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The Web of Things - Giving physical products a digital voice.


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The slides of a webinar I gave on element14 (, which gives a good introduction to the Web of Things and how it compares with the Internet of Things.

Also, I give a high-level, but technical, introduction to the EVRYTHNG Engine API and how to use it to build exciting applications to interact with physical products.

The Web of Things - Giving physical products a digital voice.

  1. 1. © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 Vlad Trifa, PhD Co-Founder, EVP Research & Development @Evrythng The Web of Things Giving physical products a digital voice © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  2. 2. About me § 2005 – MSc Computer Science @ EPFL § Artificial Intelligence, Bio-inspired computing, computational neuroscience, robotics § 2006 – Researcher @ UCLA, USA § Research project on automated bird songs detection § Coordination between biologists & engineers § 2007 – Researcher @ ATR, Japan § Sensory-motor coordination models for humanoid robots § 2010 – SENSEable City Lab @ MIT, US/Singapore § 2011 – PhD Computer Science @ ETH Zurich / SAP § Founder § Now – Co-founder/head of R&D @ EVRYTHNG © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  3. 3. The IoT – not quite there yet Smart cars Smart buildings Smart fridges Smart cities Smart energy Smart [insert buzzword here...] © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  4. 4. The Internet of Things Today § Mainly Distributed Sensing Applications (DSA) § Tedious process that requires many resources (skills, time, $$$) § Various functionalities, sensors, requirements § Incompatible protocols, standards, programming models, APIs, etc. § “Wheel reinvention” is common (hard-wired applications) Web Gateway base-station connected via storage serial line low-power radio protocols (ZigBee, etc.) analysis & processing Web page © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  5. 5. Problem Statement How to create an infrastructure for facilitating the development of real-time distributed applications on top of heterogeneous, mobile networked devices? © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  6. 6. The Web of Things Social Web Real-time Web Physical Web Web of Things1 Semantic Web Programmable Web 1 Web of Things community - © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  7. 7. The Web of Things The Internet connects things, the Web connects data & applications. Web of Things How applications connect with things How things connect to the internet Internet of Things § OSI Layer 7 + § REST, JSON § Social networks, semantics § Mashups § OSI Layer 4 – § EPC, IPv6lowpan, WiFi, Zigbee, BLE, etc. “Application architecture for physical objects” § D. Guinard, V. Trifa, E. Wilde, D. Raggett “Uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure” § Auto-ID Labs (K. Ashton, S. Sarma, F. Mattern) © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  8. 8. Web of Things: HTTP to bind them all! § Leverage Web architecture, standards and techniques § HTTP, HTML, XML, RSS, MIME, caching, authentication, etc. § TCP/IP & Web granted, Wi-Fi routers ubiquitous HTTP HTTP Web proprietary X10 Bluetooth IEEE802.15.4 DLNA HTTP Google APIs Gateway API Flickr API © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  9. 9. The Web of Things § HTTP: many advantages for larger DSAs § Flexible, § Loosely coupled, § Scalable, § Lightweight, § Standard… § Blends into existing Web infrastructure § Integrate real-world services and devices with the Web § Development of simple Web apps: cheaper & faster © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  10. 10. Web-enabled devices § Devices: Web resources § Accessible via URL § Uniform Interface § Verbs (GET, POST, etc.) § Codes (200 OK, … ) § Representations GET fire/alerts.rss § HTML: humans § JSON/XML/CSV: machines GET fridge/food.html PUT tv/channel/4 © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  11. 11. Pick one. © EVRYTHNG Limited | Confidential | 2013 @ConnectEvrythng 11
  12. 12. WHAT ABOUT “NON-CONNECTED” PRODUCTS? © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  13. 13. Real objects part of the real-time web You won’t need to hunt anxiously for your missing shoes in the morning, you’ll Google them. “ ” Things that are persist & discoverable online, query-able, permission aware, relationship aware & actuate-able via the Web. Source: Bruce Sterling, ‘Shaping Things’ © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  14. 14. EVRYTHNG’s Vision Every Thing Connected : Every physical object with an identity on the Web. The Web is the global application integration platform. © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  15. 15. EVRYTHNG makes products smart, interactive and trackable by connecting them to the Web. © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  16. 16. Company § Founded in 2011 by experienced technology entrepreneurs : Niall Murphy, Founder & CEO Andy Hobsbawm, Founder & CMO 20 years experience, serial tech entrepreneur, co-founder of WiFi operator The Cloud acquired by News Corp. 25 years experience, co-founder of Online Magic/ acquired by Omnicom, co-founder DoTheGreenThing. § Expert technology out of MIT & ETH Web of Things research : Dominique Guinard, PhD Co-Founder Vlad Trifa, PhD Co-Founder Computer scientist, ETH & MIT Lab for manufacturing, Nokia & SAP researcher, co-founder Computer scientist, MIT Senseable City Lab, SAP researcher, co-founder § Private equity & corporate investor backed : § Serving global enterprise customers : • UK & US bases of operation © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  17. 17. The Web of EVRYTHNG! Web Maintenance information Tech support API API API API History of ownership VIP Forum for owners Native/Web Mobile apps Native/Web Desktop apps A RESTful API for objects - even “dumb” ones © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  18. 18. Web of Things - Requirements To be on the Web, products need: § A unique, permanent URL with a secure RESTful API § A container for storing historical data about it § A semantic format for machine-readable metadata § Services to manage millions of objects & their real-time data § Supports “heavy” processing applications (analytics) § Connectors/entry points to 3rd party apps (ERP, etc.) These combined form an Active Digital Identity (ADI). Every object needs an ADI to speak Web. Tech infos: © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  19. 19. The “Smart Products” Stack © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  20. 20. Terminology & Resources EVRYTHNG Terminology : § Product = Product class (SKU) § THNG = Unique product instance (S#) § Metadata, Properties, Locations, … § App = Client application that talks to the engine and thngs/products § Action = A notification/event by a customer on a THNG or Product § User = Real or digital event by a customer on a THNG or Product § Short ID = crypto-secure URL for Thngs/ Products (for QRs, NFC tags etc.) § Active Digital Identity™ = Object profile in the EVRYTHNG ENGINE (Product +THNG+ShortId+User+Actions, etc.) Resources : § - EVRYTHNG Engine developer documentation. § - EVRYTHNG Web of Things Technology White Paper. § - EVRYTHNG Product Relationship Management White Paper. § - EVRYTHNG’s research community, with Web of Things technical papers & conferences. © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  21. 21. Core Concept - Thngs ID: 5332deeee4b046b86a72be5d Short URL: Metadata Location Properties Actions - Name - Description - Tags - Serial Number Reads/updates its data THNG Physical Object Receives & reacts to Events © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  22. 22. Core Concept - Products THNG Physical Objects THNG THNG THNG THNG ID: UUsAGSeNsepwQ2GhUqgC9mtc Metadata Properties Actions - Name - Description - Tags - SKU # / EAN Product - Color - Size - Specifications - Images Thngs © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  23. 23. Core Concept - Applications THNG Physical Objects THNG THNG THNG THNG Engine App 1 API K AA Web User Interface Device debugger iOS App Device Management App Apps App 2 API K BB App 3 API K CC Apps Read/write thng data Send actions Update properties © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  24. 24. Core Concept - Users THNG Objects THNG THNG THNG THNG App - User Interface App - Debug App App - Admin UI ADIs Users Case 1 Anonymous Users Case 2 Developers signup/login via Facebook Case 3 Company Admins access App data & stats Apps © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  25. 25. Core Concept – Rules Engine THNG Physical Objects THNG THNG THNG THNG Engine Rules Engine Rules Web User Interface Device debugger iOS App Web Monitoring App Actions Actions Actions Apps © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  26. 26. EVRYTHNG PRODUCT & SERVICES © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  27. 27. Web of Things Technology Stack EVRYTHNG provides a complete technology stack to manage large numbers of diversely connected products, drive business applications and integrate with enterprise and the Web. Object ADI Connecting social network and product IDs. Products with smart tags or embedded chips. Ʉ+-*0/. scanned to access ADIs. Connected products talk direct to ADIs. Object data exchange with enterprise systems '$ Ʉ ƇɄɄƎɄ ƆɄ Apps interact with object data. § Scalable, on-demand and federated platform as a service online environment. § Abstraction of product or device connectivity control from application interaction for Web APIs. § Flexible data structures for individual THNGs, large-scale data store, temporal data-sets. § Fine-grained access control, at a THNG-attribute level. § Real-time rules programming and analytics based on complex business logic. § Open to integration with enterprise and 3rd party Web services through standards-based Web protocols. © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  28. 28. Products circle Product Relationship Management™ Platform = ENGINE SDK Coupon example Personalization loyalty Customer Engagement Loyalty Rewards n Product Registration, Provenance Guides n Gifting n Contests RESTful APIs Application Tools ADI Connected Products An Active Digital Identity™ for every thing Device management Software operations Usage analytics Persistent URI URLs The EVRYTHNG Engine Tracking analytics Tracking Analytics Analytics Alerts Anti- Counterfeit Authentication Sales service YOURTHNG Personalized messaging, content services. REWARDTHNG Loyalty rewards and coupons redeemed against product check-ins. TRACKTHNG Analytics from product check-in data name Months matched to ERP data. baby’s 3 Age: Your Amy Age: 3 Months Your baby’s name Amy Submit SOCIALTHNG Product ‘virtual objects’ shared via social network streams. Submit © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  29. 29. EVRYTHNG ENGINE™ Platform as a Service to manage product identities, with tools to build drive applications using product relationship information. ENGAGE TRACK DEVELOP v PRODUCT TRACKING ANALYTICS DASHBOARD - UI CONNECTED PRODUCT MANAGEMENT CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT SDKs EVRYTHNG ENGINE (API) managing product identities © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  30. 30. Show time!!! 1. Sign-up and create an account 2. Create some Thngs 3. Create some Products 4. Create an Application 5. Build a basic Web app 1. (read/write data/properties/actions of thngs) 6. Create a redirection for the Thng 7. Scan Short URL start interacting with the thng © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng
  31. 31. Thank you Vlad Trifa EVP Research Development , Co-Founder @vladounet © EVRYTHNG Limited | 2014 @evrythng