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techinasia 2011.3.15

  1. 1. 12/5/28 Taiwans EZTable Eyes Expansion in Singapore and Hong Kong | Tech in Asia Pitch, battle, and win US$10,000. Compete at Startup Arena on June 7 and 8. HOME ABOUT » CONTACT Search Read more Explore Tech in Asia Subscribe Jobs Recommend 44k ASIA » STARTUPS WEB CREATIVE MOBILE SOCIAL MEDIA E‐COMMERCE GADGETS BUSINESS VIDEO #StartupAsia Dentsu Picks Up 15% FamilyKo: An Tencent’s WeChat 5 Asian Startups That Stake in Price Interactive Video Markets Strongly on Caught Our Eye This Comparison Engine Chat App for Long­ Facebook Week Kakaku Distance Families with Kids 0 May 23, 2012 0 May 26, 2012 0 May 23, 2012 1 May 24, 2012 Taiwan’s EZTable Eyes Expansion in Singapore and Hong Kong March 15, 2011 by Willis Wee, in Asia, Startups Authors RSS TICKER FEED This RSS Discussion: 2 | Like 0 612 China’s MIIT: Telecom Investment Up 10 Percent in 2012 1 hour ago by C. Custer The Ministry of Industry and Information Technologys Shang Bing said yesterday that projected investment in the telecom industry this year would reach 370 billion RMB ($59 billion), up 10 percent from last year. [ Source : Sina Tech ] Accor Localizes its Booking Site in Indonesia 2 hours ago by Joshua Kevin Accor has localized its online reservations platform - - into Bahasa Indonesian. Its target is to have 40 percent of its global bookings coming from the country by 2015. This is a part of an agreement between Accor Indonesia ... [ Source : TTG Asia ] Samsung Galaxy S3 Available in Load More... Like Molly Hsu, 顏士 棋 and SUBSCRIBE: Enter your email: An online restaurant reservation site isn’t the most innovative idea. But if we were to stand SIGN UP! back and observe, this simple service is dearly and clearly missing in many countries. Alex Chen, CEO and founder of EZTable, is one who has spotted this missing gap in Taiwan. +443   Recommend this 1/4
  2. 2. 12/5/28 Taiwans EZTable Eyes Expansion in Singapore and Hong Kong | Tech in Asia Taiwan based start­up, EZTable is an easy­to­use online restaurant reservation site. Users can book a restaurant in just three steps. What’s most impressive is that EZTable provides a wide range of restaurants from various locations in Taiwan for users to choose from. To add on to the user experience, EZTable also provides information such as transportation, dinning reviews, promotions and blog articles on the selected restaurant. It isn’t just about filling a market need. Chen’s love for food and convenience have also inspired him to create EZTable to better serve food lovers in Taiwan. “I love restaurant food. During my time at UCLA, California, I always reserve my restaurant spot online. It just makes the whole dining experience better and more convenient,” Chen told Penn Olson. “Taiwan is well­known for its food culture. However, I realized there wasn’t such a service back in the country. Taiwan deserves a better and more convenient online service platform to RECENT COMMENTS connect restaurants and diners together. EZTable was founded to serve such needs,” he added. Scott Si via Facebook  { Great to see Tech in Chen is right with his observation. EZTable currently has more than 100,000 regular users with Asia doing more features on Philippine startups. 350 restaurants for diners to choose from. EZTable generates over 15,000 reservations per Keep them coming! } –  May 24, 5:16 PM month and is looking to reach out to more diners through its mobile applications. The grand Yufeng Zhang via Facebook  { true true true } plan, however, is its upcoming international expansion plan. –  May 23, 10:29 PM Edwin Tam Wei Ching via Facebook  { “This summer we will also expand to Hong Kong and Singapore and hopefully EZTable can add Thats because SGeans are food crazy. And Singtel some more great restaurants internationally,” said Chen. It is exciting time ahead for EZTable doesnt have the klout or ability to write food well. } and we’ll update as we learn more from Chen. –  May 22, 10:06 PM Muhammad Imran Hirawan via Facebook Also catch: Taiwan’s Tech Start­ups and Culture { Over price..?? } –  May 22, 8:28 PM Kevin Leversee via Facebook  { Try paying Report an error for 10 and getting 1.5 like we do in manila } –  May Tags: EZtable, Startups, Taiwan 22, 2:20 PM TOP STORIES About Willis Wee Founder of Tech in Asia who is also an entrepreneur since 2005. Contact him at How To Win at Startup Arena willis[at]techinasia[dot]com May 28, 2012 View all posts by Willis Wee → Lenovo Overtakes HP as India’s SHARE THIS POST? Top PC Maker Subscribe to our RSS Feed, or follow us on Twitter May 25, 2012 or simply recommend us to friends. 5 Must‐Read Tech Stories in China This Week May 27, 2012 ← 29 Students Raised $18,000 for Rural India via Social Media China’s Qihoo 360: 300 Million Users, $200 Milllion U.S IPO → Weiku Brings Its Video‐Sharing App to Android May 25, 2012 Shareholders Approve Privatization, Ready to Delist in June May 25, 2012 Willis Wee March 16, 2011 at 5:23 am agree. i like it simple. Cherry Rahtu ADVERTISEMENT March 16, 2011 at 2:31 am Smart idea for food lover, I think Singapore market needs such 2/4
  3. 3. 12/5/28 Taiwans EZTable Eyes Expansion in Singapore and Hong Kong | Tech in Asia INFOGRAPHIC VIDEOS 1. Thai User Numbers on Instagram and the Celebrities They Follow [INFOGRAPHIC] 2. Survey Says Japan Seen as Most Creative Country, By Everyone Except Japan [Infographic] 3. Facebook Adds 20 Million New Users Across Asia as Social Media Grows Apace [INFOGRAPHIC] 4. InMobi Sees iOS Falling in Hong Kong, Android Invading [INFOGRAPHIC] 5. InMobi Says Mobile Now Top Media Channel in Vietnam [INFOGRAPHIC] 6. 24% of Web Content is Now in Chinese, Will Soon Surpass English [Infographic] 7. Japan’s Social Gaming Market [Infographic] 8. Play Monopoly with Chinese Internet Services 9. China’s Social Media and Web Landscape in 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC] 10. Cloud Computing’s Role in Job Creation in Asia [Infographic] 3/4
  4. 4. 12/5/28 Taiwans EZTable Eyes Expansion in Singapore and Hong Kong | Tech in Asia TECH IN ASIA LATEST POSTS SUBSCRIBE ASIA WEB How To Win at Startup Arena BUSINESS STARTUPS 44k 5 Must­Read Tech Stories in China This Week CREATIVE MOBILE Like 5 Asian Startups That Caught Our Eye This Week VIDEO SOCIAL MEDIA Forget About Passwords When You Have MePIN Enter your email: E­COMMERCE GADGETS Weiku Brings Its Video­Sharing App to Android SIGN UP! © 2012 TECH IN ASIA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. HOME ABOUT STARTUP SUBMIT CREATIVE SUBMIT ADVERTISE TECH JOBS STATEMENT OF ETHICS FEEDBACK CONTACT Switch to our mobile 4/4