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TECHTalks - Buffalo NY - Joe Peacock

  1. Scaling High-Growth Software Organizations
  2. What is high- growth?
  3. And that growth happens in phases
  4. My first startup experience
  5. Large company experience
  6. The growth in- between
  7. Decision making in high growth People Strategy Organizational Strategy Technical Strategy
  8. People Strategy
  9. People Strategy “Twitter grew from about 90 to 1,500 people in less than three years. A company that grows that rapidly is literally a different company every six months.” Elad Gil - past VP of Corporate Strategy at Twitter and Product Manager at Google
  10. People Strategy Software Role Evolution Startups weight engineering breadth over specialization. Large companies weight specialization over breadth. In high-growth software companies you make a balanced investment in specialization and breadth.
  11. People Strategy Software Recruiting & Culture Culture changes with people constantly and engineering dynamics change with it. Hiring priority shifts constantly from thought leaders to key performers.
  12. People Strategy Making a balanced investment in specialization and breadth.
  13. Organizational Strategy
  14. Organizational Strategy “When companies are in startup mode they don’t prioritize orgs [...] As a result you tend to Band-Aid or gap-fill these functions that aren’t core in the early days.” Ruchi Sanghvi - past VP of Operations at Dropbox, first female engineer at Facebook
  15. Organizational Strategy Functional High engineering alignment, think front-end, backend, and mobile on a single team. Hybrid to Matrix Optimal for developing specialized and expertise engineering roles.
  16. Organizational Strategy Consider Spotify’s Agile Scaling Model:
  17. Organizational Strategy In step with people strategy to balance output efficiency and people overhead.
  18. Technical Strategy
  19. Technical Strategy Know Your Type of Growth Companies scale differently based on their business, and technology must serve business outcomes. Don’t jump to technical solutions because it’s what <Tech-Firm> says is best practice.
  20. Technical Strategy Software Architecture & Infrastructure Software is a massive tool set of languages, libraries, frameworks, and platforms. There is no technical right way. Investments including Kubernetes, microservice architectures, and language rewrites are extremely expensive. They only deliver high ROI when the business or growth outcome is right.
  21. Technical Strategy Software Tooling Consider the build vs. buy paradigm and that software engineers are generally biased to build. Software tooling must lead people, technical, and organization growth by at least it’s implementation time.
  22. Technical Strategy Balance high impact business outcomes against opportunity cost.
  23. Scaling High- Growth Software Organizations People Strategy Organizational Strategy Technical Strategy
  24. Summarizing high- growth decision making

Editor's Notes

  1. Facebook grows by users, ACV grows in transactional volume, and my startup grows in engagement. Your ability to technically scale comes first in understanding scale. Horiztonal vs. vertical scaling
  2. Technology drives outcomes, and if not, you’re not doing it right. Long-term investments must. Perl is still used, teams try to deprecate year old services, and it’s not because they can’t do it, it’s because they can;t justify the priority or ROI to do so against risk.
  3. Facebook builds everything, startups buy everything.