How to Become a Rockstar Presenter


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Some practical tips that will help you overcome fear of presenting and become a better presenter.

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How to Become a Rockstar Presenter

  1. How to Become A Rockstar Presenter
  2. It’s your first day at work and you have a big presentation to make…
  3. You will most probably be feeling…
  4. A
  5. B
  6. A Read On if You Have Selected
  7. 80% special of the population get butterflies, get anxious, don’t sleep much the night before a public speaking assignment.
  8. Here are some tips to help you overcome this FEAR
  10. PRESENTATION Whyyouaremakingyour
  11. Focus on what you want to achieve and what you want your audience to take away with them.
  12. This puts you in a much better position to make strategic decisions about the design and tone of your presentation.
  13. KNOW YOUR audience Tip # 2
  14. Your audience will have varied experiences, interests and levels of knowledge.
  15. As a presenter you will need to acknowledge, prepare for and respond accordingly.
  16. If you fail to consider your audience’s needs, you will fail to appeal to their interest and imagination.
  17. Familiarize yourself with the Venue Tip # 3
  18. Where will you be making your presentation? What will be the room like? How important will be the role of physical conditions?
  19. A large lecture theatre might create a formal atmosphere, a smaller room might create a less formal tone.
  20. Timing is important Tip # 4
  21. Different hours of the day results in different responses.
  22. Two notoriously bad hours are late morning and late afternoon.
  23. In both of these situations, it is difficult keep the audience interested for long.
  24. Organize Your Content Tip # 5
  25. Don’t present more than three main points in a ten minute presentation.
  26. Always allow time for an adequate introduction and conclusion.
  27. Use your imagination while presenting factual data, points of detail or an explanation of processes.
  28. Develop a linear flow. Link statements, send signals, and highlight the next point in your argument by linking to earlier ideas.
  29. Build Rapport Tip # 5
  30. Talk about things to which your audience can relate. Your audience must relate to you to build rapport.
  31. Don’t pretend to be perfect. It’s OK to sound like a human being.
  32. Open with Something Interesting Tip # 6
  33. Opening with a story helps you to be conversational and establish rapport with your audience.
  34. Opening with a quote helps to generate interest.
  35. Opening with a question creates curiosity and jump-starts the thought process.
  36. Use of relevant statistics is another method to make your opening interesting.
  37. Conclude Strong Tip # 7
  38. Inform your audience that you are about to conclude.
  39. Repeat and emphasize your main points.
  40. Ask for questions gracefully.
  41. Hope you found these tips to be useful. Now go out and present like a ROCKSTAR…
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