Cas - Laboratory Data Management and Reporting


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Cas - Laboratory Data Management and Reporting

  1. 1. Laboratory Data Management and ReportingMid-Atlantic EQ IS UMid Atl ti EQuIS Users Group Meeting G M ti August 2011
  2. 2. Company InformationFoundedF d d 1986Employee-owned since 1997Laboratories SixService Centers TwoTotal Staff 450Annual Revenue $45M In the Top 5 Labs Nationwide
  3. 3. Columbia Analytical Network
  4. 4. Columbia Analytical Services• Routine Full Service Analysis• Low-Level Trace Analysis• Sediment / Tissue Programs Sed e t ssue og a s• Porewater /Elutriate Testing• Drinking Water Testing• HR/MS - Dioxins/Furans PCB congeners Dioxins/Furans,
  5. 5. Columbia Analytical Services• Mining / Treatability Testing• E Emergent Contaminants tC t i t• Endocrine Disruptors• Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Product Residues (PPCPs)
  6. 6. Columbia Analytical Services• Fuels / Product Testing• Passi e Sampling Devices Passive De ices• Import/Export Permits• Boiler MACT Testing• Air Quality Testing Programs
  7. 7. Air Quality Services• AIHA and NELAP accredited• Ambient Air Testing• Stationary S St ti Source T ti Testing• Indoor Air Quality• Soil S Vapor Testing• Vapor Intrusion Testing• Industrial Hygiene Consulting• Landfill Gas Testing• New “Odor Scan” TM Testing• Sulfur Speciation Testing
  8. 8. Certifications / Accreditations• NELAP Accredited Network• Certified in 40 States AF C N CE E NT ER F LLE OR EN E XCE VIR M ENTAL ON• DOD-ELAP Accredited• U S Air Force /AFCEE U.S.• U.S. Navy / NFESC• U.S. Army / ASCE• American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)
  9. 9. Technical Expertise• Industrial Process Testing• Import / Export testing• Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Testing (FDA / R&D)•C Creative P bl i Problem S l i Solving
  10. 10. Technical Expertise• Method Research and Development• Emergent Chemicals g• Unregulated Compounds• Analytical Consulting• F Forensics and Liti ti S i d Litigation Support t• Electronic Data Management
  11. 11. Data Management and Reporting• How do we manage all these data ?• Network Data Management• Project Data Tracking• Electronic Data Reporting• Work Flow Process• Hardware + Software Infrastructure
  12. 12. What is a LIMS? LIMS Database• Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) = Network-wide System + Modules for Data Reporting etc Reporting, etc.• Sample ID, Matrix, Test, Analyte, DQOs• Analyte-specific Data for each Sample• Tracks all data review /rework / release / data reporting / report revisions• Queries / Management Reports
  13. 13. System Platform •Columbia A l ti l uses S C l bi Analytical Server / L Local A l Area network (LAN) configuration • Columbia Analytical standardized on Microsoft (MS) Windows applications (i e Word Outlook (i.e., Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, MS Exchange) • Columbia Analytical Oracle® database LIMS
  14. 14. Data Management Tools• Virtually every piece of information in the laboratory network is managed electronically in LIMS• D t are generated and stored electronically on a Data t d d t d l t i ll single network-wide LIMS• Data move from department to department electronically via the LIMS• Data reports generated electronically from LIMS• Data uploads via LIMS to client / agency database
  15. 15. Data Management Work Flow Project S t P j t Set-up / Sample R S l Receipt i t Data Analysis / Acquisition / Review Report Generation / Production Sample Disposal / Archiving
  16. 16. Project Setup • Create Project in LIMS • Sample/Matrix/Tests/ Container Analytes Project • Holding Times Request w/Requirements • Reporting Limits LIMS Barcode • Data Quality Database Objectives • Data Flagging Rules • Table Specifications • Data Specifications • Field Maps EDD • Customized Data EntryRequirementsR i t Interfacing I t f i
  17. 17. Data Reporting Levels Tier Tier Tier Tier I II III IV Transmittal Letter     Case Narrative *    Method Blank Results     Surrogate Recovery Results     Chain-of-Custody Documentation     Matrix Spike Results *   Duplicate Results *   Laboratory Control Sample (LCS & Dup)    Results CLP Data Forms   Raw Data  * Client Specific Only
  18. 18. Basic EDD Specifications
  19. 19. Sample Receipt and Log-In • Document cooler temp. • Verify sample preservation Sample • Note discrepancies Cooler LIMS Receipt • Scan cooler receipt and Receipt and Database Chain of Custody Form COC Forms • Match COC to LIMS Project Set-up • Enter or upload field data Sample • Add demographics Login • Print and label samples, p , LIMS Request, service request, etc. • Store samples and initiate Database Labels, internal chain of custody Confirmation
  20. 20. Log Samples into LIMS• Project bar code report facilitates matching samples to SDG in LIMS• L sample i f Log l information, fi ld d t and ti field data, d demographics to LIMS
  21. 21. Sample Receipt Confirmation• Sample acknowledgement report• EQuIS EDGE sample receipt EDD as confirmation.  f
  22. 22. Analytical Testing / Validation • Create test groups in LIMS • Add QC Samples to test Test Batch Analytical groups LIMS Data Data • Technical Review of test data Database • Upload or input data into LIMS • Verify batch QC results • Verify method QC results Data • Validate against Project Certified Validation DQOsagainst Client • Flag data g LIMS ReportsRequirements • Draft Case Narrative Database • Print reports
  23. 23. Instrument Data Acquisition• Metals (MARRS)• Organics (Stealth)• Instrument Data Acquisition, Data Reduction, Reduction Data Verification Data Verification, Validation, Data Reporting• Systems Function as LIMS Modules
  24. 24. Instrument Data Acquisition Example
  25. 25. Data Validation to Project DQOS• Validation routine compares test data, data batch QC, Initial and Continuing Calibrations (ICAL / CCV) etc. C lib ti CCV), t against project requirements• System returns a set of validation reports to the analyst for review• Validated data is ready for reporting• Data “Superset” generated for EDD
  26. 26. Data “Superset” File Superset• Data “Superset” file has 105 fields Superset including: project information, sample demographics, matrix, t t analyte, d hi t i test, l t chemical abstract number, analytical results, result demographics, QC results, QC criteria, data qualifiers, and raw data records • L Large d t set allows fl ibilit t data t ll flexibility to meet most client EDD requirements
  27. 27. EDD Generation and Delivery • Generate CAS “Superset” • Transfer Superset to EDDGENERATE EDD Generator LIMS Module • Run EDD EDD • Output EDD Database • Ch k EDD Check against Client  DELIVER specification EDD • Run EDD in client test file format EDD
  28. 28. EDD Module for Data Reporting• EDD Module can be part of a LIMS or custom software developed by a Lab• Th Three primary f i functions: ti • Translate laboratory data to client-specified format (e.g., naming conventions, field f t( i ti fi ld order, field formats, etc.) • Organize laboratory data into custom client-specific EDD format • Standardize process to produce EDDs
  29. 29. Data Reduction / Reporting• Data “Super Set” is created Super Set• Proprietary program Electronic Data Deliverable Generator (EDDGE)• EDDGE program normalizes data and translates necessary Columbia Analytical internal valid values into Client-specific valid values• EDDs created from EDDGE System
  30. 30. Project Specifications / DQOs• QAPPs• Data Quality Objectives• Project Limits Tables• Data Reporting detail• EDD Specs• Project specifications stored in LIMS
  31. 31. Project DQOs / QAPPs / Specs• Project specific data quality objectives Project-specific are used to build project-specific table of data validation criteria fd t lid ti it i• Project-specific criteria are used to j p verify data is generated / reported compliant with project data quality objectives
  32. 32. Example DQO Table in LIMS
  33. 33. Example DQO Table in LIMS
  34. 34. EDD Development Process  Error-Free EDD Client Project CAS Project Generation becomes Manager Manager Routine Client Data Manager  CAS IT (EDD  CAS Report Production Specialist) Specialist
  35. 35. Client EDD Spec is Important EQuIS EDD spec is extremely detailed Laboratories address a wide variety EDD requests and formats All client project specifications may not captured in basic EQuIS EDD spec
  36. 36. EDD Checker Routines• EQuIS EDD checker routines• State-Specific (NJDEP, NYSDEC, etc.)• USEPA Region-specific EDD checkers• USEPA SEDD online checker• Laboratory Data Consultants (Adapt)• Alaska Corps of Engineers (COELT and SEDD Savvy)• CA D t of W t Resources GEOTRACKER Dept f Water R• U.S. Air Force ERPTOOLS X
  37. 37. Electronic Data Deliverable Formats• EQuIS EZ and 4 file formats (with checker) 4-file• ADR/ADAPT, GISKey, Locus EIM, EnviroData• EDF for GeoTracker (COELT 1.2i w/EDCC)• State-specific formats (NJ, NY, AZ, CA, TX, etc.) State specific• Federal Programs formats (ERRIS, etc)• USEPA formats (SEDD, etc)• Client-Custom EDD formats
  38. 38. EDD Formats Supported• CAS supports more than 500 EDD formats pp •ADR/Adapt - Laboratory Data •ERPIMS/ERPTOOLS - Environmental Consultants Resources Program Information •GISKey - GIS/Solutions Management System •ArcInfo - ESRI GIS + Mapping •Navy CLEAN - US Navy Software Product Comprehensive Long Term •EQuIS/EDP Earthsoft Environmental Environmental Action Navy Quality Information System •AZDEQ - Arizona Department of •SEDD - USEPA Staged Electronic Environmental Qualifier Data Deliverable, Level 2a •NJPEP / Hazsite EDS - New Jersey •COELT - Corps of Engineers Department of Environmental Loading Tool Protection •EPA Region 3 Format •RIBS - New York Department of •EPA Region 4 Format Environmental Conservation •EPA Region 5 Format •TRRP - Texas Commission on •Geotracker /EDF - Cal EPA State Environmental Quality Risk Water Resources Control Board Reduction Program
  39. 39. Electronic Data Transfer / Delivery• Data electronic transfer options from LIMS: • FTP Web Site • Email file attachment • Diskette or CD-ROM CD ROM • Hard Copy • File Uploads
  40. 40. Eileen Snyder Technical Sales Consultant MidAtlantic Regionemail: cell: 1-610-585-3420