Workflow optimization


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Workflow optimization

  1. 1. EZcall WOW-Panel Workflow Optimization in the WorkplaceCopyright 2011 – QBsoft Solutions All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. What is it?The WOW-Panel is a Workflow Optimization tool The WOW-Panel is designed to complement athat empowers healthcare managers to hospitals’ existing intercom, telephone andprovide a more streamlined and manageable nurse call system by working with it byworking environment for staff. QBsoft Solutions’ leveraging the audio communicationsWOW-Panel provides a fully customizable capabilities of those systems.operator panel that is easy to operate and fully These staff operator stations may be installedintegrated with the EZcall integration platform anywhere staff may require assistance withand virtually any existing nurse call system to work or to log/track facility usage.provide an integrated healthcare system thatreduces staff workload while keeping records of WOW-Panels are available is various types andall activity for logging and trending purposes. sizes to suite any installation and budget.Where & When to use itIf your healthcare budgets are based on staff Popular implementations include:efficiency, or if you simply need to improve on • Emergency Roomyour staff’s performance, the WOW-Panel’s andEZcall reporting system is for you. • Med/Surg Unit Bed ManagementThe WOW-Panels are not designed for any • Operating Room Management andspecific application or ward in mind. Every Throughput Improvementinstallation is customized to suite your needs WOW allows you to operate more efficientlyand may be altered as your requirements than ever before by reducing wasted staff timechange. and valuable resources, and tracking changes and trends to always function at the highest level possible.Why leave beds empty when a proper bed management system can reduce wait times and helpimprove bed turnover?WOW-Panels may also be used to provide instant notification to the staff members who needattention.Live displays and reporting tools provide at-a-glance system activity.Status events may be used to automatically placed alerts and reminders; automatically alert thePACU when an operation is about to close or delayed to allow staff to focus on other tasks.
  3. 3. Emergency Ward OptionsAdmit Order – Alerts the admissions desk that a Housekeeper Needed – Alerts housekeeping ofpatient needs to be admitted into an inpatient a room or bed that needs cleaningbedDoctor Call – Instantly pages the ER Physician to ..other customizable buttons may beattend to this patient’s needs generated as required.Consult Needed – Alerts another doctor when aphysician requires a second opinionBlood Needed – Alerts Phlebotomist to drawbloodEKG Needed – Alerts staff to bring EKG machineX-Ray Needed – Alerts staff to escort patient toreceive an X-RayPortable X-Ray – Alerts Radiology to bringportable X-RaySecurity Alert – Instantly calls security personnelto attend to an emergencyPorter Required – Alerts a porter to transportpatientQuick Clean – Informs housekeeping of a minor Sample Staff Location Displayspill that needs attention
  4. 4. For more information contact: Houle Security 5050 North Fraser Way Burnaby, BC V5J 0H1 Tel: 604-434-2681 Fax: 604-434-0480 Email: Copyright 2011 QBsoft Solutions Powerful Integration.. EZcall Care Solutions ..Made EasyQBsoft Solutions – 1939 144 Street Surrey, BC Canada, V4A 7M6 – (604) 812-SOFT - - th