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Wagner and King Ludwig


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Wagner and King Ludwig

  1. 1. Wagner and the King Ainee Jeong
  2. 2. King Ludwig aka…• Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm• King Ludwig II of Bavaria• “Mad King Ludwig”• “The Swan King”
  3. 3. A Little About Ludwig• Born in 1845• Died in 1886• Reigned from 1864 - 1886• Preceded by father Maximilian II• Succeeded by younger
  4. 4. Early Exposition to Wagner’s Work • 13 years old: Former governess writes to him describing a performance of Wagner’s Lohengrin.
  5. 5. Meanwhile, Wagner…• Had an enormous debt that had been built up since the failure of his opera Das Liebesverbot in the early 1830s.• Had to move around to escape creditors.• Became involved in a German nationalist movement.• Had both successes and failures with his various
  6. 6. “Will such a prince be found?”• 1863: Wagner publishes the poem of Der Ring des Nibelungen, which included a preface that called for a “princely patron.”• March 1864: Ludwig II assumes the throne after his father’s death.
  7. 7. King Ludwig,Prince Charming • Ludwig immediately paid off all of Wagner’s debts. • Provided Wagner with a villa on Lake Starnberg and then with a house in Munich.
  8. 8. Ludwig:A RockyRelationshipWagner tookfull advantageof KingLudwig’spatronage andfinancialsupport.King Ludwigdemanded
  9. 9. The “Honeymoon” Phase• Wagner became King Ludwig’s constant companion and confidante.• Wagner was so cherished by King Ludwig, that the king began to neglect his political responsibilities.• For some time, Wagner gained the reputation of being
  10. 10. Disagreements and The WAGNER LUDWIG Ring• Wanted a large, • Wanted a grand theater temporary in Munich. theater in the• Wanted to country. produce • Became set on Meistersinger Bayreuth for and The Ring in Munich. theater specifically for• Wanted
  11. 11. Political Issues LUDWIG WAGNER• Detachment • Scandal from arouse political because of power affair with brought Cosima von about Bülow, changes in putting him
  12. 12. The (kind of) “Break-up” to• In 1865, King Ludwig forced send Wagner away; Wagner banished from Bavaria to Switzerland.• Spent 7 years in Switzerland and finished Die Meistersinger (1867), Siegfried (1871), and Die GÖtterdämmerung (1872) there.• King Ludwig and Wagner continued to keep in contact
  13. 13. The “Make-up”• 1872: Wagner returned to Bavaria carry out his dream of the Bayreuth Festspielhaus.• 1873: with financial help from King Ludwig, the theater was finished.• 1876: first Bayreuth Festival
  14. 14. A Rollercoaster Until the End• King Ludwig and Wagner had one last disagreement over a performance of the prelude of• However, in Ludwig was Parsifal King devastated by Wagner’s death in late 1880, 1883,did not and and ordered that each piano in