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The Relevance of Keynote Speakers


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Learn about the significance of keynote speakers and how they aim to make a positive difference in the lives of others through teaching and motivation.

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The Relevance of Keynote Speakers

  1. 1. THE RELEVANCE ~’, ' OF KEYNOTE », .7 ' _ SPEAKE s. . P ' - ‘ “A s x I Keynote speakers are individuals who motivate. I teach and have the potential to influence meaningful change. These speakers are known for their incredible accomplishments, inspiring life stories. Q unique perspectives. and most importantly. their | ability to communicate a powerful message that can ‘ make a positive difference in the lives of others. SPEAKING EVENTS Where might a keynote speaker be of benefit? Keynote speakers are commonly sought out to speak at the following events: Company Conferences Retreats Keynote speakers can be used to underscore the overarching theme of the conference. Speakers may be hired to address audiences at annual company-wide meetings. Product Launches Companies may Invite notable speakers to launches to help promote a new product. Commencement Addresses Campus-Wide Presentations Notable keynote speakers are often hired by universities to address universities to encourage new graduates and impart campus engagement or advice. ignite student discussion about Important topics. Keynote speakers can serve as ways for Professional keynote speakers represent individuals from a variety of backgrounds and positions, including CEOs, professional athletes, entertainers/ celebrities, ndustry experts, and lifestyle coaches. SPEAKING TOPICS Given the diverse backgrounds of our speakers, any organization will be able to find a keynote speaker that can address a topic relevant to their cause. Common keynote speaking themes include: Leadership Many professional organizations turn to keynote speakers to deliver insight as to ways to improve leadership skills or foster a greater sense of leadership in the workplace. Speakers with authority on this subject, like Mark Thompson of Virgin Unite Mentors, will often present audiences with specific values and skills that make for great leaders. Team Building/ Personal Improvement Finding ways to sustain a culture of teamwork is a topic applicable to almost any organization. Keynote speakers that address team building may also talk about subtopics like diversity, interpersonal skills, and communication. Adventure racer Robyn Benincasa is one example of a popular keynote speaker that combines her experiences with teamwork and leadership while competing around the world to inspire audiences from various walks of life. Motivation/ Overcoming Obstacles Whether speaking about facing adversity in our personal lives or in the workplace, a keynote speaker like Stephanie Decker, a mother who lost both of her legs saving her children from a tornado, can inspire any audience to move forward with newfound passion. industry insight Companies often turn to keynote speakers that are leaders in their respective industries, such as management author and executive coach Marshall Goldsmith, to share information about recent innovations in the field or provide new ways to think about providing services. THE IMPACT OF KEYNOTE SPEAKERS How do keynote speakers benefit organizations? A keynote speaker can: 7 Inspire employees to approach work with a more positive outlook. 7 Increase productivity as a result of renewed enthusiasm and confidence. 7 Change a company's perspective, leading to more efficient operationslprocedures. V Reinforce organization objectives and long-term goals to employees. 7 Increase attendance and participation at future company conferences or events. DID YOU KNOW? of responders of a recent survey stated that their company has hired a professional speaker for its meetings. of those that believed their meetings were highly successful said they had relied on a speakers bureau to hire a keynote speaker. EAGLESTALENT SPEAKERS BUREAU inspire. educate. entertain. ta; ]rra~3 : ‘.r: i‘i i i1:'uf:3 T