Speakers - 10 reasons why Presentations are going to make it big in 2009


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This is the second of 10 “Why Presentations are going to make it big in 2009” slideshows. After upcoming books, it is time to speak about already famous speakers. I selected 10 speakers that are improving presentation skills around the world. They plead in favor of simplicity, emotion, storytelling or better design. They all are excellent presenters themselves and I would like to listen to everyone of them in real life.

This selection is certainly not exhaustive and I would like to hear your ideas in the comment section. Nonetheless it shows that there will be a lot of amazing people advocating better presentation in 2009, which is great!

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Speakers - 10 reasons why Presentations are going to make it big in 2009

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  2. 10 speakers who are changing the presentation world
  3. Guy Kawasaki “... I pitch therefore I am...”
  4. Nancy Duarte “... produce ideas not slides...”
  5. Terri Sjodin “... PowerPoint is not necessary the enemy, but the way people typically execute from PowerPoint is...”
  6. Seth Godin “... we are living in a century of idea diffusion....”
  7. David S. Rose “... you got to grab their emotional attention within the first few seconds...”
  8. Philip Collins “... a speech seems like a monologue, but actually it is a stage dialog...”
  9. Patricia Fripp “...people don’t remember what you say, but the story that is created in their mind...”
  10. J. Douglas Jefferys “... learn to stop talking...”
  11. Don McMillan “... we are killing people with this kind of stuff... ”
  12. Garr Reynolds “... we are presenting to human beings after all...”
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