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Self presentation & First impression


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Self presentation & First impression

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Self presentation & First impression

  1. 1. SELF- PRESENTATIO N AND FIRST IMPRESSION Self-presentation and first impression
  2. 2. …personal experiences Forming and Maintaining a Self-Concept …how others react and respond to us …information we receive from our families …a person's culture … how we filter what others say to us Topic 7 We develop our self-concept based on… … verbal and visual images we see in the media Self-presentation and first impression
  3. 3. Self-perceptions moderate how we talk to ourselves. The Effects of Self-Perceptions on Communication Self-perceptions influence how we talk about ourselves with others. Self-perceptions affect communication apprehension. Our initial social perceptions or first impressions of others are usually made from our observations of how they look and act. Topic 7 Self-presentation and first impression
  4. 4. Looks The aspects of our first impression Likeability Confidence Topic 7 Self-presentation and first impression
  5. 5. Sponsored Medical Lecture Notes – All Subjects USMLE Exam (America) – Practice
  6. 6. The social exchange theory states that we put our own interests first when attempting to judge someone Factors that can determine how others form the first impression of you: People associate the emotions they felt in your presence with your personality The setup of the meeting can greatly affect the first impression someone forms of you The halo effect: we assume that people who look more attractive have many other good qualities Topic 7 Negatives make a stronger impression than positives Self-presentation and first impression The primacy and the recency effect: we are most likely to remember the first (and the last) item of information we receive.
  7. 7. Smile How to make a great first impression on anyone Treat everyone like the gatekeeper to your destiny Topic 7 Self-presentation and first impression Straighten your posture Make eye contact Design your “elevator pitch”, which… …is clear …is concise …is powerful …is visual …is goal-oriented …is targeted …has a story …has a hook