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EarthSoft EQuIS Professional Data Sheet 2013


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EarthSoft EQuIS Professional Data Sheet 2013

  1. 1. EQuIS™ ProfessionalUser Interface for the EQuIS Power UserEQuIS Professional manages Reference Values, Action Levels,Groups, Reports, Graphs and Graphics, and many dataimports. Power Users utilize EQuIS Professional to manageEQuIS databases. EQuIS Professional also publishes reports toEQuIS Enterprise. Powerful Data Management  Design, build, and publish a variety of reports, graphs, charts, maps, and tables.  A large library of 400+ pre-built reports.  Google Earth exports supporting statistics, risk assessments, and other advanced environmental functions.  Create ad-hoc/prepared Crosstab reports with Crosstab Report Writer (CTRW).  Manage all valid values for your environmental projects. Export and import data in a wide variety of formats  Manage environmental data with either SQL Server including ERPIMS, GeoTracker, NJEMS, SEDD, and or Oracle databases. many others. EQuIS Professional is a .NET smart-client data management software. The Action Level Application Programming Interface (API) extends Action Level tables and calculates Action Levels based on formulas or parameters (such as hardness, temperature, and PH). The API defines and implements calculations for Action Level Exceedance Reports. Group by chemicals, locations, materials, and sample types. EarthSoft, Inc. PO Box 1376, Concord, MA 01742 |978.369.2201 | | Copyright  2013 by EarthSoft, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. EQuIS™ Professional Standard Features & Optional EQuIS Modules The EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) for data verification and the CrossTab Report Writer (CTRW) comes standard in EQuIS Professional. Additional modules include Sample Planning Module (SPM) for future tasks/activities and Data Quality Module (DQM) for data validation. 3rd Party Interfaces Popular 3rd Party Interfaces provide valuable options. EQuIS Professional’s interfaces link to many analysis and visualization tools for specific functions like modeling, borehole logs, cross sections, fence diagrams, piper and stiff diagrams, contours, statistics, and risk assessments. Options include: EnviroInsite, Surfer, GMS, RockWorks, EVS, LogPlot, gINT, WinLoG, ArcGIS, and many more. Own the workflow, make better decisions EarthSoft, Inc. PO Box 1376, Concord, MA 01742 | 978.369.2201 | | Copyright 2013  by EarthSoft, Inc. All Rights Reserved.