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Technology and Architecture Committee meeting slides 10.06.14


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Slides from the EarthCube Technology and Architecture Committee meeting, October 6, 2014.

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Technology and Architecture Committee meeting slides 10.06.14

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY AND ARCHITECTURE STANDING COMMITTEE: OCT. MEETING EarthCube Demonstration Governance Oct. 6, 2014 Facilitated by: EarthCube Office
  2. 2. 1. Introduction and Welcome 2. Announcement of Committee Rep. 3. Internal Leadership 1. Responsibilities and Structure 4. Timeline for upcoming Milestones and Deliverables 5. Meeting Schedule Moving Forward 6. Conclusions and Actions AGENDA
  3. 3.  Coordinating with the Leadership Council to ensure responsiveness to the EarthCube strategic direction  Monitoring and coordinating Working Groups  Sponsoring ad hoc Working Groups that emerge, described in more detail in the Working Groups Annex  Coordinating with the Liaison Team and Engagement Team  Coordinating with other Standing Committees COMMITTEE FUNCTIONS (ALL)
  4. 4. 1. Ensure the explicit connection between the scientific process and technical function, including coordinating testbeds and other mechanisms for development of cyberinfrastructure components, for use in science use cases 2. Seek alignment of EarthCube funded projects to foster integrated technology to meet end user requirements and create new capabilities to enable transformative geoscience research 3. Provide stewardship of an EarthCube architecture 4. Address how EarthCube will accommodate or incorporate different standards and standards bodies 5. Identify gaps in coverage of needed cyberinfrastructure capabilities, and determine recommendations on how to fill them 6. Monitor technical requirements with the goal to ensure EarthCube is meeting their needs 7. Serve as an emissary between software developers, the science community, and infrastructure, as well as educators 8. Encourage, engage, and enable the next generation of EarthCube technology leadership 9. Coordinate with the Technical Funded Team TECHNOLOGY STANDING COMMITTEE FUNCTIONS
  5. 5.  Begin facilitating community convergence on an EarthCube Architecture  Coordinating a testbed for EarthCube components COMMUNITY SUGGESTED PRIORITIES
  6. 6.  Problem 1: Scientific reproducibility, including benchmarking capabilities.  Problem 2: Interdisciplinary communication.  Problem 3. Model-data integration.  Problem 4. Data and software management.  Interaction w/ Conceptual Design and building block projects
  7. 7. General Membership Direct Election Model Council Direct election by membership Chair Co-Chair Secretary Additional Officers
  8. 8. General Membership Council Direct election by membership Chair Co-Chair Secretary Appointment by council Appointed Officers GSA Model
  9. 9. Assembly General Membership ESIP internal representative selection Elected by Assembly vote President Vice-President ESIP Model ESIP ESIP ESIP
  10. 10. Voting Member Representatives Member Institutions Elected by Voting Member representatives President Vice-President IRIS Model IRIS member internal selection Institution Representative Institution Representative Institution Representative
  11. 11. General Membership Council Direct election by membership President-elect Section Heads AGU Model Board of Directors Additional Officers President Directors Additional Officers