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Grow With Manufacturing Factoring


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Get the working capital you need to grow with accounts receivable factoring for manufacturing firms. Thanks to fast funding through manufacturing factoring, you’ll have the cash to purchase materials and supplies, cover payroll, take on new clients and stay on top of your business expenses. Manufacturing factoring is a debt free funding method that provides a stable source of cash flow. Request a free online quote at today.

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Grow With Manufacturing Factoring

  1. 1.  Manufacturers can be hit with the challenge of covering high costs when cash flow becomes short. Customers who haven’t paid can make it difficult to pay your workers; new materials & equipment become hard to buy or refurbish; and expansion into new markets is tough because there isn’t enough cash to take on or reach new customers.
  2. 2.  Manufacturing companies rely on factoring to get the cash they need in times of financial trouble, without the debt of taking out a loan. With invoice factoring, a manufacturing facility sells their outstanding invoices and gets the cash from a factor company. There are no strings attached with invoice factoring – no long term commitments or restrictions on how you use the funds.
  3. 3.  The manufacturing factoring process is easy. It only requires a few steps and minimal documentation. 1. First, complete the application. 2. Then send the factor an accounts receivable aging report. 3. Forward a customer list with credit limit request. 4. Review and approve the factoring discount rates and advance rates. 5. Send in the invoices you’d like to factor. 6. Your company receives up to 90% of the invoice value. 7. The factor holds onto a small reserve until customer repayment. 8. You receive the reserve amount upon repayment & the factor subtracts their small fee.
  4. 4.  The advantages you get from manufacturing factoring are many. Some of them include: No more waiting long periods for customer payments Replace machinery & equipment Achieve your business objectives Pay your employees Cover expenses & pay off debt Restock inventory Obtain new clients
  5. 5.  Once the factoring company receives your materials, they can establish your company’s account within 2-5 business days and fund you in as little as 24 hours. With manufacturing factoring rates starting at .69% and 1.59%, you can get the funding you need without the pitfalls of debt. Get more information about factoring for manufacturing companies and begin the process today. Call 1-855-EZ- FACTOR or visit online & request a quote at