EarthSoft Corporate Overview 2009


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The most widely used system in the world to manage environmental subsurface, soil, and sediment sample data, including analytical data.

EQuIS is also used to manage geotechnical, limnological, air, and other sample types.

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EarthSoft Corporate Overview 2009

  1. 1. Introducing Environmental Quality Information System Copyright EarthSoft 2009
  2. 2. • The most widely used system in the world to manage environmental subsurface, soil, and sediment sample data, including analytical data. • EQuIS is also used to manage geotechnical, limnological, air, and other sample types. • Core EQuIS 5 Module: •Schema in MS SQL Server or Oracle •Professional •EZView •Other Modules: • EQuIS for ArcGIS and EQuIS for ArcGIS Server • EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) and Enterprise EDP • EQuIS Information Agents (EIAs) • Intelligent Data Entry Forms (IDEFs) • Sample Planning Module (SPM) • Automated Data Review (ADR) • Several EQuIS Case Studies show dramatic cost savings in data management expenses.
  3. 3. • Founded in 1994. • EQuIS data checkers are used by over 400 labs in the US, Europe and Australia. • EQuIS is used by over 350 consultants worldwide. • EQuIS is used by 6 of 10 EPA Regions and 17 states.
  4. 4. Just a few of our customers… EPA Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 10, States of NJ, CO, WV DEP, DE, RI, NV, NE, CA, MS, WI, Navy, Army, Fermi, Argonne, Russian EPA, Army Corps, DOT, and many others … Barrick Gold, BP, Shell, PPG, Cemex, BASF, Olin, Rohm & Haas, IBM, Dow, Eastman Chemical, Peabody Energy, and many others ... Port of NY/NJ, King County, City of Denver, Santa Clara County, San Bernardino County, Marathon County, and many others…. AECOM, Arcadis, Black & Veatch, Burns & McDonnell, CDM, Conestoga – Rovers, CH2M Hill, ERM, Mactec, Haley & Aldrich, Kleinfelder, Ecology & Environment, EA Engineering, Roux, O’Brien & Gere, Shaw Group, URS, WorleyParsons, over 300 consultants… TestAmerica, Lancaster, Pace, and 400 other labs…
  5. 5. A Paradigm Shift… Oil and Gas firm Days to Characterize a Refinery Required all labs to use EDP lab data checker. 200 Required all 150 contractors 100 to submit EQuIS EDDs. 50 Order of magnitude 0 productivity gain Before EQuIS and GMS After EQuIS and GMS after training and 4 projects.
  6. 6. • Your Data are the center of the universe • Not the CAD drawing, GIS view, Report, Statistical Output, etc. • Protect the Data! Make it editable to few, but available to many. • First address Data Quality, then Data Usability. • Data Usability without Data Quality is ‘Garbage In - Garbage Out’. • Bad data can make beautiful graphs! • But, Good data leads to Good Decisions. • Open Systems - Don’t let your data be held hostage! • Proprietary Systems have no chance of building volume. • In the long run, only volume standards matter.
  7. 7. • EarthSoft is a software company. We have a great mix of environmental engineers and computer scientists. We want to team with consulting companies that provide EQuIS services, allowing us to focus on product development. • With high volume, we can continue to invest extensively in development every year. We will track Microsoft, Oracle, ESRI, and other market platform standards. • EarthSoft operates a very well-trained multi-person Help Desk that has received many positive reviews from our client base. • EQuIS is OPEN - We will license our clients Source Code and Data Model. Many other companies offer innovation on top of EQuIS and EQuIS services.
  8. 8. • Many consultants offer EQuIS services. • Other companies innovate on top of EQuIS. • Many labs support EQuIS data deliverable formats. • EQuIS is far less expensive than trying to write (and support) your own system. • If you want a hosted system, several consultants will host EQuIS for you.
  9. 9. Just ask some of our clients! We have many References and Case Studies, including: State of CA, WV, TX (and several other states) EPA (several) Army Corps Agip/ENI Shell Global Solutions Group Cemex Arcadis, CDM, ENSR, Golder, O’Brien and Gere, URS And many others!
  10. 10. • First Created an Electronic Data Submittal (EDS) format for Lab results and QA/QC data in 2000. • Standardized Spatial Projection System. • Contracted with geological student for entry of geologic data and QA/QC parameters. • Historic data converted by DB administrator on an as-needed basis. • Over 75 large facilities loaded 2000 – 2007. • 2008 Update: • Migrating Water Division STORET data to EQuIS. • EQuIS to be used for WQX node.
  11. 11. LIMS Field Samples, locations, well, geology, Samples to Samples, Tests, Results lithology, instrument Laboratory with QA/QC readings… EQuIS Data Warehouse of EDP EDP Locations, Samples, Tests, Results EQuIS EQuIS Import SQL Server - Oracle Import ESRI GIS Tools Completeness STORET, 3-D Visuals Contour, Reports, SEDD, WQX Checker, CAD Modeling, Crosstabs, other Data Verification, X Sections Graphics EDDs or HTML/XML Other Checks Fence Diagrams databases Statistics Spreadsheets
  12. 12. Data Warehouses: • SQL Server Express, SQL Server or Oracle Data Warehouses Applications: Build – Serve – Push • Professional – .Net Smart Client with EDP, ActiveReports and TeeChart • Enterprise – .Net Web Apps for Casual Users of the data Modules and Interfaces: • EQuIS Data Processor (EDP) and Enterprise EDP • EQuIS for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Server modules • Sample Planning Module (SPM) • Automated Data Review (ADR) • Intelligent Data Entry Forms (IDEFs) • Interfaces to EnviroInsite, EVS, GMS, RockWorks, LogPlot, CARStat, DUMPStat, SAS, and many other tools
  13. 13. • All .Net, 100% Microsoft solution. • Web Enabled. • An integrated database structure – designed specifically for Microsoft SQL Server. • Distributed Installation. • Integrated Windows authentication with SQL Server security. • Build – Serve – ‘Push’ Interfaces. • Data modeling or data reduction, allowing the user to perform various calculations on datasets obtained from tables or queries. • Smart Client Deployment. • Available in SQL Server Express, SQL Server, or Oracle.
  14. 14. EQuIS 5 Desktop System SQL Server Express EQuIS 5 Professional Departmental Server EQuIS 5 Enterprise MS SQL Server Enterprise Server MS SQL Server or Oracle
  15. 15. Three Base Components 1. Schema 2. Professional 3. Enterprise Database On Inter/Intranet Inter/Intranet Oracle Or Deployment SQL Server Ease of Use POWER Automation EQuIS 5 provides two GUI interfaces to its database server to suit Smart-client GUI Thin-client GUI user needs. for Power Users for Casual Users
  16. 16. Field Collection Monitoring/ EDP EQuIS 5 Instrumentation Data Out: Data In: Automated/Manual Automated/Manual Laboratory EDDs
  17. 17. Push EQuIS Data Reports ADR Processor (EDP) Enterprise EDD by LDC (Standalone) Submissions Lab EZView Reports View/Edit Lab LIMS Professional Data Build Enterprise Reports Sample EDP EDDs Application Integration ArcGIS EZView EQuIS Reports SPM Web Field Maps ArcGIS Data Server Map Labeling IDEF Auto generate IDEF and electronic CoC eCoC
  18. 18. • Includes many facilities in one database. • Multi- dashboard GUI. • Web enabled subsystems. • Supports queries such as ‘give me every Arsenic hit in the state of New York’. • Designed for very large groups (>100 users) with many facilities (>10,000 facilities). • Moves data to EQuIS 3 and EQuIS 5 or uploads data from EQuIS 3 and EQuIS 5.
  19. 19. • Highly Automated systems and subsystems for large groups such as states and EPA Regions. • Many thousands of EDDs can be processed without any human involvement. • Reports and Graphics can be automatically ‘pushed’ to End Users of the data upon certain ‘triggers’ such as new data or hits. • Each stage may be scheduled to run at specified times or intervals.
  20. 20. • Automated Field Data Collection Tool. • Allows you to define field data collection parameters. • Allows for wireless upload of data from field crews.
  21. 21. • EQuIS has forms for manual data entry as well. This is useful for historical data conversions and for field data entry. • The form on the right was designed for Camp Ripley, Minnesota Department of Military Affairs. • Other clients use other custom forms, or EQuIS comes with some forms.
  22. 22. • EDD Checking at the lab or field prior to submissions. • Data producers can check and then correct EDD problems in one step. • Format can include custom checking scripts – special checking Scan be configured for: • QC recovery checking • Conditional checking (if this field is X, then that field should be Y) • Other special or custom required data reviews • Output is branded so data consumers can be certain data have been checked prior to acceptance. • Checks multiple EDD files simultaneously! • Distributed by several Consultants, EPA Regions and States.
  23. 23. Allows end user to use XML to create new EDDs. • Web Enabled user interface to automate process for high volume • operations. Real Time Error Resolution (see and fix errors in place, without have • to recheck the entire EDD). Distributed by several states and EPA Regions. • User login/identification. • Specify/select project and EDD format. • Allows different EDD per project. • Upload EDD from user, via email, ftp, or portal. • Correctness and Completeness Checks. • Generates error report including line number, error, value. • Screens against regulatory limits, ‘Push’ exceedance reports. Allows • different regulatory limits per location. Upload, optionally, package into EQuIS 3, EQuIS 5, or EQuIS • Enterprise.
  24. 24. Web EDP for high volume operations • Labs and Data Providers can submit data via email. • EDP can check EDDs at a particular time or be event driven. • Pass or Fail results (with Error Log if any), are emailed back to data provider.
  25. 25. Here is your Boring Log from gINT or LogPlot! It can’t get much easier than this ...
  26. 26. Our Cross Tab Report Writer is a very popular tool with many consultants!
  27. 27. Of course EQuIS offers Trend Charts… That is just the beginning! EQuIS provides many charting and graphing options…You can generate dozens of trend charts with one command set. In the example below, we have produced trend charts for 3 analytes in 10 wells, in just a few keystrokes. And the data are in Excel for further use.
  28. 28. You can support any graphics tool you wish with EQuIS…
  29. 29. EQuIS offers many links for exceptional graphics capabilities
  30. 30. ArcMap ArcScene Fence Diagram by RockWorks
  31. 31. Image by RockWorks
  32. 32. We are on the third release of our interface with EVS! Image by EVS
  33. 33. • Cuts Data Validation costs dramatically. • Not available anywhere else. • Uses EPA functional guidelines.
  34. 34. EZView distributes over the web many of the reports of EQuIS to those who generate complex reports. Power Users will enjoy increased productivity and reduced costs as data are distributed to many users with greater speed and ease. EZView Process: As easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. Choose Report from List. 2. Adjust Request. 3. View Report.
  35. 35. Data… …converts to: Information! EZView takes the data in the table above and converts it to information in this graphic.
  36. 36. Data… …converts to: Information! EIA offers “Push” reports for “No- keystroke” reporting via email or web dashboard.
  37. 37. Generates Chain of Custody Generates Bottle Label Generates Completeness Checker
  38. 38. Contact Information Please call us for a demonstration, or download EQuIS from our web page. (978) 369-2201