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EVSI Speaks - January 2012


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The first EV Services, Inc. newsletter.

Published in: Career, Business, News & Politics
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EVSI Speaks - January 2012

  1. 1. EVSI Speaks!Editor-in-Chief: Diandra Lamas Creative Director: Jaclyn Casal From the Corner President Speaks at Women’s Office Summit - Growing a Business Esther Monzon-Aguirre, President, women-owned firms applying for contracts Dear Friends, EVSI was privileged to speak at this year’s in the public and private sectors. For those Women’s Success Summit. The Women’s looking to get started but not sure how, It is with great pleasure Success Summit is Miami’s largest 2-day EVSI provides services that help businesses that the team at EV Ser- business conference for women. Hosted by register as a vendor, as well as grant applica- Michelle Villalobos, business skills trainer, tions specific to each business. vices, Inc. (EVSI) shares with the conference provided women with advice As a woman business owner, Esther you our first edition of EVSI for developing their business and strategies used her insight to give suggestions and Speaks! Since we opened to improve growth. advice to the women present at the summit. shop over five years ago, At this year’s summit, Esther joined a Her experiences in business development, our company has experi- panel of speakers who spoke about “build- through both her own business and those ing scalability and growth.” As President of her clients businesses, make her a leader enced significant growth. It and Senior Project Manager at EVSI, Esther as an entrepreneur. is because of clients, col- shared tips on how small businesses can For more information on the Women’s leagues and friends, such as best position themselves in both public and Success Summit, please visit their website yourselves, that we are able private sectors. to share our successes with Although sometimes a daunting task, ensSuccessSummit/. If you’re interested Esther provided conference attendees with in growing your business, and would like as- you. In the past year alone, insight on how to navigate the vendor reg- sistance, you can find our resource sheet on we have more than doubled istration process associated with minority, our website at: our staff to a team of 20! This growth makes us especially proud because it comes at a time where daily reports fo- cus on the economic down- turn, the failure rate of small businesses and the lack of available jobs. Again, thank you for your support and friendship. We kick-off 2012 with many exciting things to report, and will continue to keep you updated with the monthly edition EVSI Speaks. May this year bring you con- tinued success and prosper- ity, from our office to yours. Sincerely, Photo by Event photographer Esther Monzon-Aguirre WOMEN’S SUCCESS SUMMIT Diandra Lamas, Sylvia Farina, Patricia Benavides of Ocean Bank and Esther Monzon-Aguirre step up at Women’s Success Summit IV.Issue 1 1 January, 2012
  2. 2. Moving S. FL: Trolleys & TrainsTrolleys nicipalities with trolley systems, the City of sisted the City in evaluating the impact of a There’s a growing trend in South Florida Miami hopes to encourage commuters to second trolley service, to be created in thetransportation – trolley’s. Since 2006, mu- use these trolleys instead of their cars to Allapattah / Overtown areas.nicipalities such as the City of Doral, Village promote easy transportation throughoutof Pal- Trainsmetto Bay, The South Floridathe City Regional Transporta-of Coral tion Authority (SFRTA),Gables and receives Federal fundingthe Town in order to operate itsof Miami Tri-County Tri-RailLakes, have System. The Authorityall opted has engaged the HNTBto pro- Corporation and EVSIvide their to assist in submittingcitizens ridership assessmentwith trolley to the Federal Govern-systems in order to travel to shopping cen- ment. In order to receive National Fund-ters, retail areas and local businesses. In June their business or residential areas. ing, SFRTA must complete an audit ofof 2011, the City of Miami began its efforts Through the use of in-person surveys its ridership on a yearly basis. For the lastto evaluate the impact of suggested trolley conducted by the EVSI Research Team the several months, the EVSI Research Teamroutes, and EVSI was engaged to assist in City will determine if local businesses and has provided staff and logistical supportthis effort. residents, along the proposed route, are in to HNTB in order to complete the Federal Following the success of other mu- support of a trolley system. EVSI also as- Audit for SFRTA.City of Doral takes steps EV Services, improve Design District (305) 728-7049 The City of Doral recently created the The Federal Government sent out www.EVServicesInc.comDoral Design District. requests for proposals that encourage Growth of the design district – an area municipalities to clean up sites within their Twitter: @EVServicesthat merchants and residents consider a boundaries which are considered brown-location with a high probability for com- fields. expansion – is part of the City’s Doral convened a Design District Taskcontinued efforts to grow and identify itself Force which identified an area used for a a business oriented area of Miami-Dade few years as a construction dumpsite. Based ev-services-incCounty. on this information, Doral approved a reso- As part of its effort to improve the De- lution identifying the location as a Brown-sign District, the City submitted its applica- field, making it officially eligible to apply fortion for a Brownfield grant from the Federal EPA grants.government. Along with City staff from the Plan- EVSI along with the planning team ning and Economic Development Depart-at C3TS were contracted by the City to ments, EVSI prepared the proposal to theprepare the grant proposal . Spearheading Federal Government. The City is awaiting athese efforts was our Director of Analytical response.Studies, Amanda Gorski. This clean up will allow the City to “Grants are a great way for cities to further improve the Design District arealeverage their resources and fund projects and continue to support the merchants into make bigger impacts on the lives of their this area.citizens and customers,” said Gorski.Issue 1 2 January, 2012
  3. 3. Growing Small Businesses, Together In a time where many members of our and state government officials in one are struggling, the Miami-Dade The focus is on small and local business About MDX for BusinessExpressway Authority (MDX) is making development in the community and learningstrides in its efforts to involve small and lo- the skills necessary to succeed in the trans- • In the last 2 years, MDX hascal businesses in its contracts and programs. portation industry. awarded over $48 million to certi-In addition to requiring small business This year marks a new and exciting pro- fied local businesses. Given theparticipation in its procurement process, the gram which began in January – the Miami challenges small businesses mustMDX Procurement Department also funds Dade College (MDC) Certificate in Entre- face, MDX remains involved in thea Small Business Outreach Program – MDX preneurship Program. community to create opportunitiesFor Business. The program recognizes The Entrepreneurship Program is part for small and minority businessneeds that the small companies have to of MDX’s partnership with MDC and growth.improve their business – such as technical allows 8 small business owners to earn 12and administrative certifications – come at a college credits. The course schedule and • Additionally, in 2011 MDX Pro-high cost. For that reason, MDX continues professor selection, developed by the MDC curement Manager Helen Corderoto provide trainings to the small and local College of Business and MDX, is meant was recognized as the S/M/WBEbusinesses either at a free or discounted to make the participants better prepared to Advocate of the Year for Miami-cost. handle day-to-day business operations. Dade County by the MDBA Busi- The EVSI staff is proud to assist MDX Graduates of the program will be ness Center. Congratulations!in its efforts to facilitate the outreach pro- spotlighted at the 9th Annual Small & Localgram including the Small & Local Business Business Enterprise Workshop scheduled For more information on the MDXWorkshop. The Workshop brings together for later this year. for Business program, visitminority businesses, corporations, federal Both Hands on the Wheel!Bill Advances Towards Law Against Texting & Driving In the 3 to 6 seconds it takes you to was passed unanimously at the meeting, andread this sentence, you could have traveled Senators Larcenia Bullard and Rene Garcia,the length of a football field in a moving of Miami-Dade County, both spoke in sup-vehicle. Looking down while driving can port of the bill.have deadly consequences, but in Floridatoday, there are no legal consequences. Thatmay be changing; in December, the Florida “Each year in the US, overSenate Transportation Committee took the 440,000 peop le are killed or injured byfirst steps to ban Texting and Driving with drivers.” distractedSenate Bill (SB) 416. If passed, Florida willjoin 39 other states who currently have ei- Learn more atther partial or full bans on cell phone usage www.textthel astword.comwhile driving. Sylvia Farina was present at the Trans-portation Committee meeting when SB416was passed, continuing the Firm’s supportof this initiative. SB416 addresses “nonvoice interper- n 15,000sonal communication,” which means text More tha e made the avmessaging, emailing or instant messaging. people h mi-Dade pledg e on Mia ority’sIt does not apply to phone calls made while way Auth ”driving. The intention is to reduce injury Express ord “Text th e Last Wor deaths caused by wireless communica- nb anner. Campaigtion use while driving a motor vehicle andimprove roadway safety. Sen. Nancy Detert, who representsparts of Charlotte, Manatee and Sarasotacounties, sponsored SB416. The legislationIssue 1 3 January, 2012
  4. 4. New Year! New Digs! New Faces! In February 2012, visit After 5 years of success thanks to the way of the International Visitors Leader- us at our new officesupport of our clients, EVSI is proud to an- ship Program, an agency of the US Statenounce – we’re moving! Our new office will Department. Because of her passion for 2150 Coral Way, 4th Floor,be located at 2150 Coral Way, 4th Floor. government, she continues to work with the Miami, FL 33145 “Moving offices isn’t the only change local division located in Coral Gables. happening for EVSI,” We are proud to add Andrew and Julissa said President Esther to our amazing team including: Sylvia Learn more about us at Monzon-Aguirre. Farina, Director of Policy and Governmen- “We’re fortunate tal Relations, Amanda Gorski, Director of to have added two Research and Analytical Studies, Diandra outstanding profession- Lamas, Communications & Special Projects Follow us on Twitter: als to our team. With Manager and Public Relations & Graphic them on board we will Design Interns Kathryn Pepin of Miami @EVServices be able to expand our Dade College and Jaclyn Casal of the Uni-services and continue to provide excellent versity of Miami. Like our Facebook page:customer service,” Esther said. Diandra has spent the last year The new faces of absorbing all elements of New Media, and vicesInc EVSI are Andrew alongside the communications and public Suarez, joining us as relations support staff, provides New Media Public Information services to our clients. Find us on LinkedIn: Manager, and Julissa Ri- Working alongside Diandra on strategy vera joining us as Public development and implementation of New company/ev-services-inc Information Officer. Media campaigns are Jaclyn and Kathryn. Andrew brings We’re looking forward to 2012 and to EVSI first hand delivering continued quality services to ourprofessional experience in entrepreneur- clients.ship in South Florida. Julissa came to us by Esther Monzon-Aguirre Amanda Gorski President Director of Research & EMonzonAguirre@ Analytical Studies AGorski@ Sylvia Farina Diandra Lamas Director of Policy & Communications & Governmental Affairs Special Projects Manager SFarina@ DLamas@ EVServicesInc.comIssue 1 4 January, 2012