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E zcall web access client sales doc


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E zcall web access client sales doc

  1. 1. EZcallWeb Access ClientUniversal Web Browser-Based Interface.EZcall makes alarm management even easier with the The easiest system to operate.Web Access Client interface (WAC). The WAC application EZcall was designed with one primary thought; if it’s notenables any existing EZcall installation to be accessible easy it will not get used, if it doesn’t get used, where’s theover standard web browsers. benefit?With the EZcall WAC you have full control to view alarms, Created specifically with the operator in mind, your staffstaff locations, and graphical maps of your facility in real- will not be burdened with features or functions that aretime or view alarm history. You can also change not applicable to your operations. Unlike other productsassignments, activate or cancel on-screen call points as that are generically suited to support many differentwell as send manual text messages to any output device markets and applications, EZcall was created with youron the EZcall network. needs in mind.The greatest benefit is that there is no software to install, • A simple operator interface is used for all systemmaintain or update. You have complete system access & actions from alarm monitoring, reporting andcontrol from anywhere your network allows (LAN, WAN or maintenance.Web). • Predict ongoing maintenance costs – EZcall allows• Future proof – EZcall WAC has been tested with all you to monitor your systems and generates major web-browsers including; MS Internet Explorer, maintenance alerts when components require service or Firefox, Opera, Netscape Navigator, Safari, and many replacement. mobile browsers. • Leverage your network – By running on industry-• Reduced installation costs – By leveraging the use standard TCP/IP network infrastructure, EZcall is quick of existing web browsers, there is no client software to to implement and easy to maintain. install and maintain on your desktop computers. This allows a large EZcall installation to be done in a very short time.• Upgrades are immediate – Performing upgrades on client/server based systems requires upgrades of all components. With EZcall WAC, only the WAC server needs to be updated and all browsers that connect automatically benefit from the new features.• Enhanced security – Each operator has their own username and password to access critical components or you can choose to only implement global user access levels.• Customize to suit – The WAC interface can be customized to only display the windows that your facility needs. Avoid confusing staff with non- applicable windows. Copyright 2009 QBsoft Solutions
  2. 2. Designed To Grow With You. The EZcall Web Access Client allows you to communicate from virtually any browser-based device on your network. Start with computers today; add wireless or mobile devices later. They will all work seamlessly. WAC was designed for immediate operation using standard web browsers. No dedicated software or special browser plug-in drivers are needed. Leveraging the powerful HTML and Java programming environments provides unsurpassed programming flexibility. Powerful control, one simple interface. The EZcall WAC provides many of the standard functions available using dedicated EZcall client applications. You can customize which applications are seen and not seen by staff and operators. Reduce clutter on mobile devices by hiding unused components. • Alarm display lets you view active alarms in real-time and can be filtered by location or priority. Active alarms can also be selected to view additional event details, cancel or acknowledge an event. • Staff location display allows you to monitor where staff are logged-in on traditional nurse call systems. • Active floor plan display – Don’t like viewing a list of alarms? You can also view active events and staff locations on a floor plan map of your facility. Change which map you see or click an event for more details. • Send a text message – leverage the powerful output device interfaces of EZcall by sending manual text messages from any browser on your network. • Alarm History allows managers and administrators to review history reports of alarm and response activity. Print an online report of call activity or staff response times without the need of installing complex reporting software. • On-screen call buttons – activate or cancel virtual alarms right from your browser. • Call assignment – When EZcall dynamic assignments are used, the assignment window lets your staff assign which alarms to receive on their mobile devices. Staff sign in and out is simple when it is browser based. Powerful Integration.. EZcall Enterprise ..Made EasyQBsoft Solutions – 1939 144th Street Surrey, BC Canada, V4A 7M6 – (604) 812-SOFT - -