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Ideas to Simplify JD Edwards Integration


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Integration with Oracle® JD Edwards can be time consuming, expensive, and disruptive to business and IT operations - especially if you are using an unsupported version. See out-of-the-box tools and best practices to simplify your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World projects.

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Ideas to Simplify JD Edwards Integration

  1. 1. Ideas to Simplify JD Edwards Integration What You’ll Learn: • Risk of unsupported versions of EnterpriseOne and World • Key challenges facing JD Edwards Integration • Best practices for new integration projects • Integration adapter use and impact
  2. 2. *Source: IT Jungle, 2/14/2013: “End of Tech Support Looms for JD Edwards Shops” Did you Know…? 30% of JD Edwards customers are using an unsupported version* 1/3
  3. 3. Key Projects Affected by Unsupported Systems: Application replacements & upgrades Platform migration Partner on-boarding
  4. 4. Key JD Edwards Integration Challenges: 1) Custom or legacy solutions too slow 2) No re-use of project templates
  5. 5. Key JD Edwards Integration Challenges: 3) Little flexibility to handle additional requirements (ex. Supporting non-EDI) 4) Lack of awareness of integration best practices
  6. 6. Simplify JD Edwards Integration Use pre-built templates to create customizable integrations with customers, vendors, and other business partners.
  7. 7. Simplify JD Edwards Integration Reduce processing errors and cycle time by automating the interchange and processing of electronic transactions.
  8. 8. Simplify JD Edwards Integration Reduce integration errors and project risk by exploiting built-in best practices.
  9. 9. To Simplify JD Edwards Integration: Don’t Need Must Have
  10. 10. Solution: Integration Adapter for JD Edwards • Document schemas for required JD Edwards tables and document types • Data transformation maps for inbound and outbound transactions • Preconfigured data sources, data bindings, and database adapters • Complete business processes for included inbound and outbound integrations
  11. 11. EXTOL Application Integrator (EAI) for JD Edwards A package of customizable integration templates – At runtime, integrations based on the templates automate data processing and interchange between external trading partners and your Oracle JD Edwards system EAI for JDE Integration Platform
  12. 12. Workflow Example: EAI for JD Edwards * * * *Learn more about the EXTOL Business Integrator at:
  13. 13. EAI for JD Edwards + EXTOL Business Integrator Cuts 50% off project time for data migration and trading partner onboarding 1/2
  14. 14. EXTOL Application Integrator (EAI) for JD Edwards Learn More About EAI for JDE: • Faster JD Edwards migration projects • Out-of-the box JD Edwards integrations • EDI and non-EDI integration support Presented by EXTOL International: the EDI & End-to-End Integration Company |