Earlyarts - Enabling All Our Children to each Their Potential


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Earlyarts supports all professionals to enable their children's potential to be reached. Using creative approaches, early educators can find out so much more about their children and help to meet their needs, and nurture their interests, in real and powerful ways. Find out more at www.earlyarts.co.uk

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  • We believe in…Children as purposeful, powerful, inspiring and intelligent human beings in their own right.The importance of nurturing children’s innate creative potential from birth.The transformational ways in which creative approaches and environments can help develop children’s social, emotional, cultural and intellectual capacities.The power of collaborations that connect early years, arts and cultural people, ideas, resources and knowledge to spark off perspectives that bring children’s learning to life.The empowering of professionals to have confidence in their own creative leadership skills.The important role of families in supporting children’s play, helping them to make sense of themselves and their cultural identities.The importance of rigor, research and quality in all creative practice.Our collective and individual responsibility to do everything we can to help children to be confident, competent, expressive, purposeful, responsible, well balanced and happy.
  • So, if we want well rounded children and young people, with a sense of emotional and mental health, a genuine sense of place and identity, a sense of belonging and of happiness, as well and language, sensory and motor skills, then we need to start from birth.By opening up creative opportunities for babies, we are preparing them to be the future creative thinkers, confident communicators, strong team players, motivated individuals, inspired artists and scientists, as well as healthy economists. But more importantly than that, we are also allowing them time and space to be and become, to let their natural dispositions emerge with the confidence and self assuredness that comes with being a young explorer.
  • Earlyarts - Enabling All Our Children to each Their Potential

    1. 1. Enabling all our children to reach their potential
    2. 2. An award winning membership network for people working creatively with children and families in the early years, arts and cultural sectors.
    3. 3. Lightstream by Richard Tomlinson and Take Art
    4. 4. Earlyarts Values We believe in… • Children as intelligent human beings in their own right. • The importance of nurturing children’s creative potential. • The transformational ways in which creative environments can help children develop. • The power of collaboration to spark ideas. • Empowering professionals to have confidence in their own creative leadership skills. • The importance of families in supporting children’s play. • Rigor, research and quality in all creative practice. • Our collective and individual responsibility towards children.
    5. 5. Earlyarts - Empowering Professionals to be confident and creative
    6. 6. Earlyarts Services
    7. 7. Benefits of Membership • Creative training - become more confident and skilled • Showcase and share your creative Ideas – be inspired at work • Powerful and like-minded community - have a voice and feel the support of an influential organisation. • Relevant information, research and analysis - stay current and make informed decisions. • Build your professional networks - connect with the right people who understand and sustain your work • Practical, high quality resources - create the very best learning environment for your children. • Knowledge of how children learn through creativity - build your understanding of what works and why
    8. 8. Creativity in the EYFS helps children... • Become confident and motivated individuals • Emotional well being and good mental health • Respectful and positive relationships • Active and critical learners - sustained shared thinking • Communication skills, expressing their feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas • Experiment with new ideas, techniques and materials • Develop their own sense of identity and individuality • Collaborate with others through group activities • Develop a critical sense by questioning, making choices • Having fun, celebrating their own cultures • Develop physical, sensory and motor skills
    9. 9. Will our practice help our children to become their most creative?
    10. 10. Reaching our greatest potential
    11. 11. Bernadette Duffy By encouraging creativity and imagination, we are promoting children’s ability to explore and comprehend their world and increasing their opportunities to make new connections and reach new understandings. Supporting Creativity and Imagination in the Early Years (1998)
    12. 12. our children are amazing