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AU Case Study


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AU Case Study

  1. 1. National Groundwater Monitoring Program EarthSoft EQuIS Database (2012--2013) A major Australian petroleum retailer commissioned a program of biannual groundwater monitoring and reporting at their portfolio of 250 service stations. The delivery of this program was designed around the cloud hosted EarthSoft EQuIS database. This was one of the first known applications of this type in Australia. In a very short lead- time the database structure was designed and implemented and populated with each facility’s details. Field crews were issued with data tablets and facility-specific templates that enabled all field data to be collected digitally. This included health and safety screening for explosive atmospheres, field observations and parameters, and digitally editable site plans and aerial photographs. This data was quality assured and uploaded to the EQuIS database at the end of each day. Similarly, laboratory analytical results were quality assured and uploaded as they were issued. Client reports were generated by extracting the relevant data from the EQuIS database and presenting it in a client specified format. This process avoided all of the traditional difficulties that stem from trying to read and key in handwritten field notes and cross- match data with hard- or soft-copy laboratory data. Fully integrated use of the EQuIS database resulted in data management and reporting cost savings of more than 60%, compared with the traditional approach.