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Sfdc cli Introduce


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sfdc-cli is a sfdc development kit.
- Work with vscode
- salesforce metadata CURD
- package.xml builder
- apex code builder
- call rest api
- ant migration tools
- download salesforce attachment

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Sfdc cli Introduce

  1. 1. sfdc-cli a sfdc development kit. Author: ExiaHuang
  2. 2. Introduce ● sfdc-cli is a sfdc development kit. ● base on python3 ● It is licensed under the `Apache License 2.0`. ● It is the command line app of exiahuang/SalesforceXyTools. ● Integrate with exiahuang/xysfdx, and run in vscode. ● Github:
  3. 3. Install install from pip pip3 install sfdc-cli install from git git clone python3 install
  4. 4. Usage print help $ sfdc --help create project $ sfdc project:init -d project/sfdc-project1 -u username -p password -t security_token -s src -v api_version
  5. 5. init apex/trigger/page/component
  6. 6. sfdc server metadata CURD
  7. 7. build package.xml
  8. 8. work with sobject and soql
  9. 9. call rest api
  10. 10. code creator
  11. 11. Integrate with ant migration sfdc ant:migration:tool sfdc ant:migration:tool -p $project-directory
  12. 12. download salesforce attachment download salesforce attachment(ContentVersion): - max limit size: 2000 - default filename template: `{Id}_{Title}_v{VersionNumber}.{FileExtension}`
  13. 13. Work with Vscode ● install xysfdc ● make sure “xytools” option in xysfdx.optionFeatures