovery checking
  44. 44. Conditional checking (if this field is X, then that field should be Y)
  45. 45. Other special or custom required data reviews
  46. 46. Output is branded so data consumers can be certain data have been checked prior to acceptance.
  47. 47. Checks multiple EDD files simultaneously!
  48. 48. Distributed by several Consultants, EPA Regions and States.</li></li></ul><li>EDP<br />
  49. 49. EDP<br /><ul><li>Allows end user to use XML to create new EDDs.
  50. 50. Web Enabled user interface to automate process for high volume operations.
  51. 51. Real Time Error Resolution (see and fix errors in place, without have to recheck the entire EDD).
  52. 52. Distributed by several states and EPA Regions.
  53. 53. User login/identification.
  54. 54. Specify/select project and EDD format.
  55. 55. Allows different EDD per project.
  56. 56. Upload EDD from user, via email, ftp, or portal.
  57. 57. Correctness and Completeness Checks.
  58. 58. Generates error report including line number, error, value.
  59. 59. Screens against regulatory limits, ‘Push’ exceedance reports. Allows different regulatory limits per location.
  60. 60. Upload, optionally, package into EQuIS 3, EQuIS 5, or EQuIS Enterprise.</li></li></ul><li>Enterprise EDP<br />Web workflow automation for high volume operations…<br /><ul><li>Labs and data providers can submit data via email or web form.
  61. 61. Check EDDs automatically at a particular times or event driven.
  62. 62. Automatic emails back to data providers.</li></li></ul><li>SPM and EDGE<br /><ul><li> Sample Planning Module (SPM)
  63. 63. Plan and manage field events
  64. 64. Generate lab and field reports (bottle requests, COCs)
  65. 65. Track samples from cradle to grave
  66. 66. Assure correct and complete sampling and analysis events
  67. 67. EQuIS Data Gathering Engine (EDGE)
  68. 68. Field tools assisting field technicians collecting accurate and complete field data using the latest mobile computing technologies</li></ul>Copyright © 2010, EarthSoft, Inc.<br />
  69. 69. Why SPM and EDGE?<br />Field Data – The Weak Link!<br />Up to 70% of data management errors originate in the field!<br />SPM<br />EDGE<br />EDP<br />EQuIS Professional<br />&<br />EQuIS Enterprise<br />EQuIS Professional<br />EQuIS Professional<br />Copyright © 2010, EarthSoft, Inc.<br />
  70. 70. Why SPM and EDGE?<br /><ul><li> Generate Completeness Reports (field and lab)
  71. 71. Field events reminders and triggers using EQuIS Enterprise
  72. 72. Generate bottle request forms & Bottle Labels
  73. 73. Prepare and distribute field summaries
  74. 74. EDGE eforms and eCOCs to eliminate manual data errors
  75. 75. Field EDP: Data entry errors are flagged in real time
  76. 76. Field Sensors and GPS: Imports data to EQuIS from field data loggers and GPS.</li></ul>Copyright © 2010, EarthSoft, Inc.<br />
  77. 77. SPM and EDGE?<br />Field Data Management Workflow<br />2- SPM<br />Prepare Bottle Orders and Lab EDD<br />6- EDGE<br />COCs/eCOCs to Lab<br />1- SPM<br />Prepare Sampling Plans<br />(Lab Contracts, Samples, Field Activities)<br />5- EDGE<br />Perform Field Data Collection<br />(Field EDP)<br />3- SPM<br />Prepare Bottle Labels<br />4- SPM<br />Prepare EDGE Field EDDs and Field Summary<br />7- EDGE<br />Field EDP/EDD <br />To EDP<br />9- SPM<br />Status Updates /<br />Completion Reports<br />8- Lab<br />Lab EDP/EDD <br />to EDP<br />Copyright © 2010, EarthSoft, Inc.<br />
  78. 78. SPM & EDGE<br />Plan<br />Schedule<br />Sample<br />Automated eCoCs and bar codes<br />SPM<br />EDGE<br />Auto generate IDEF and electronic CoC<br />eCOC<br />
  79. 79. Sample Planning Module (SPM)<br />Generates<br />Chain of Custody<br />Generates<br />Bottle Label<br />Generates<br />Completeness<br />Checker<br />
  80. 80. Pocket SI<br /><ul><li>Automated Field Data Collection Tool.
  81. 81. Allows you to define field data collection parameters.
  82. 82. Allows for wireless upload of data from field crews.</li></li></ul><li>Intelligent Data Entry Forms <br />(IDEFs)<br /><ul><li>EQuIShas forms for manual data entry. This is useful for historical data conversions and for field data entry.</li></li></ul><li>Key EQuIS Messages:<br /><ul><li>The Data Schemas are core.
  83. 83. Applications come and go, but data survive forever.
  84. 84. Protect the Data: Make it editable by few, but available to many
  85. 85. Data Quality, before Data Usability.
  86. 86. Avoid ‘Garbage In - Garbage Out’
  87. 87. Good data leads to good decisions
  88. 88. Get the workflow right, then add automation
  89. 89. Open Systems - Don’t let your data be held hostage!
  90. 90. EQuIS can be hosted or licensed. Schemas can be extended.
  91. 91. EQuIS is high-volume and can be supported by many consultants.
  92. 92. Relational Databases plus GIS
  93. 93. Increases the production of graphics, graphs, GIS and reports</li></ul>Overview<br />
  94. 94. Main EQuIS Products <br /> Data Schemas<br />Oracle, SQL Server, and Express EQuIS Schemas<br /> Applications:<br /><ul><li>Professional .Net Smart Clients for Power Users, with EDP, ActiveReports, TeeCharts, Crosstab, and EnviroInsite
  95. 95. Enterprise.Net thin-client web apps with email workflow automation and Build - Serve & Push reporting
  96. 96. Sample Planning Module eCoCs and Completeness Checker</li></ul> Modules and Interfaces:<br /><ul><li>EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) and Enterprise EDP
  97. 97. EQuIS for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Server modules
  98. 98. Interfaces to EVS, GMS, gINT, Surfer, RockWorks, LogPlot, and many other tools used by environmental professionals</li></li></ul><li>Enterprise EDP for Labs (EEDPL)<br />Automated EDD checking<br />Supports multiple client EDD formats<br />Client-specific rules and specifications<br />Client-specific valid values <br />Ensures error-free EDD for lab before delivery to client<br />Web-based application<br />Runs on lab server or hosted cloud server<br />Nothing to deploy to individual workstations<br />Easy to use<br />web browser<br />Email<br />Submit directly from LIMS<br />
  99. 99. Enterprise EDP for Labs (EEDPL)<br /> Email notifications, Error Logs<br />Lab TechnicianWorkstation<br />Overview<br />EDDs submitted <br />EmailWebFTP<br />EDDs delivered <br />EmailWebFTP<br /> EEDPL<br />Client<br />LIMS<br />
  100. 100. EEDPL Dashboard<br />Notices (also delivered via email) include EDD acceptance notifications, error logs, and automated reports.<br />Organize client facilities and assign permissions based on organization (geographic, administrative, etc.)<br />List of processed EDDs includes status and file name (downloadable)<br />
  101. 101. EDD Format Information<br />See a list of available EDD formats<br />Download a detailed specification of the EDD format<br />Download a blank EDD template<br />
  102. 102. EDD<br />Reports<br />
  103. 103. EQuIS<br />All .Net, 100% Microsoft solution.<br />Web Enabled.<br />Integrated database structures – licensed or hosted. <br />Distributed Installation scripts. <br />Integrated Windows authentication<br />Build – Serve – ‘Push’ web thin client interfaces.<br />Data modeling or data reduction <br />Microsoft Smart Client Deployment.<br />Available in SQL Server Express, SQL Server, or Oracle.<br />
  104. 104. Help Desk and Training<br /><ul><li> EarthSoft has an 9 Person, Highly-Trained Help Desk
  105. 105. These are full time on Help Desk (not programmers providing Support in their spare time)
  106. 106. EarthSoft provides over $140k in Training each year
  107. 107. Many videos on the EarthSoft YouTube Channel
  108. 108. Office Hours: recorded every week
  109. 109. Maintenance generates over $1M in Revenue each year</li></li></ul><li>EarthSoft Business Philosophy<br />EarthSoft operates as a software company:EarthSoft teams with many consulting companies providing EQuIS services, allowing EarthSoft to focus on EQuIS product development. We have a great mix of environmental engineers and computer scientists. <br />High volume allows EarthSoft to invest extensively in development every year:EQuIS tracks Microsoft, Oracle, ESRI, and other market platform standards.<br />EarthSoft’s large, sophisticated, well-trained Help Desk has received many positive reviews.<br />EQuIS is Open – EarthSoft licenses Source Code and Data Schemas. <br />
  110. 110. EQuIS is OPEN! Avoid being a ‘data hostage’!<br />Many consultants offer EQuIS services.<br />Other companies innovate on top of EQuIS.<br />Many labs support EQuIS data deliverable formats.<br />We have many make vs. buy analysis: EQuIS is far less expensive than trying to write (and support) your own system. <br />If you want a hosted system, several consultants can host EQuIS for you.<br />
  111. 111. EQuIS<br />All .Net, 100% Microsoft solution.<br />Web Enabled.<br />Integrated database structures – licensed or hosted. <br />Distributed Installation scripts. <br />Integrated Windows authentication<br />Build – Serve – ‘Push’ web thin client interfaces.<br />Data modeling or data reduction <br />Microsoft Smart Client Deployment.<br />Available in SQL Server Express, SQL Server, or Oracle.<br />
  112. 112. Who Uses EQuIS?<br />…Just a few of our valued advisors and customers…<br />USEPA Regions 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6; Many US States(NY, MT, LA, TX, CA, CO, MN, DE, TN, WV); <br />Ohio and NC DOTs, several Army Corps; and many other large government agencies …<br />Montana DEQ: :<br />New York DEC :<br />Almost all major consultants: AECOM, AMEC, Arcadis, Black & Veatch, Burns & McDonnell, CDM, CRA, CH2M Hill/Critigen, ERM, Mactec, Haley & Aldrich, Kleinfelder, Ecology & Environment, EA Engineering, Environmental Standards, O’Brien & Gere, Stantec, Shaw Group, URS, WorleyParsonsKomex, over 400 consultants…<br />Agip, Barrick Gold, BP Oil, Shell Oil, PPG, Cemex, BASF, Olin, Rohm & Haas, IBM, Peabody Energy, and many multi-national industrials...<br />Port of NY/NJ, King County, City of Redmond, Nassau County, many local governments….<br />All major labs in the US & Canada and over 1,000 users at other labs…<br />
  113. 113. Case Study: Colorado<br />…taming the data monster…<br /><ul><li>FirstCreatedanElectronicData Submittal (EDS)formatfordata resultsand QA/QC data in 2000.
  114. 114. StandardizedSpatialProjectionSystem.
  115. 115. Contractedwith geological studentforentryof geologic data and QA/QCparameters.
  116. 116. Historic data convertedbyDB administratoronan as-neededbasis.
  117. 117. Over 75 largefacilitiesloaded 2000 – 2007.
  118. 118. 2008 Update:
  119. 119. MigratingWaterDivisionSTORET data toEQuIS.
  120. 120. EQuIS as a WQX node.</li></li></ul><li>
  121. 121. EQuIS: A Paradigm Shift<br />Case Study:<br />Oil and Gas firm<br />Required contractorsto submit EQuIS EDDs.<br />Required all labs to useEDP.<br />Order of magnitudeproductivity gainafter training and 4 projects.<br />
  122. 122. Why do you care about <br />our sales to others?<br /><ul><li> With software, volume is your only friend.
  123. 123. There is safety in numbers.
  124. 124. Software ages very quickly.
  125. 125. EarthSoft is focused on EQuIS development.
  126. 126. You can realize benefits from innovation sponsored by many other clients.
  127. 127. With software, the last thing you want to be is unique.</li></li></ul><li>Contact InformationPlease call us for a demonstration, ordownload EQuIS from our web page.<br /> 369-2201<br />