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  • BKS Presentation

    1. 1. Pelletizing & Pulverizing Technology
    2. 2. OVERVIEW For almost 30 years BKS is a leading (knife) supplier in various businesses such as: Plastics, Recycling, Textile, Packaging etc. BKS stands for top quality in standard and tailor made solutions. BKS has workshops in Belgium and Malaysia to meet customer demands. Our Belgian workshop is located in Lambermont. Our Malaysian workshop is located in Kuala Lumpur. Our team of experts and the use of up-to-date machinery offers you manufacturing, maintenance, modification, revision and (re-)grinding of all your precision parts (knives) and assemblies. Strict controls and customer focus assure a very high constant quality and customer satisfaction. Knowhow, experience, machinery and our permanent search for top quality and precision are anchors for BKS. We guarantee that our products and services will comply above your expectation.BKS, Beyond Expectation
    3. 3. MARKET PLASTICSOverview of Services Strand Pelletizers - Specialized Re-Sharpening Service - Repair / Revision - Wear Parts Die Face Pelletizers - Specialized Grinding Services - Repair / Revision - Wear Parts Pulverizers / Micronisers - Specialized Re-Sharpening Service - Upgrade - Wear PartsBKS, Beyond Expectation
    4. 4. STRAND PELLETIZERSSpecialized Re-Sharpening Service Re-sharpening according OEM specification and original profile Rieter/Automatik, Scheer/Reduction, Conair, Cumberland, Accrapak, IPS, Dreher etc.) until the minimal diameter. Grinding on 2 Schneeberger (CH) 5-axis CNC kinematic machines. Bearing maintenance according factory regulation. Quality control and delivery with certification. Pick-up and return service.Repair / Revision Repair of rotor knife teeth (brazing and welding). Replacement of tungsten carbide teeth (repair or total replacement). Revision of shafts, bearing houses etc..Wear Parts Delivery of new rotor knives in several materials and designs, tungsten carbide rotor teeth, static knives, feed rollers etc.BKS, Beyond Expectation
    5. 5. DIE FACE PELLETIZERSSpecialized Grinding Services Re-sharpening of die face pelletizer knives and re-grinding of die-plates according OEM specifications. Pyrolysis cleaning. Quality control and delivery with certification. Pick-up and return service.Repair / Revision Revision of worn die plates into as new condition by applying an extremely wear resistant tungsten carbide layer and subsequently the machining of holes and surface.Wear Parts Delivery of new die plates and die face pelletizer knives (BKG, Gala, W&P, Berstorff, JSW, OMP, Farell/Pomini and many others).BKS, Beyond Expectation
    6. 6. DIE FACE PELLETIZERSBKS Die-Plate Technology: Special tungsten carbide layer (with Ceramic), applied by Plasma. Advantages; a one piece solid design with no brazing interruptions. No minimal thickness required, tungsten carbide layer can be used until last 0,1 mm. Our design and material choice has a proven superior standing time. Life time experience so far are up to 2-4x longer than OEM die plates. Further advantages; better pellet quality along the life time of the die plate due to a better wear resistance and therfore a more homegenuous wear of the knives.BKS, Beyond Expectation
    7. 7. PULVERISERS / MICRONISERSSpecialized Re-Sharpening Service Re-sharpening of pulveriser/microniser profiles according OEM specification. Quality control and delivery with certification. Grinding on Schneeberger (CH) 4-axis CNC special machine. Pick-up and return service.Upgrade Choice of better materials and special wear resistant coatings.Wear Parts Supply of new discs/segments in several materials and designs.BKS, Beyond Expectation
    8. 8. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTIONBKS Belgium BKS MalaysiaPelletizing & Pulverizing Technology Pelletizing & Pulverizing TechnologyRue Jean Koch 4 No. 12, Jalan High TechB-4800 Lambermont Kawasan Perindustrian High Tech 43500Belgium Semenyih MalaysiaPhone +32 8731 0906 Phone +60 387 2336 29Fax +32 8731 4327 Fax +60 162 3724 31E-mail pelletizing@bks.be E-mail sorna@bks.com.my