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E zcall sales doc


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E zcall sales doc

  1. 1. EZcallCare SolutionsInterfaces to Help Provide Better Care.Streamlining processes and improving resident care are The easiest system to operate.paramount features for maintaining an efficient care EZcall was designed with one primary thought; if it’s notfacility. EZcall provides tools that help reduce staff easy it will not get used, if it doesn’t get used, where’s theinteraction with systems and processes allowing for more benefit?personalized resident care. Created specifically for use in care facilities, your staff willEZcall brings all of your systems together to act as one. not be burdened with features or functions that are notThe easy-to-use operator interfaces mean that less time is applicable to your operations. Unlike other products thatwasted learning to use the systems that are there to help are generically suited to support many different marketsprovide more quality care. and applications, EZcall was created with your needs inSpecifically designed for the way a care facility operates, mind.EZcall allows you to leverage your existing facility alarm • A single operator interface is used for all systemand call systems or expand and upgrade to newer actions from alarm monitoring, reporting andtechnologies without the burden of altering workflow maintenance.processes. • Predict ongoing maintenance costs – EZcall allows• System independent – EZcall integrates to most you to monitor your systems and generates third-party systems so you are not held down to using maintenance alerts when components require service or only specific products. With EZcall you are free to replacement. select the hardware that will best suite your requirements. • Leverage your network – By running on industry- standard TCP/IP network infrastructure, EZcall is quick• Ongoing improvement – History reports can be to implement and easy to maintain. customized to assist you in improving your staff utilization. Deploy more staff only when & where they are required.• Fully expandable – EZcall can start small and grow with your needs. The networked architecture allows any number of systems to be tied together in a single facility or across multiple sites.• Reduced implementation cost – There are no individual user fee’s or system connection fee’s with EZcall. You can add components later with the assurance that you will not be charged additional licensing fee’s.• Enhanced support – We provide turnkey service support for all systems sold. There are no support or maintenance contracts required unless you specifically request a customized support package.
  2. 2. A powerful & versatile assignment engine. EZcall can be customized to let you work the way the best suites your requirements. You are not constrained to operate how the software dictates you should. Call routing and assignments can be setup in any popular manner: • Static – Fixed pre-defined call routing is setup to send particular events to specific outputs every time. This method provides the simplest assignment method. • Scheduled – Enhancing static assignments by routing them differently for each work shift provides improvedAssurance that help is coming. response throughout varying shifts. This popular assignment plan provides the most versatility.EZcall closes the loop of communications by allowing staffto immediately communicate with a resident who places a • Pre-defined – Shift managers can predeterminecall. One-touch callback from mobile devices enhances assignment plans based on changing shifts allowingsystem simplicity. By verbally responding to patient calls caregivers to manually select an assignment plan asthrough mobile phones, pagers, PDA’s or smart phones, shifts change. This method requires ongoing attentionmany benefits can be experienced: but offer greater flexibility.• Fewer staff can be used during evenings as mobile • Dynamic – Care staff select which rooms or residents devices prevent the need for staff to remain in a fixed they will be responsible to receive alerts from and location. which mobile devices to send those call to. This is the most versatile assignment plan allowing for ongoing• Residents receive immediate assurance that their changes, but requires the greatest amount of staff needs will be attended to reducing patient stress. education.• Mobile communications devices allow staff to Multiple ring tones and patterns allow care staff to quickly summon assistance when and where needed. determine the urgency of a received alarm or call.• Perform other duties rather than waiting for calls. Message acknowledgment from mobile devices let staff No longer is staff required to attend an alarm display respond even when they are busy. panel to monitor & wait for calls. This allows staff to A single point of maintenance. work more efficiently while still responding to calls. Broken mobile devices are very common in care facilities.• Automatic call escalations ensure that all resident EZcall provides built-in tools to easily swap devices and calls are responded to in a timely manner regardless of generate automated maintenance alerts and work orders how busy a staff member may be. so care staff does not spend their time maintaining theAutomating tedious tasks. hardware. The simple-to-use device maintenance tool allows replacement devices to be setup with 2 simpleEZcall provides multiple levels of call escalations that clicks of a mouse.automatically reroutes alarms from one caregiver tobackup personnel ensuring prompt action is taken on all EZcall supports multiple different mobile solutions on aalarms. single system or network. Upgrading from an older wireless product to a newer system can be accomplishedPre-defined reports allow management to improve with little or no disruption to staff workflow.workflow by scheduling more efficient usage. Add staffwhen needed and reduce staff during slower times. Mobile Communications Interface Solutions Unified Alarm Messaging Improves Productivity.
  3. 3. Event Display SolutionsAppealing Easy-to-View Displays Assist in Rapid Response.EZcall includes various alarm and call display Target displays improve alarm response efficiency aspossibilities that allow virtually any type of event to be well as provide quick at-a-glance staff response timesdisplayed. LED marquee displays or PC display screens for staff and management use.can be strategically located in your facility to provide an • Displays can be customized to display individualat-a-glance view of system activity in real-time. EZcall rooms, wards, or an entire facility allowing you toprovides stable & versatile display choices that may be determine what your staff will view and where.used for: • Sorting of displayed event information can be• alarm displaying done by event duration, priority or even by• video paging name/label or event type.• equipment location displaying • Customize PC displays to show split or multi- window displays to present multiple simultaneous• staff location displaying displays.• status displaying • Schedule display information to only display at• mass-notification message displays certain locations during certain times.• staff in/out displays • Location specific messages allow mass notification systems to display local evacuationAudible outputs alert the masses. information specific to each location & event.With EZcall, alarm display is no limited to visualdisplays. The TTC application provides a powerfuloutput program that is used to connect to localspeakers or overhead paging systems to generateaudible alerts where they are required. Evacuationmessages are easy to implement with EZcall.Directional speakers direct audible alerts to theappropriate persons without disturbing others.Tailored to suite your needs.The EZcall Enterprise family of applications providesmultiple different display programs to choose fromincluding desktop PC popup displays, target displays,text displays or event graphical map displays that helpshow at-a-glance views of event or equipmentlocations.Web browser based versatility.EZcall Enterprise edition provides standard browsersupport to rapidly deploy & maintain very large systemsquickly and efficiently while future-proofing yourinvestment ensuring operation in any networkenvironment.
  4. 4. Wireless System InterfaceDuress, RFID, RTLS, & Tracking Systems Protect People & Property.EZcall includes direct interfaces with the most reliable Reducing ongoing maintenance costs.and user-friendly wireless systems available today. Most wireless systems operate perfectly when they areWhether your requirements are for wireless staff duress first installed, but lack of support and maintenanceor to provide patients with mobile emergency call often degrades a wireless system far quicker thatcapabilities, EZcall is the ideal integration solution. conventional hardwired systems. EZcall wirelessThe EZcall wireless interfaces provide the usual ‘who’ interfaces provide the tools required for properand ‘what’ information, but more importantly the preventative maintenance and support. Battery‘where’. Many wireless systems provide location remainders and reports provide an automatic budgetinginformation that is critical to responding to emergencies assessment tool for facilities to predict ongoingplaced from mobile devices. Wireless solutions include: maintenance costs.• wireless staff duress & code white• patient emergency call• equipment tracking (loss/theft prevention)• patient wander prevention• infant abduction prevention• wireless monitoring• personnel locating (process tracking & improvement)• asset locating (material management)Rest easy with a reliable system.When you integrate your wireless systems using EZcall, you will be assuredthat your system will always function when you need it.• Continually supervised devices ensures that wireless components will always be there and operating. Supervised devices will immediately provide maintenance alerts of faulty components.• Monitored batteries are common on most wireless systems. EZcall will alert the appropriate personnel when battery operated devices require attention or when additional batteries will need to be ordered. This helps ensure that you will always have an operating system when it is needed most.• Verbal communications help save time and increase customer/patient satisfaction. EZcall wireless provides a unique interface to audio-capable two-way systems, enabling wireless call systems to provide immediate bidirectional communications between staff and patients. Audio enable virtually any non-audio system with ease.
  5. 5. • Reducing response times to patient requests by sending immediate alerts to the correct caregiver(s). • A quieter workplace for both staff and patients by reducing or eliminating overhead pages and loud audible sirens. • Happier patients and family devices allow staff to summon assistance when and where needed. • Improving staff efficiency and workflow management is possible by utilizing alarm responseIn healthcare every second counts. reports to improve staff allocations.That is why you need an integration system that you can • No call goes unanswered through the use of callrely on to immediately deliver the calls to the appropriate escalation. Busy staff members can rest assured thatcaregivers without delays. Respond faster and work their calls will be answered when they cannot respond.more efficiently by staying mobile.EZcall interfaces to most nurse call systems both new and By integrating mobile communications devices, staff canold. By integrating nurse call systems with other EZcall respond, acknowledge and talk back with a patient ininterfaces you can experience many benefits including: need of assistance. All the control of a nurse console is provided in a handheld device.Nurse Call InterfaceNetworking Call Bell Systems Helps You Operate More Efficiently.Simplify day-to-day operations Traditional nurse call systems require staff to wait forcalls to arrive at a nurse station or for a ward clerk tooverhead page caregivers to respond to alarms. This isvery inefficient use of staff time. EZcall allows the callsto me instantly sent to staff mobile devices allow them toperform other duties while waiting to respond to alarms.Staff can respond and communicate with a calling patientwhen using mobile or cellular telephones which allowsstaff to pre-assess the urgency of each call and providespatients with assurance that their call will not be ignored.If a caregiver is busy or their mobile device is off or outof range, EZcall will automatically forward the call to thenext available caregiver ensuring that no call goesunanswered.Managers also benefit from EZcall’s simple reporting toview call activity to allocate more staff when they aretruly needed, as well as track staff efficiency.
  6. 6. Fitness Therapy Solutions Keeping Elderly Patients/Residents Active is the Best Medicine. Preventative care is more beneficial to both • Snoezelen rooms – these rooms provide a sensory patients/residents and the staff who care for them. “getaway” for residents. Snoezelen rooms are a must Traditional facilities provide shelter and food for their for treating patients with dementia and use of these residents and dispense medicine. Facilities that focus on rooms has been proven to reduce the effects of keeping residents active and fit spend less time caring and dementia. more time helping residents. • Dementia monitoring – Passive resident monitoring QBsoft Solutions provides various solutions to assist that helps elderly suffering from dementia receive facilities with fitness therapy to help keep residents active better care and reduces the burden of false alarms to in body and mind. QBsoft also offers solutions for staff members. dementia care therapy and to prevent stress, anxiety and • Wii fitness rooms – A simple and cost effective way agitation that are typically encountered with elderly of keeping elderly residents active and happy. QBsoft suffering from dementia. offers packages that include wall-projectors, surround- Save time and save money. sound for the full sensory effect and bundled Nintendo Wii packages. Please consult your local QBsoft dealer to discuss fitness therapy solutions provided by QBsoft Solutions. • Care planning administration – Using the EZcall Preventing the need for care is the best way to keep your CPC Care Planning Client your staff will spend less time residents happy. recording patient activity and care plan information and more time assisting them. The EZcall CPC is a web- based application for keeping care plans up-to-date and accessible. Copyright 2009 QBsoft Solutions Powerful Integration.. EZcall Care Solutions ..Made Easy thQBsoft Solutions – 1939 144 Street Surrey, BC Canada, V4A 7M6 – (604) 812-SOFT - -