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Types of computer


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Types of computer

  1. 1. Type of Computers
  2. 2. Types of Computers Types of ComputersMicrocomputer Minicomputer Mainframe Supercomputer
  3. 3. Microcomputer• Digital computer that works on a microprocessor• Used in homes and offices• Performs tasks such as word processing, desktop publishing, and accounting
  4. 4. Microcomputer• Advantages – Small size – Low cost – Portability• Disadvantages – Low processing speed
  5. 5. Minicomputer• Known as the mid-range server• Medium sized multiprocessing and multi-user computer• Used by small sized companies
  6. 6. Minicomputer• Advantage – Cater to multiple users – Lower costs than mainframes• Disadvantage – Large – Bulky
  7. 7. Mainframe• Known as enterprise servers• Occupies entire rooms or floors• Used for centralized computing• Serve distributed users and small servers in a computing network
  8. 8. Mainframe• Advantage – Supports many users and instructions – Large memory• Disadvantage – Huge size – Expensive
  9. 9. Supercomputer• Fastest and expensive• Used by applications for molecular chemistry, nuclear research, weather reports, and advanced physics• Consists of several computers that work in parallel as a single system
  10. 10. Super Computer• Advantage – Speed• Disadvantage – Generate a large amount of heat during operation