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Ellia's Class Presentation


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Ellia Shultz is an 8 year old who created this presentation to share with her class during September for Craniofacial Acceptance Month 2015 and presented to her Diversity Club at her school.

Craniofacial Acceptance Month is celebrated every September and exists to widen the circle of acceptance for individuals with facial differences. The goal is to create awareness of craniofacial differences and to get people to see that “beyond the face is a heart.”

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Ellia's Class Presentation

  1. 1. September is Craniofacial Awareness Month “Craniofacial” means the head/skull and face *
  2. 2. When I Was Born The day I was born I needed tubes to help me breathe and eat The day I came home after 2 months in the hospital March 20, 2007
  3. 3. I Have Spent A lot of Time in the Hospital
  4. 4. I Have Had Over 20 Surgeries… I needed a tube in my neck to help me breath - called a trach I got my trach out when I was 2 years old I spent my 3rd birthday in the hospital
  5. 5. Even Though I Have Differences I am Still Like Everyone Else!!