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EZTABLE Techinasia 20110325

  1. 1. Alex Chen, CEO & Founder of EZTable, Shares His Expansion Plan | Tech in Asia 2012/3/9 下午6:31 Were dropping the name Penn Olson and rebranding our blog to Tech in Asia (Techinasia.com). Read more HOME ABOUT » » CONTACT Search Explore Tech in Asia Subscribe Jobs Recommend 43k ASIA » » STARTUPS WEB CREATIVE MOBILE SOCIAL MEDIA E-COMMERCE GADGETS BUSINESS VIDEO #StartupAsia China Mobile Breaks We’re Rebranding: The Social Credit A Window into the 15 Million iPhone Announcing ‘Tech in Card, Will You Get Demise and Bizarre Users Asia’ One? Rebirth of TuanBao 50 Mar 5, 2012 17 Mar 7, 2012 4 Mar 9, 2012 2 Mar 6, 2012 RECOMMENDED FOR YOU ? + Alex Chen, CEO & Founder of EZTable, Shares His Happy Spring Festival, Bankrupt Expansion Plan March 25, 2011 by Willis Wee, in Asia, Startups Authors RSS RECOMMENDED FOR YOU ? × This RSS Discussion: 0 | Like 1 Tweet 0 0 430 Founded in August 2008, EZTable is Taiwan’s rock star start-up which has achieved great success in the country. It is now planning to expand to Singapore and Hong Kong this summer. Simply put, EZTable is an online restaurant reservation site for diners. Every pre-booking is TechSmith.com/Snagit Ads by Google accompanied by information such as blog articles, transport and reviews for users to make a more educated selection. You can read more in our first article with EZTable. For this article, we spoke to Alex Chen (陳翰林), CEO and founder of EZTable to find out more about his plans for Singapore and Hong Kong. From what we learned, Chen hopes to launch EZTable Singapore and Hong Kong simultaneously this coming early July. Otherwise, he told Penn Olson that Singapore will be his first target for international expansion. TechSmith.com/Snagit Ads by Google “EZTable aims at countries with mid-to-high end restaurants with educated and tech-oriented diners (frequent business travelers are even better). Without a doubt, Singapore and HK definitely fit our criteria,” said Chen when asked on his decision over Hong Kong and Singapore. To better serve the Singapore and Hong Kong market, Chen also plans to set up offices rather than working virtually. He believes that his main competitors are channels like telephone and paper reservation, which most restaurants are still using as part of their reservation process. “As long as we can persuade traditional restaurants to replace their old stuff with EZTable’sfile:///Users/apple/Desktop/Alex%20Chen,%20CEO%20&%20Founder%20…es%20His%20Expansion%20Plan%20%7C%20Tech%20in%20Asia.webarchive 頁面 1∕5
  2. 2. Alex Chen, CEO & Founder of EZTable, Shares His Expansion Plan | Tech in Asia 2012/3/9 下午6:31 “As long as we can persuade traditional restaurants to replace their old stuff with EZTable’s TechSmith.com/Snagit Ads by Google new toy, we can overcome everything,” said Chen. Follow @Techinasia 12.8K followers Like most food lovers, EZTable is picky over the restaurants that are listed on its site. Chen aims to gather only the top restaurants, as he believes that they usually understand how EZTable could help bring value and improve sales. “We will use our experiences and case studies to show them how we’ve helped restaurants in Taiwan to achieve different goals and reach out to more potential customers,” said Chen. It’s an exciting project for Chen and Taiwan’s start-up community. Chen has shown how simple ideas can perform wonders. I believe EZTable success will also be a motivational story for many start-up founders in Taiwan. I look forward to meeting him in Singapore. Grace Ku, 吳思穎 and 43,502 others like Connect on Facebook: Like this. Tweet 0 Follow @Techinasia 12.8K followers Report an error Tech in Asia on Follow Tags: EZtable, hong kong, Singapore, Startups, Taiwan SUBSCRIBE: Enter your email: SIGN UP! About Willis Wee Co-founder of Penn Olson who is also an entrepreneur since 2005. He has had experience in crafting social media strategies for organizations such as Marriott Vacation Club, James Cook University, Reach Singapore and Unilever. Contact him at willis[at]penn- olson[dot]com RECENT COMMENTS View all posts by Willis Wee → Eric Koh Chuan Koon on The Social Credit Card, Will You Get One? SHARE THIS POST? Willis Wee on The Social Credit Card, Will You Get One? Subscribe to our RSS Feed, or follow us on Twitter or simply recommend us to friends. Prasant Naidu on We’re Rebranding: Announcing ‘Tech in Asia’ Zy Zhuo 2007 on We’re Rebranding: Announcing ‘Tech in Asia’← Forget the iPad 2 India, Consider the Amazon Kindle 3 Indonesia: The Next Big Thing in Digital Media → Robertninjaboy on There are 300,000 Facebook users in China but they still prefer Renren Like LoginAdd New Comment TOP STORIES Nokia’s SEC Filing Reveals Phone Sales Down 20% in China in 2011 Mar 9, 2012 Sort by popular now Chinese Railway Ministry: We’llShowing 0 comments Do Better Next Year Mar 8, 2012M Subscribe by email S RSSTrackback URL http://www.techinasia.com/eztable-alex-chen-hong-kong-singapore/trackback/ Alibaba Climbing, Google Slipping, in China’s Online Ad Market Mar 7, 2012 We’re Rebranding: Announcing ‘Tech in Asia’ Mar 7, 2012file:///Users/apple/Desktop/Alex%20Chen,%20CEO%20&%20Founder%20…es%20His%20Expansion%20Plan%20%7C%20Tech%20in%20Asia.webarchive 頁面 2∕5
  3. 3. Alex Chen, CEO & Founder of EZTable, Shares His Expansion Plan | Tech in Asia 2012/3/9 下午6:31 Tuanbao CEO Ren Chunlei: ‘Investment is Poison’ Mar 8, 2012 ADVERTISEMENTfile:///Users/apple/Desktop/Alex%20Chen,%20CEO%20&%20Founder%20…es%20His%20Expansion%20Plan%20%7C%20Tech%20in%20Asia.webarchive 頁面 3∕5
  4. 4. Alex Chen, CEO & Founder of EZTable, Shares His Expansion Plan | Tech in Asia 2012/3/9 下午6:31 INFOGRAPHIC VIDEOS 1. Why Chinese Consumers Can’t Resist Movie Ticket Deals [INFOGRAPHIC] 2. Startups in Asia (Singapore) 2012 in an Infographic 3. Every 60 Seconds On the Chinese Internet… [INFOGRAPHIC] 4. Singapore’s Social, Smartphone-Luvvin’ Citizens [INFOGRAPHIC] 5. Web, Smartphones, and Social Media are Thriving in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau [INFOGRAPHIC] 6. Samsung Dominates Android in China, But Tablets Growing Less Popular [INFOGRAPHIC] 7. LinkedIn Advises Users to Banish CV Buzzwords – Here’s Your Top 10, Singapore [INFOGRAPHIC] 8. Who Needs PCs? Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos Opt For the Mobile Web [INFOGRAPHIC] 9. Social and Mobile, This is How India Enjoys the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC] 10. The Ubiquity of Social Media and E-Commerce in China [INFOGRAPHIC] PARTNERSfile:///Users/apple/Desktop/Alex%20Chen,%20CEO%20&%20Founder%20…es%20His%20Expansion%20Plan%20%7C%20Tech%20in%20Asia.webarchive 頁面 4∕5
  5. 5. Alex Chen, CEO & Founder of EZTable, Shares His Expansion Plan | Tech in Asia 2012/3/9 下午6:31 Near Me Refresh Get your Chalkboard TECH IN ASIA LATEST POSTS SUBSCRIBE ASIA WEB Japanese Game Publisher Konami Joins Zynga as a Platform Partner 43k 416 BUSINESS STARTUPS 6 CREATIVE MOBILE Renren’s Group Buy Site Nuomi Lost $9.6 Million Like Tweet Last Quarter VIDEO SOCIAL MEDIA China’s Biggest Pinterest Clone Hints at Tie-Up Enter your email: E-COMMERCE GADGETS With Alibaba’s eTao SIGN UP! Capcom Bringing it in Browsers: Onimusha Soul Coming this Summer Nokia’s SEC Filing Reveals Phone Sales Down 20% in China in 2011 © 2012 TECH IN ASIA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. HOME ABOUT STARTUP SUBMIT CREATIVE SUBMIT ADVERTISE TECH JOBS FEEDBACK CONTACTfile:///Users/apple/Desktop/Alex%20Chen,%20CEO%20&%20Founder%20…es%20His%20Expansion%20Plan%20%7C%20Tech%20in%20Asia.webarchive 頁面 5∕5