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EDI Modernization for JD Edwards: Anatomy of an Integration Project


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While no business welcomes application replacement and upgrade pressures, the approaching end-of-life for older JD Edwards versions presents a rare opportunity to improve Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) productivity and automation levels at the same time.

In this presentation on EDI modernization for JD Edwards, we will focus on EDI implementation processes, methods, and best practices, including real-world JD Edwards project case studies.

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EDI Modernization for JD Edwards: Anatomy of an Integration Project

  1. 1. 2015 EDI  Moderniza.on  for  JD  Edwards:   Anatomy  of  an  Implementa.on  Project   Jim  O’Leary  /  Ali  Jenan  
  2. 2. 2015 Background:  EDI  Moderniza.on  Drivers   •  Lost  revenue  due  to  missing  partner  integra1on  capabili1es  or   poor  scorecard  ra1ngs   •  High  error  rates  in  order  processing,  excep1on  handling,  and   shipping   •  Outages,  processing  backlogs,  or  poor  visibility  that  jeopardizes   compliance  with  trading  partner  service  level  agreements   •  Slow  onboarding  /  high  cost  of  new  partners  and  partner  changes   •  Moun1ng  costs  for  licensing,  maintaining,  and  using  mul1ple   integra1on  solu1ons   •  PlaDorm  migra1on,  applica1on  replacement,  or  upgrade  that   necessitates  EDI  integra1on  changes  
  3. 3. 2015 EDI  Moderniza.on  Payback   Broader  EDI  Capabili1es   Faster  Time  to  Value   Lower  Error  Rate   Improved  SLA  Visibility   Lower  Onboarding  Cost   Reduced  Project  Risk   SoOware  /  service  consolida1on   Lower  TCO   Migra1on  Effort  
  4. 4. 2015 Profile:  EXTOL  Interna.onal   •  Provider  of  business  integra1on  soOware  and  services  since  1989   •  800  Customers  in  Transporta1on,  Logis1cs,  Distribu1on,  CPG,  Food,   Apparel,  Industrial  Manufacturing,  Health  Care,  Pharmaceu1cals   •  How  we’re  different:     –  One  solu1on  for  all  integra1on  needs   –  Faster,  simpler  implementa1on  and  opera1ons  without  sacrificing  power   –  Unmatched  customer  service  and  support   4  
  5. 5. 2015 EDI  Implementa.on  for  JD  Edwards  Systems   5   Deploy   Design-­‐1me   Configured     EDI  Processes   Q:  What  are  some  key   success  factors  for  EDI   implementa?on  projects   that  apply  to  JD  Edwards   EnterpriseOne  and   World?   EDI  /  B2B   Middlware   or  Service   JD  Edwards   EnterpriseOne  /   World   Inbound   EDI   Doc   Outbound   EDI   Doc   Transports:    AS2,  S/FTP/S,  VAN,  etc.   Suppliers  /  Service  Providers  Customers   External  Loca8ons,  Partners,  and  Services   Run1me   Other  Applica1ons   Other  Data       Oracle,  DB2,     MS  SQL  Server     JDE  F47   F55-­‐F59         Cloud  Applica8ons  &  Services   HTTP   File   /  DB   JD  Edwards  Data  Interface    for  Electronic  Data  Interchange   Service   /  API  
  6. 6. 2015 Five  Keys  to  EDI  Project  Success   1.  Understand  the  business  domain   •  Project  goals  and  success  metrics   •  Trading  partner  requirements   •  Business  process  context  and  data  flows   •  EDI  transac1on  purpose,  structure,  seman1cs   2.  Understand  the  technology  domain   •  EDI  mapping  fundamentals   •  Partner  endpoint  connec1on  types   •  Applica1on  and  data  interfaces   •  Available  middleware  services   3.  Define  a  reuse  strategy   •  Decide  what  to  reuse,  and  at  what  level(s)   •  Use  pre-­‐built  templates,  when  available   •  Apply  automa1on  to  speed  and  enforce  reuse   4.  Get  business  buy-­‐in  on  project  plan  and  organiza1on   5.  Align  implementa1on  methods  with  reuse  strategy   6  
  7. 7. 2015 Order-­‐to-­‐Invoice  Project   Oracle  /  JDE   EnterpriseOne   /  World   Oracle,  DB2,     MS  SQL  Server             F47   F55-­‐F59   AS2,  FTP,  VAN,     other  transport   Trading  Partners   Other  Integra1on  Template   Outbound  Invoice  Template   Outbound  Ship  No1ce  Template   Inbound  Order  Change  Template   Inbound  EDI   Route   Set  Route  Parameters   EDI  to  JDE   Map   Target  Adapter   Inbound  EDI  Business  Process  Receive  EDI  Process   Receive  EDI  Service   Monitor  /  Adapter   Inbound  Sales  Order  Template   Trading   Partner   EDI  Message   Schema    JDE  Target   Schema   Produc.vity   Error  Rate  /  Time   Decide  What  to  Reuse,  and  at  What  Level(s)   EDI  process  /  project  level   Transac.on  level   Object  level  
  8. 8. 2015 Use  Pre-­‐built  Templates,  When  Available   EDI  Transac8on   JD  Edwards  Target  Tables   850  Purchase  Order     F47011  /  F47012  /  F4717  /  F4715  /  F4706   810  Invoice     F47041  /  F47042  /  F47044  /  F4706   860  Purchase  Order  Change     F47131  /  F47132  /  F4706   820  Payment  Order     F47111  /  F47112  /  F47113  /  F47114   945  Warehouse  Shipping  Advice     F47131  /  F47132   867  Product  Transfer  &  Resale     F47011  /  F47012  /  F4714  /  F4715  /  F4706   823  Lockbox     F47111  /  F47112  /  F47113  /  F47114   856  Advance  Ship  No8ce  (S-­‐O-­‐P-­‐I)   F47031  /  F47032  /  F4706  /  F4714   856  Advance  Ship  No8ce  (S-­‐O-­‐T-­‐P-­‐I)   F47031  /  F47032  /  F4706  /  F4714   EDI  Transac8on   JD  Edwards  Source  Tables   810  Invoice     F47046  /  F47047  /  F470461  /  F4706  /  F4714   856  Advance  Ship  No8ce  S-­‐O-­‐I   F47036  /  F470371  /  F4706   856  Advance  Ship  No8ce  S-­‐O-­‐I-­‐P   F47036  /  F470371  /  F4706   856  Advance  Ship  No8ce  S-­‐O-­‐P-­‐I   F47036  /  F470371  /  F4706   856  Advance  Ship  No8ce  S-­‐O-­‐T-­‐P-­‐I   F47036  /  F470371  /  F4706   855  PO  Acknowledgement     F47026  /  F47027  /  F4714   940  Warehouse  Shipping  Order     F47026  /  F47027   850  Purchase  Order     F47016  /  F47017  /  F47065  /  F4714  /  F4715   Inbound  Integra1ons  (EDI  to  JD  Edwards):     Outbound  Integra1ons  (JD  Edwards  to  EDI):    
  9. 9. 2015 Templates  Propagate  Best  Prac.ces   JDE  Metadata  and  Mapping  Best  Prac8ces:   •  Externalized  data  lookups   –  Example:  Address  Book  Master,  Who’s  Who,  and  Item  Cross  Reference   •  Globaliza1on  of  dic1onary-­‐driven  and  schema-­‐driven  ajributes   –  Example:  JD  Edwards  implied  decimal  fields   •  Extended  data  staging  with  F55  /  F57  tables   –  Example:  Transac1on  turn-­‐around  data   EDI  Process  Automa8on  Best  Prac8ces:   •  Excep1on  trapping  in  all  EDI  processes   •  Centralized  and  standardized  error  no1fica1ons   Project  Management  Best  Prac8ces:   •  Consistent  object  naming  conven1ons   •  Standardized  project  organiza1on  of  integra1on  objects   Middleware  Services  Best  Prac8ces:   •  Centralized  configura1on  and  management  of  endpoint  integra1on,   data  movement,  logging,  monitoring,  and  other  shared  func1ons   9  
  10. 10. 2015 +3.5%  0%   No  Reuse   -­‐75%   Manual  Reuse   without     Pre-­‐built   Objects   +60%   Automated  Reuse   with     EDI  Process  /   Project  Templates   Manual  Reuse  with   Pre-­‐built     Maps  /   Integra1ons  /   Transac1on  Sets   Apply  Automa.on  to  Speed  and  Enforce  Reuse   +                   Time   Savings                 -­‐  
  11. 11. 2015 PuTng  it  All  Together   Design-­‐1me   Configured   Integra?on   Objects   Repository   Reuse   Templates   Automa?on    Generate   Project   Templates    Reuse   EXTOL     Applica.on  Integrator   for  JD  Edwards   •  Configured  EDI  integra?on  processes   •  Configured  communica?on  adapters   •  Configured  JDE  database  adapter   •  EDI  and  JDE  document  schemas   •  Customizable  data  transforma?on  maps   •  Configured  external  data  lookups   •  No?fica?on  and  excep?on  processes   EBI  Studio   Project   Generator   Modelers   /  Editors   Change   Management   Best   Prac?ces    Reuse  
  12. 12. 2015 Anatomy  of  a  JD  Edwards   Integra.on  Project  
  13. 13. 2015 Gather  /  Plan   Design  /  Implement   Monitor  /  Manage   Change  /  Maintain   "  Provision  new  partners   "  Configure  new  transac8ons   "  Upgrade  document  versions   "  Upgrade  app  /  data  interfaces   "  Maintain  pla^orm,  middleware   "  Monitor  ac8vity   "  Handle  excep8ons   "  Manage  service  levels   "  Report  results   "  Archive  /  purge  logs   "  Provision  partner        connec8ons   "  Map  transac8on  data   "  Integrate  with  enterprise        applica8ons  and  data   "  Test  /  deploy   "  Manage  go-­‐live   "  Gather  TP  specs  /  data   "  Analyze  requirements   "  Size  environment   "  Configure        EDI  infrastructure   "  Plan,  schedule,  and  staff        EDI  implementa8on     EDI  Integra.on  Project  Lifecycle  
  14. 14. 2015 Gathering   Planning   Designing   Building   Tes1ng   Deploying   Maintaining   Project  Time  Line   Copyright © 2012 EXTOL International, Inc. TP  Specs   Test  Data   Data  Analysis   Maint  Plan   Hardware  Spec   Test  Plan   Deployment  Plan   Integra1on  Templates   Test   Repository   Project   Archive   Deployment   Schedule   Deployment   Repository   Time   Tasks   Configured  Objects  
  15. 15. 2015 Base  Configura.ons  –  EDI     EDI  Base  Configura1on   Deployment  of  EDI  Base  Configura1on  
  16. 16. 2015 Project   Generator   Customize   •  Partner-­‐specific   map  changes   Test   •  Connec1ons   •  Diff  outputs   •  Other   Partner  A  Project   Partner  B  Project   Project( Packages( (e.g.(Inbound(Orders,( Outbound(Invoices)( Business( Processes( Adapters( Ac<va<ons( Data( Transforma<ons( Source(/(Target( Doc(Schemas( EDI(Routes( Other( (SQL(Ac<ons,(Local(/( Global(Variables,(etc.)( Shared(Objects( …   Partner  Z  Project   Deployable   Projects   Generate  Mul8ple  Projects   From  Partner  Profiles   Generate  Mul8ple  Projects   From  Sample  EDI  Data   Interchange  1   Interchange  2   Interchange  3   Interchange  n   Generate  Single  Project   From  Customiza8on  Prompt   Project   Repository   Template  project   Templates) • )Projects) • )Integra2ons) • )Objects) Projects   Project(–(Zenith( Project(–(Pinnacle( Project(–(Acme(( • Integra0on(–(Inbound(Sales(Orders( •  Partner(/(Applica3on(Endpoints( •  Standards(/(Document(Schemas( •  Data(Transforma3on(Maps( •  Applica3on(/(Data(/(Service(Adapters( •  Business(Processes( •  Monitors,(Events,(Schedules( •  etc.( • Integra0on(–(Inbound(Order(Changes( •  [configured(objects]…( • Integra0on(–(Outbound(Shipment(No0ces( •  [configured(objects]…( • Integra0on(–(Outbound(Invoices( •  [configured(objects]…( Project  Generator   Use  Cases:   •  Rapid  migra1on  from  legacy   EDI  systems   •  Rapid  onboarding  of  new   partners   •  Rapid  change  propaga1on  
  17. 17. 2015 Case  Study:  Interna.onal  Distributor   •  Distribu1on  and  sourcing  to  food  service,  grocery,  cleaning   service,  healthcare,  other  businesses   •  Targeted  business  problem(s)   –  One-­‐off  Division  using  JDE  rather  than  corporate  AS400  backend  ERP   –  Implementa?on  of  US  and  Mexico  processes  for  one  Trading  Partner   •  New  solu?on  for  this  Division   •  Key  requirements   –  EDI  transac1on  sets  /  transports:   •  Inbound  850  (FTP)   •  Inbound  860  (email)   •  Outbound  810,  855,  856,  865  (FTP)  
  18. 18. 2015 Case  Study:  Interna.onal  Distributor   •  Project   –  Pain  points   •  US  and  Mexico  divisions  do  not  use  all  of  the  same  documents   •  Internal  processes  not  clearly  defined  in  JDE   –  Implementa?on   •  Lack  of  clear  direc?on  from  corporate  project  management   –  Mul?ple  vendors  (i.e.  EXTOL  &  JDE  Consul?ng  Firm)  led  to  work  through  implementa?on  with  this   Division  and  with  Trading  Partner  yet  business  rules  needed  to  be  reviewed   •  Implementa?on  did  not  u?lize  EXTOL  Applica?on  Integrator  for  JDE,  since  project   incep?on  occurred  prior  to  product  availability   •  US  &  Mexico  differences  (i.e.  City/State  and  Unit  of  Measures)   –  Go-­‐live   •  Error  alerts   –  Email  alerts  to  corporate  IT  staff   –  Need  EXTOL  EBI  knowledge  and  JDE  knowledge  to  resolve  issues   •  EXTOL  Managed  Services   –  Customer  eventually  signed  EXTOL  Managed  Services  contract  for  daily  system  check,  error  resolu?on,   and  development  changes  
  19. 19. 2015 Case  Study:  Specialty  Foods  Manufacturer   •  Interna1onal  manufacturer  of  cereal,  pasta,  sauces,  oils,   condiments  and  other  specialty  foods   •  Targeted  business  problem   –  Phase  1:  Integra1on  with  3PL  partner   –  Phase  2:  Integra1on  with  Transporta1on  partner   •  New  solu?on  for  each  phase  of  this  project   •  Key  requirements   –  EDI  X12  transac1on  sets  /  transports  (phase  1):   •  Inbound  944,  945,  846,  810  (AS2)   •  Outbound  943,  940,  947  (AS2)   –  EDI  EDIFACT  transac1on  sets  /  transports  (phase  2):   •  Outbound  customer  ORDERS   •  Inbound  shipment  confirma1on  DESADV   –  Future  non-­‐JDE  applica1on  data  transforma1on  requirements  
  20. 20. 2015 Case  Study:  Specialty  Foods  Manufacturer   •  Project   –  Pain  points   •  Phase  1  –  Manual  processing   •  Phase  2  –  New  business  with  European  3PL   –  Implementa?on   •  Lack  of  clear  direc?on  from  corporate  project  management   –  Mul?ple  vendors  (i.e.  EXTOL,  JDE  Consul?ng  Firms  &  3PL)   –  EXTOL  Applica?on  Integrator  for  JDE  used  for  both  phase  1  &  2   •  X12  &  EDIFACT  maps   –  JDE  X12  EDI  templates  modified  for  EDIFACT   –  Able  to  swap  Target  Schema  and  modify  Ruleset  (map)  quickly   –  Go-­‐live   •  EXTOL  Managed  Services   –  Customer  signed  EXTOL  Managed  Services  contract  for  daily  system  check,  error  resolu?on,  and   development  changes;  this  was  done  at  the  beginning  of  the  project  
  21. 21. 2015  Thoughts   Recommenda8ons   •  Get  business  buy-­‐in  on  project  plan   and  organiza1on   •  Designate  a  project  owner  who  is   accountable  for  project  success   •  Align  implementa1on  methods  with   reuse  strategy   •  Exploit  reuse  at  the  highest  possible   level   •  Use  pre-­‐built  templates,  when   available   •  Apply  automated  reuse  to  speed   results  and  reduce  errors   Benefits   Ø  Set  clear  project  goals,   expecta1ons,  and  metrics   Ø  Streamline  communica1on  and   decision-­‐making   Ø  Enforce  consistent  quality  and   maintainability   Ø  Reduce  implementa1on  errors   Lower  project  risk   Ø  Exploit  proven  best  prac1ces   Reduce  tes1ng  1me   Ø  Shorten  1me  to  value   Enforce  consistent  quality   21  
  22. 22. 2015 Ques.ons?   Contact:   Website:     Email:     Phone:  +1  (570)  628-­‐5500   22   I N T E R N A T I O N A L