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The Three Golden Rules of Fast Home Sales



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House Heroes LLC is a company who will buy your house in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County. Fast cash offers, as-is, no hassle closing. We “actually” have money in the bank and will show proof of funds. We don’t want to just tell you: we want to show you. Check this live video walkthrough before renovations at our flip in the Cricket Club in Miami right off Biscayne Bay.

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Learn more? Need to sell your house quick? Chat about your home sale options? Call us at 954-676-1846, visit our website (, or e-mail

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The Three Golden Rules of Fast Home Sales

  1. 1. House Heroes LLC South Florida’s Super Home Buyers 954-676-1846
  2. 2. FAST DEFINED “Fast” Means Different Things Realtor: 2 to 3 months to close For House Heroes: 14-days or less Walkthrough (as soon as available) Lien/Title Search Arrange Cash to be Delivered Close
  3. 3. o Zillow March 2017 Research in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale Region • Average Age of Inventory: 86 Days • Average Time On Market: 106 Days o Beat the Average / 14 Days or Less = Lower Price o Fast Home Buyers -> Investors -> Profit -> Can’t Overpay o MLS: Price High At Your Own Peril • Lose initial rush attention • “Damaged Goods”
  4. 4. o Ellie Mae’s March 2017 Origination Report on Mortgages • 43-Days For Conventional Mortgage • 44-Days For FHA Mortgage • 46-Days For VA Mortgage o Nightmare Scenario: Last Minute Mortgage Denial • Change In Employment • Negative Credit Event • Low Appraisal o Cash Is King • No strings/attached or approval necessary • Works Where Financing Can’t
  5. 5. o Google “Sell Your House Fast”: Misleading Results • Renovations, upgrades, repairs • Increasing curb appeal, with painting, landscaping • Finding the right real estate agent • Any of that sound fast? o Fastest Way To Sell: “AS IS” • Seller Does No Work / Buyer Handles All Repairs • Give/Take: Lower Price In Exchange For Cost/Time of Work o Risks of Repairing • Fast cash buyer investors don’t care about finishings • Busy Schedule? Delay, Delay, Delay • Inexperience In Repairing Homes? Bad result. • Owner Occupied: “Lived in Renovations” < Resale Value
  6. 6. Set the Price Right Get Cash Offers Sell As-Is
  7. 7. House Heroes LLC 954-676-1846

Editor's Notes

  • Begin with “Put Down the Hammer”!

    After Discussing Misleading: “Any of that sound fast, because it doesn’t to me”; depending on renovations or finding the “right” agent we could be talking 2, 3, 4 weeks
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