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My tools for sfdc developer


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SalesforceXyTools For Sublime
SalesforceXyTools For Chrome

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My tools for sfdc developer

  1. 1. My Tools For SFDC Developer Exiahuang
  2. 2. xysfdx xysfdx is a Rapid development tool for Salesforce SFDX Development. Support Docker, WSL, Dataloader! Metadata diff with server, retrieve standard sobject. ● GitHub: ● Visual Stuido Market: ● Document:
  3. 3. xysfdx
  4. 4. Dataloader exiahuang/dataloader Features ● Need ant and java ● Support Windows/WSL/Linux/Mac. ● Dataloader version: 40.0.0~47.0.0 ● Support Export/ExportAll/Insert/Update/Upsert/Delete ● Not need to install dataloader, auto download. ● Integrated with exiahuang/xysfdx for vscode
  5. 5. sfdc-cli sfdc-cli is a sfdc development kit. ● Github: ● Slideshare: example: 1. download salesforce attachment : sfdc download:attachment --savedir ./download --limit 2000 2. export sobject as xlsx file : sfdc sobject:export:xlsx -s log/sobject.xlsx 3. list sobject : sfdc sobject:list > log/ 4. describe fields: sfdc sobject:fields:desc -s $sobject_name
  6. 6. SalesforceXyTools For Sublime A Rapid development tools for Salesforce Development. ● Github: ● Sublime Package Control: ● Document: ● PDF Doc:
  7. 7. SalesforceXyTools For Sublime ● Create Salesforce Project, Retrieve Metadata, Search Metadata ● Create ApexClass, ApexTrigger, ApexComponent, Refresh, Diff with Server(Support winmerge diff), Save to Server, Deploy to Server ● SObject Viewer, SObject Description, Export SOjbect Fields to Excel ● Run SOQL Query, Tooling Query, Apex Script. ● Code Creator : Auto Create Apex Test Class Code, Auto Create Test Data For Apex Test Class. ● SFDC Dataviewer, SFDC Online Dataviewer. ● Atuo Login SFDC (two login type: oauth2 , password config). ● Quick local sfdc file from sublime. ● Quick Search SObject Data/SObject Setting/ApexClass/Trigger/VisualForce Page/VisualForce Components/Email Template/Static Resource and open on browser Quickly ● Package.xml Builder. ● Build Release Package. ● Integrate Sfdc Dataloader, Config DataLoader and Run (Need Ant and Java Environment) Set your schedule, backup your sfdc data. ● Integrate Sfdc Migration Tool (Need Ant and Java Environment) ● Auto Backup all metadata script(Set your schedule, backup your sfdc metadata.).
  8. 8. SalesforceXyTools For Sublime
  9. 9. SalesforceXytools For Chrome Quickly Search For Sobject Run Rest Query Run JSForce Script ● Document: ● Chrome Store:
  10. 10. SalesforceXytools For Chrome
  11. 11. lightning-ui Lightning-UI is base on bootstrap3.3 and SLDS(salesforce). ● Github: ● LightningUI Style Example: ● SLDS Style Example:
  12. 12. Lighting UI
  13. 13. Lightning-UI
  14. 14. xycode Change the command as a Vscode Plugin! Not need any program. a lightweight and fast command executor for vscode. Support Docker/WSL/Heroku Develop. Support SFDX/dotnet core/go/c/python/node/vue/hexo/Jekyll...etc ● Github: ● Visual Stuido Market: ● Document:
  15. 15. Use xycode to run jekyll
  16. 16. 汉英英汉词典 for vscode ● Github: ● Visual Stuido Market: