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Low cannabis doses can stop the progress of brain damage


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Cannabis is a generic term used to denote the several psychoactive preparations of the main plant ---- Cannabis sativa. A well known drug, Cannabis is mostly known for its recreational uses the world over for its use in the cases of chronic ailments such as cancer and its role in post traumatic stress, insomnia, and appetite loss is well acknowledged too.

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Low cannabis doses can stop the progress of brain damage

  1. 1. Low Cannabis Doses can stopthe progress of Brain DamageLow Cannabis Doses can stopthe progress of Brain
  2. 2. Effects of Low CannabisDose UsesCannabis is a generic term used to denote the severalpsychoactive preparations of the main plantCannabis sativa. A well known drug, Cannabis ismostly known for its recreational uses the world overfor its use in the cases of chronic ailments such ascancer and its role in post traumatic stress, insomnia,and appetite loss is well acknowledged too. As perthe recent clinical researches worldwide,the medical Cannabis is found to be an effectivesafeguard against the various neurological disordersas well.
  3. 3. Brain damage can cause seriousconsequences that range from milddefects to serious neurological structuraldamages. The major reasons for theinjury could be attributed to accidents,over use of toxic drugs, and hypoxia i.e.lack of oxygen availability to brain over along period of time. Low Cannabis dosecan stop the progress of brain damageconsiderably. As per the recentlyconducted clinical trials, thepsychoactive component of the medicalCannabis protects the brain from longterm cognitive damage.
  4. 4. The positive medical effects of Cannabis arelargely unknown the world over because of verylimited and non-systemic research in the field.Nevertheless, with increased research workbeing done in the field, Cannabis would surelybe established as a wonder drug for fighting thebrain injuries. In addition to its encouragingeffects in treating brain injuries, Cannabis alsoprovides great relief to the people who’re at highrisk of heart attack. Read More:{ }
  5. 5. Cannabis Useful In Treating BothBiological And Psychological ConditionsMarijuana or Cannabis, as it is known as moresuitably, has been a part of human civilization forthousands of years. Although, Cannabis was usedextensively for the treatment of various diseasesfor quite a long period in human history, it gotsidelined to a certain extent in the later part ofevolution. Some of the disorders where the drugcould be used to ensure lasting relief arediscussed below.
  6. 6. Nausea and VomitingSmall doses of Cannabis are termed as verybeneficial in patients suffering from nausea andvomiting. It has been proved that severenausea and vomiting occurrences that recur ina cyclic pattern over months could easily becured with small doses of THC. It has also beenlearnt that controlled quantities of THCimprove the efficacy of other antiemetic drugs,if used together.
  7. 7. Psychiatric symptomsThere are many examples of psychiatric patientswho were benefitted using Cannabinoids. Agradual improvement in mood of the patientsuffering from psychiatric disorder has beenobserved in several clinical studies. Even otherconditions including sleep disorders, bipolardisorders, and dysthymia can be cured with THC.
  8. 8. GlaucomaGlaucoma patients suffer from an increase in intraocularpressure and this affects their normal vision. In the year1971, it was accidently discovered that the use ofCannabis and several other related Cannabinoidsreduced intraocular pressure to a great extent. Withfurther research on the particular subject the world over,it was confirmed that use of Cannabis in small dosesleads to a decrease in intraocular pressure by 25-30% andoccasionally up to 50% at the maximum. Read More.{}
  9. 9. Colorado Established as Word’s 1st legal,taxed and regulated marijuana marketColorado became the first state in the world to fullyregularize the use of marijuana for all kinds ofrecreational purposes with the signature of the State’sGovernor on May 28th, 2013. It is regarded as a pathbreaking step in the history of the American state.There is every possibility that other states may alsofollow the trend and move forward with the decisionto legalize marijuana!
  10. 10. The American State of Colorado witnessed considerablesupport for the legalization for marijuana and voted forthe cause in large numbers in November 2012.Thecitizens had been demanding legalization of the weedand enactment of strong bill that accommodates all thenecessary features for a long time. Voters passed theAmendment 64 by a thumping margin and clearancefrom the Governor further cleared the way for itsimplementation in the present form.
  11. 11. Post marijuana legalization, many jobs are expectedto be created in the state that will provideemployment to many of the unemployed youth. It isfor the very reason the decision is cheered all acrossthe state. Legalization of marijuana wouldnt onlybenefit the young users but would also add to theeconomy immensely. The latest step by Coloradocan act as a torchbearer for the rest of the Americanstates that are still hesitant in legalizing marijuana.In states like Michigan, some collectives arealready simplifying medical cannabisdelivery mechanisms.
  12. 12. Although, the legalization required a revisit on many ofthe existing laws and bills and the process too is a bitretrospective in nature but there is, perhaps, nothingsuch as impossible. It remains to be seen how the bill isimplanted in the state. It goes without saying thatColorado’s example is a way forward for the entirenation and it is just a matter of time before other statesbegin to follow the suite. - See more at:
  13. 13. G&GGC to Facilitate Flexible Delivery ofMedical Cannabis in MichiganA well known non-profit medical cannabis collective inMichigan, United States, G&GGC has announcedflexible delivery of the finest quality strains of highgrade Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids for patients and theircaretakers. The product is known to be in fullcompliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Actof the Michigan Department of Health and Safety CodeSections 333.26421---333.26430.
  14. 14. About Green & Greener GrowCollectiveA innovative company, Green & Greener GrowCollective is a non-profit collective created bypatients for the patients and care takers of peopleneeding cannabis treatment for varying ailments,including pain relief, anxiety, depression, stress,inflammation, and numerous bacterial infections.Website: