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  • Cost effectiveness- using the internet extensively. Utilising the strong base of corporate partners- reached out over 400000 employees of over 50 top public and private sector companies Worked with the youth- helped create a buzz… over 600000 students were informed and engaged on Earth Hour Sought advantage of the networks of the govt machinery Social media- EH made 40000 supporters within 2 weeks. Over 38000 people registered on the website and committed support. Twitter- EH followers and brand ambassadors tweeted in the run up and build a huge buzz online
  • 88 countries last year. 89 till now, and 3 more will be added. Some egs of the new ones include Nepal, Mongolia, Kuwait and Cambodia There are over 4000 towns and cities, cities alone are 878
  • Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore- official EH cities. Support also from hyd’bad, chennai, t’va’puram, gangtok, bhopal, indore, amritsar, ahmedabad, pune, chandigarh, and the list is growing
  • A fast growing list of corporate partners, all this so far and more joining as we speak
  • Logon, tweet, spread message through facebook
  • Earth Hour India 2010 - Presentation

    2. A Global Event created to symbolize that each one of us , working together, can make a difference on climate change
    3. It began on March 29 2007, 8:00 pm when 2 million Sidneysiders and 2000 businesses turned their lights off to take a stand on climate change Earth Hour became global In 2008, more than 400 cities and towns across 35 countries participated. It became the largest climate action in history in 2009 when over 4000 towns and cities across 88 countries joined in What is Earth Hour?
    4. When : Last Saturday of March closest to the equinox Who : Individuals, governments, corporations and communities How : Turning lights off for just one hour – WWF’s Earth Hour Why : To raise awareness and inspire individual action on Climate Change What is Earth Hour?
    5. “ Earth Hour is the largest demonstration of public concern about climate change ever attempted’’ UN Secretary General, Ban- Ki-moon March 28, 2009
    6. 4088 cities and towns participated- London, Paris, Moscow, Chicago, Athens, Sydney, Rome, Toronto, Dubai, Shanghai, Rio, Manila to New Delhi and Mumbai , all switched off in support 88 countries across 7 continents including Antarctica 70 national capital cities In 2009 , globally
    8. Sydney Opera House Christ the Redeemer , Rio Eiffel Tower, Paris Antarctica’s Scott Station Empire State Building, NYC Sphinx & Pyramids, Egypt Big Ben, London Acropolis, Greece Bird Nest Stadium, Beijing Eiffel Tower and The Pyramids Major global icons dimmed in support
    9. Earth Hour - The Brand Ambassadors Cate Blanchett Nicole Kidman Archbishop Desmund Tutu Aamir Khan
    10. March 28, 2009 5 million Indians switched off Earth Hour became the largest environmental campaign in terms of outreach and public engagement Earth Hour - 2009
    11. Starting with Delhi & Mumbai- 56 Indian cities participated
    12. From icons of history…
    13. To symbols of modern India
    14. Everyone switched off! Hotels Forest offices in reserve forest areas A school with 13 hours of power cut! Markets and malls University campuses Monasteries! VT , Mumbai barely 3mths after 26/11 Housing societies Several big Corporate houses Public sector buildings Monuments Earth Hour India
    15. Was a case study of a Cost-Effective Campaign Used extensively the power of Social Media Was the top trending topic on Twitter in the final week Earth Hour 2009
    16. 92 countries have already committed support 3 million friends and supporters on social media 878 cities on board (and over 3000 towns) Earth Hour 2010 breaks its own records…
    17. 15 cities have already committed support An asset base of 100000 supporters Delhi Govt robustly engaging electricity utilities, RWAs, commercial establishments and institutions - appealing to switch off Earth Hour 2010 in India
    18. Partners - Earth Hour 2010
    20. We hope to make Earth Hour 2010 even bigger and better