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EWIL: preparation of the final report


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Preparation of the final report for EWIL project

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EWIL: preparation of the final report

  1. 1. European Women Interactive Learning GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnership Centre de Conservation du Livre Arles - February 2012 Preparation of the final report
  2. 2. 1) THE MAIN PARTS OF THE FINAL REPORT The main parts of the final report for a Grundtvig Learning Partnership are: 1) THE PROJECT DESCRIPTIVE FINAL REPORT (pdf editable file, to be submitted online + sent to national agencies in hard copy) 2) THE EST – EUROPEAN SHARED TREASURE (online database) 3) THE REQUEST FOR FINAL PAYMENT to be sent to national agencies in hard copy  spaces.
  3. 3. 2) THE DESCRIPTIVE REPORT – a) THE PROJECT DESCRIPTIVE FINAL REPORT: 1) SOME PARTS WHO CAN BE JOINTLY WRITTEN (PART A): - Summary (E.1) - Project outcomes (E.2) - European Added Value (E.3) - Partnership Objectives achievement (E.4) - Key Competencies (E.5 – choice list+justification) - Horizontal issues (E.6 - choice list+ justification) - Workplan and tasks (E.7 – highlighing differences with what was planned) - Communication and co – operation (E.8) 1) - spaces. Evaluation (E.10.1; E.10.2; E.10.3)
  4. 4. 2) THE DESCRIPTIVE REPORT – b) THE PROJECT DESCRIPTIVE FINAL REPORT: 1) SOME PARTS WHO HAS TO BE WRITTEN BY EACH PARTNER (PART B): - Participants data (F.1) - Partnership activities (F.2) - Impact on the partner organisations (F.3 – staff / learners / organisation / local community) - Dissemination activities (F.4) - Sustainability – exploitability of results by others (F.5) - Mobility participations (F.6 meeting reports are very useful!) 1) - spaces. Problems / Additional comments on lessons learned (G.1 and G.2)
  5. 5. 3 All material produced during the project must be uploaded on the EST – European Shared Treasure: 1) IT IS IMPORTANT TO IDENTIFY AND COLLECT ALL THAT CAN BE UPLOADED AS A PROOF OF THE PROJECT ACTIVITIES - Meeting reports and presentations - Other reports and documents - The website - The questionnaire… 2) ALL CONTRIBUTIONS HAVE TO BE UPLOADED AND DESCRIBED  see example 3) PARTNERS CAN ALREADY START COLLECTING THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS!
  6. 6. 4) THE FINANCIAL REQUEST MODEL A simple payment request 1) WITH THE PARTNERS’ ORGANISATION CONTACT DETAILS 2) WITH THE PARTNERS’ ORGANISATION BANK DETAILS 3) DULY SIGNED BY THE LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE Note: partners must keep proof of: - Their participation to the meeting (attendance certificates) - Their travels (boarding passes, tickets etc) - Other expenses (restaurants bills, internat transports etc.) But none of these has to be attached to the final report or uploaded on the EST