Is Starting-up Right for Me?


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Some pointers to help you decide if a start-up is for you.

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Is Starting-up Right for Me?

  1. ☀ Today with the hype, glamour, and sex-appeal surrounding start-ups there is a real danger that all and sundry would take the plunge without being fully aware of the rigours and tensions of start-up life. Here are some pointers to help you decide if a start-up is for you. Or if you are better off wherever you currently are.
  3. PASSION is the key requirement. You must feel the burning need to be a successful entrepreneur deep in your bones and believe in YOURSELF, the TEAM and the OPPORTUNITY.
  4. You must be willing to be consumed by the business especially in the formative years. Passion will help cope with the excitement and glamour of a startup as distinct from the reality.
  5. Don’t do a start-up for the glamour or sex-appeal.
  6. Resource Constraints
  7. Are you willing to give up a cushy corporate lifestyle and the accompanying trappings and luxuries? Are you willing to manage with few resources, handle the immense pressures on your time and yet “give it all you have” performances? Are you willing to have your quality of life negatively affected? Are you physically and mentally healthy? Can you handle 12 to 14 hour days, 6 to 7 days a week for about a year?
  8. Self Confidence
  9. Do you have the selfconfidence to realistically believe in your capabilities and harness the opportunity in the market? Can you communicate this self-confidence to your team mates? Do you have the selfconfidence to convince hard-nosed investors that they’re looking at the opportunity of a lifetime?
  10. SELF CONFIDENCE will help you cope with rejection
  11. Humility
  12. Are you humble enough to learn from others?
  14. Are you willing to listen to others?
  15. Are you willing to suspend your ego and contribute to the BUILDING OF THE COMPANY?
  16. I’m the CEO Or do you think, “Taking out the garbage is not my job.”
  17. Team Player
  18. Are you individualistic or are you a team player? Do you share or hoard information? Do you help others on your team with their jobs? Is there trust between team members? Is there a single minded focus and belief on the objectives and goals in the team or are you there for your personal agenda? Can you delegate with confidence?
  19. Knowledge
  20. Do you have the required functional and business knowledge and expertise? Are you capable of continuous learning? Are you aware of the market, business and technology dynamics and trends? Can you command the respect of the board, investors, and others with your knowledge and awareness?
  21. Time Sensitivity
  22. Are you sensitive to the most valuable resource, namely time? Can you make quick decisions with less than perfect and inadequate information? Are you willing to change all 4 wheels of a moving car?
  23. Communication
  24. Are you an effective verbal and oral communicator? Can you communicate with your team? Can you motivate and charge them? Can you communicate with the board and investors effectively?
  25. Remember there are many ways to reach financial independence. However, only the last one is truly satisfying and in your control: You can marry it | You can inherit it | You can steal it You can be one of the lucky few and earn it in your corporate life YOU CAN EARN IT IN YOUR START-UP
  26. This presentation is based on an article originally written by Sanjay Anandaram Is a Start-up for Visit Entrepreneur Academy for more video lessons, articles and presentation for entrepreneurs. Everyone? Designed by Shyamanta Baruah for Entrepreneur Academy
  27. Thank You