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Business etiquette


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Business etiquette

  2. 2. People in business organizations make phonecalls for specific purposes such as:• to make enquiries• to order goods or services• to provide information• to make & confirm arrangements• to make complaints about goods or services
  3. 3. General Rules of Telephone EtiquetteWhen you MAKE A CALL you should be:• Polite• Prepared• Concise and considerate
  4. 4. When you ANSWER A CALL you shouldbe:• Polite• Friendly• Helpful• Concise and Considerate
  5. 5. Making a Telephone Call: Be PreparedYou should be clear about:• The name of the organization you want to call• Name & position of the person being called / extension number• All numbers, names, dates that relate to the topic of your call• Your own telephone number and extension• Your email add• Your office fax number• Your office address
  7. 7. Informal Expressions• Good morning / afternoon / evening• Hello, I am…• Hello, my name is…• Let me introduce myself. I am…• Sorry, are you…? I’m…• Hello (name)…Do you know…?• (Name)…This is…
  8. 8. More Formal Expression• Hello, how do you do? I’m…• Let me introduce myself. My name is…• I don’t we’ve met. I’m…• Excuse me, are you…? I am…• Excuse me, are you…? My name is…• May I introduce you to…• Mr / Mrs / Ms…, this is Mr / Mrs / Ms…• Dato’ have you met Mr / Mrs / Ms…? This is…
  9. 9. Responding to a Greeting or Introduction• Hi, I’m…• Hi, I am…• Hi, please call me…• Hello, I am… Nice to meet you.• Hello, pleased to meet you• I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name..
  10. 10. FAREWELLS – Informal Expressions• OK, bye.• OK, I’ve got to go now.• OK, I’d better go now• OK, I’d better leave now• I’m sorry, but I have to go now
  11. 11. • I’m sorry, I need to leave now• Keep in touch.• Call me next time you’re here / you’re in town• Give me a call• Take care.• Bye.
  12. 12. Formal Expressions• I should be thinking about going now. I need to catch a flight.• I’m terribly sorry, I have another appointment and need to leave now.• I really should leave now; I have another meeting to attend.• I’m afraid I’ll have to leave now. I need to catch the bus.• I’m afraid I’ll have to go now. I want to avoid the traffic.
  13. 13. • I’m sorry I have to leave now. It’s been nice meeting you.• I hope we meet again soon.• I look forward to meeting you again.• I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again• Have a safe journey back.• Have a good week.• Have a nice day.• Good-bye.
  15. 15. Breaking the Ice & Introducing Yourself• Hello, it’s nice meeting you.• Hello, I’m…I work in (department / division)• I’m…I work in the Finance Department.• I’m…I’m in charge of…• I’m…I’m responsible for…• I’m…I deal in…• At the moment, I’m working (on / in)…• I’ve worked here for…years
  16. 16. Responding• I’m fine, thank you. And how about you?• It’s nice meeting you too.• Sorry, I didn’t catch your name.• Glad to now you.• That sounds interesting.• Tell me more about it.
  17. 17. Moving to a Formal Discussion• Shall we start now?• Let’s get down to work / business• Right, let’s begin• Right, let’s start with…• Can we begin now?• Is everybody here?• Do you all know each other?• Shall we begin by introducing ourselves?
  18. 18. Asking for & Making Suggestions / Giving Opinions• What do you think?• What are your thoughts on…?• What’s your opinion on…?• Perhaps we could / should…• Maybe we could…• How about…?• Why don’t we…?• I think we could…
  19. 19. • I think we might want to…• My view is that…• In my opinion,…• We may want to…• I would suggest that…• It seems to me…• It may be a case of…• I tend to think that…
  20. 20. Agreeing / DisagreeingTOTAL AGREEMENT• I agree that…• I’m in favour of that…• I support the suggestion…• I totally agree with you…• I can agree to that
  21. 21. PARTIAL AGREEMENT• That may be true / right but…• You may be right but…• I agree to a certain extent, but…• I see what you’re saying but…• I understand what you’re saying but perhaps…
  22. 22. DISAGREEMENT• I’m not really sure we can agree to that…• I’m not sure we can do this…• I’m afraid I can’t agree to that…• I don’t think we should agree to this…• I can’t agree because…• I’m not agreeable to that…• I see where you’re coming from, but don’t you think that perhaps we should…• That’s an interesting suggestion, but…
  23. 23. Giving / Requesting More Information• Sorry, but can we get more details here.• Could I just comment on that?• I’d like to add something here…• I think we are forgetting something here…• I’d like to add to what was said by…• Perhaps we need to consider…• Can we look further into this?• Let’s think about…• We need to go into this detail…
  24. 24. Ending a Discussion• Thank you.• That’s it for today.• That’s everything for today.• Thank you for the input.• It was a pleasure discussing / talking with you.• I think we have covered everything we need for today.
  25. 25. • I think that’s everything on that.• We’ll go back and work on the proposal…• We’ll go back and discuss this, and we’ll let you know at the next meeting…• Thank you.• Bye.