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Speaking giving opinion


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Speaking giving opinion

  1. 1. SpeakingGiving Opinion
  2. 2. Below are common expressions used to give personal opinion :• In my opinion…• I believe…• I personally believe..• I am sure…• I don’t think …• I guess…• I suspect..
  3. 3. Examples: Statement expressing opinions• In my opinion, female students are more disciplined than male students.• I think all university students should undergo military training in the first year of study.• I don’t think that the defendant is guilty.• I suspect that she’s not telling the truth.• I think the test was quite difficult.
  4. 4. Asking for opinions• It is quite easy to identify when a question elicits a personal opinion. Such questions are usually asked in the following way:What do you think..?What is your view..?What is your opinion…?What is your comment..?How do you feel about…?
  5. 5. Examples: Questions that ask for opinions• What is your view on the government’s use of credit control as a measure to curb currency devaluation?• What is your comment on the practice of family planning by young couples today?• What do you think is the best way to address the problem of loafing among teenagers?• What is your opinion about introducing a demerit system to penalize reckless drivers?
  6. 6. Giving Opinions• In response to ask for opinions, you may use some of the following expressions:Personally I think…I strongly believe that..I am quite certain..I am convinced..I think…
  7. 7. Examples: Statements expressing opinions• Personally, I’d prefer to study individually rather than group.• I strongly believe that every child should be given the freedom to express his/herself.• I think every student should be given a place to stay at the hostel.• I am convinced that Malaysia will recover from the economic turmoil in no time.
  8. 8. Dialogue 1 :• Camelia : Siti, What do you think about slimming product? I’ve not tried many but I think the one that I’m using right now is fantastic. It’s really effective.• Siti : Well, you may not agree with me, but I personally believe that using such products can be bad for the health.• Camilia : I’m convinced that it’s good. According to Dr. Alex who carried out a research on the product, patients can lose up 5 kilogrammes in just two weeks and I feel fine.• Siti : No, I still believe in eating sensibly and having regular exercise.
  9. 9. How to state and justify opinions:• Use logical reasons• Example :In my opinion, taking LRT is the best way to getto town. It may be a little expensive but it willdefinitely save you a lot of time. You won’t becaught in a traffic jam. Furthermore, you don’thave to worry about parking.
  10. 10. Use explanations• Example :I think students who stay in the hostel aremore disciplined than those who stayoutside campus. This is because hostelregulations help to instil dicipline in them.With time these students becomeaccustomed to the regulations.
  11. 11. Use factual information• Example :I believe that everyone needs a healthylevel of stress. According to Dr. Hasraff, amotivation expert, a healthy level of stressnot only helps people to be more alert butalso improves their level of performance.
  12. 12. Use examples:• Example: I think students who use motorcycle on campus create a lot of trouble. For example, they make a lot of noise when they enter and leave the cycle park at the beginning and at the end of every lesson. Sometimes they just ignore or violate traffic rules and regulations on campus. As a result, they sometimes cause road accidents.
  13. 13. Remember :In expressing opinions, you should not try to sound like you know everything.Remember, that you also have to respect other people’s views. Very often people who claim that they know the facts or truth are later proved to be wrong.
  14. 14. Study the following topics. Work with your group members and discuss one of the topic below. You areencouraged to use suitable expressions to convey your opinion.1. There are more advantages than disadvantages living in hostel.2. Fast food is bad for your health.3. Children spend too much time watching television.4. Road accidents are by far the number one killer in Malaysia.