Computer crimes and criminals


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Computer crimes and criminals

  1. 1. Computer Crimes And Criminals
  2. 2. Why Learn Cyber CrimeBecause –C Everybody is using COMPUTERS.n From white collar criminals to terrorist organizations And from Teenagers to Adults.r Conventional crimes like Forgery, extortion, kidnapping etc. are being committed with the help of computersc New generation is growing up with computers.s MOST IMPORTANT – Monetary transactions are moving on to the INTERNET. Management & Science University © FISE
  3. 3. What is Cyber CrimeAll crimes performed or resorted to by abuse ofelectronic media or otherwise, with the purpose ofinfluencing the functioning of computer or computersystem.COMPUTER CRIME is any crime where –– Computer is a target.– Computer is a tool of crime– Computer is incidental to crime Management & Science University © FISE
  4. 4. Profile of Cyber Criminal• Disgruntled employees.• Teenagers.• Political Hacktivist.• Professional Hackers.• Business Rival.• Ex-Boy Friend.• Divorced Husband. etc Management & Science University © FISE
  5. 5. Victims• Gullible• Desperados and greedy people• Unskilled & Inexperienced• Unlucky people Management & Science University © FISE
  6. 6. Computer Crimes are Vulnerable• Because of : -• Anonymity,• Computer’s storage capacity,• Weakness in Operation System,• Lack of Awareness of user. Management & Science University © FISE
  7. 7. Types of Cybercrime:• Unauthorized access by insiders (such as employees) U• System penetration by outsiders (such as hackers) S• Theft of proprietary information (whether a simple user ID a and password or a trade secret worth millions of dollars)• Financial fraud using computers• Sabotage of data or networks• Disruption of network traffic (e.g., denial of service attacks) D Management & Science University © FISE
  8. 8. Types of Cybercrime, continued:• Creation and distribution of computer viruses• Software piracy• Identity theft• Hardware theft (e.g., laptop theft).• Terrorists that target critical infrastructures, such as the PSTN, power grid, and the air traffic control system. Management & Science University © FISE
  9. 9. HACKING• Hacking in simple terms means illegal intrusion into a computer system without the permission of the computer owner/user. Management & Science University © FISE
  10. 10. DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACK• This is an act by the criminal, who floods the bandwidth of the victims network or fills his e-mail box with spam mail depriving him of the services he is entitled to access or provide Management & Science University © FISE
  11. 11. VIRUS DISSEMINATION• Malicious software that attaches itself to other software.. (virus, worms, Trojan Horse, Time bomb, Logic Bomb, Rabbit and Bacterium are the malicious softwares) Management & Science University © FISE
  12. 12. SOFTWARE PIRACY• Theft of software through the illegal copying of genuine programs or the counterfeiting and distribution of products intended to pass for the original.• Retail revenue losses worldwide are ever increasing due to this crime• Can be done in various ways- – End user copying, Hard disk loading, Counterfeiting, Illegal downloads from the internet etc.. Management & Science University © FISE
  13. 13. PORNOGRAPHY• Pornography is the first consistently successful ecommerce product.• Deceptive marketing tactics and mouse trapping technologies Pornography encourage customers to access their websites.• Anybody including children can log on to the internet and access websites with pornographic contents with a click of a mouse.• Publishing, transmitting any material in electronic form which is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest is an offence under the provisions of section 67 of I.T. Act -2000. Management & Science University © FISE
  14. 14. IRC CRIME• Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers have chat rooms in which people from anywhere the world can come together and chat with each other – Criminals use it for meeting co-conspirators. – Hackers use it for discussing their exploits / sharing the techniques – Paedophiles use chat rooms to allure small children – Cyber Stalking - In order to harass a woman her telephone number is given to others as if she wants to befriend males Management & Science University © FISE
  15. 15. CREDIT CARD FRAUD• You simply have to type credit card number into www page off the vendor for online transaction• If electronic transactions are not secured the credit card numbers can be stolen by the hackers who can misuse this card by impersonating the credit card owner Management & Science University © FISE
  16. 16. NET EXTORTION• Copying the companys confidential data in order to extort said company for huge amount. Management & Science University © FISE
  17. 17. PHISHING• It is technique of pulling out confidential information from the bank/financial institutional account holders by deceptive means Management & Science University © FISE
  18. 18. Spoofiing• Getting one computer on a network to pretend to have the identity off another• computer, usually one with special access privileges, so as to obtain access to the other computers on the network.. Management & Science University © FISE
  19. 19. CYBER STALKING• The Criminal follows the victim by sending emails, entering the chat rooms frequently. Management & Science University © FISE
  20. 20. CYBER DEFAMATION• The Criminal sends emails containing defamatory matters to all concerned off the victim or post the defamatory matters on a website.• (disgruntled employee may do this against boss, ex-boys friend against girl, divorced husband against wife etc) Management & Science University © FISE
  21. 21. SALAMI ATTACK• In such crime criminal makes insignificant changes in such a manner that such changes would go unnoticed.• Criminal makes such program that deducts small amount like Rs. 2.50 per month from the account of all the customer of the Bank and deposit the same in his account. In this case no account holder will approach the bank for such small amount but criminal gains huge amount. Management & Science University © FISE
  22. 22. THREATENING• The Criminal sends threatening email or comes in contact in chat rooms with victims.• (Any one disgruntled may do this against boss, friend or official) Management & Science University © FISE
  23. 23. SALE OF NARCOTICS• Salle & Purchase through net.• There are web site which offer sale and shipment of contrabands drugs.• They may use the techniques of stegnography for hiding the messages. Management & Science University © FISE