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Business and Personal excellence


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A formula for business and personal excellence

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Business and Personal excellence

  1. 1. FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS Business and Business and Personal Executive Coaching Excellence Mindfulness Workshops E= Eamonn Lawless
  2. 2. FOCUS ON A SIMPLE FORMULA SOLUTIONS Business and Executive Coaching ORIGINAL BY Mindfulness ALBERT EINSTEIN : Workshops E= MC Eamonn Lawless
  3. 3. My Version: FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS The formula E = MC2 becomes Business and E = M x Ce x Ct Executive Coaching Where E= Excellence Mindfulness Workshops M= Motivation Ce= Competence And Ct = Eamonn Lawless
  4. 4. Motivation FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS Business and WHY do you want to achieve a Executive particular outcome? Coaching Mindfulness What is your driving force? Workshops How strong is your motivation? Eamonn Lawless
  5. 5. Competence FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS Business and What skills, knowledge, Executive Coaching expertise, resources are needed? Mindfulness What is you level of Workshops competence? Do you have what it takes? Eamonn Lawless
  6. 6. Commitment FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS Business and What are you prepared to do, Executive Coaching or to sacrifice, to achieve your outcome? Mindfulness Have you the staying power to Workshops overcome obstacles, distractions, roadblocks and setbacks? How committed are you? Eamonn Lawless
  7. 7. And so, it’s simple. FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS Business and Excellence Executive Coaching depends on the levels of Motivation Mindfulness Workshops Competence and Commitment you Eamonn Lawless
  8. 8. Or FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS Business and Excellence= Executive Coaching Motivation x Competence x Commitment Mindfulness Workshops Which is Eamonn Lawless
  9. 9. FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS Business and As Professor Einstein might Executive Coaching say “It’s all Relative” Mindfulness Eamonn Lawless
  10. 10. FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS Business and Eamonn Lawless Executive Coaching Business Coach/Mentor Mindfulness Workshops Eamonn Lawless