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3rd EV Battery Forum - Europe


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The European leg of the 3rd EV Battery Forum features 60 different speakers and it includes parallel conferences such as the “EV Recharging Infrastructure”, the “E-Bikes Forum”, “EV Transport Planning” and a Free Registration Half Day Seminar on “Marketing EVs”.

Endorsed by The Barcelona City Council and The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, this year’s conference and exhibition is bringing a combination of Asian and Western participants making it a unique buyers and sellers exchange for the Electric Vehicle and Battery value chain. 13 speakers from a total of 60, are flying to Barcelona from countries such as China, Japan, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and Singapore. 23 of them are vehicle manufacturers thus bringing a wider perspective on how to improve EV Business Models and Energy Density. A 2 day conference ticket includes a Gala Dinner at the Barcelona Maritime Museum enabling you the network more easily with all the participants.

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3rd EV Battery Forum - Europe

  1. 1. From Asia To Europe Representatives from 24 countries attended our past 2 Forums in China The 3rd !"#$%&()** Barcelona 12 - 14 April CCIB - Barcelona International Convention Centre Includes !"#$%&()*+,*#-,.)(/0)1&01)% TM Government Policy Business Models E-Bikes Safety and Standards BMS EV Recharging Infrastructure Energy Density Materials Research & Cost !!Marketing EVsInstitutional Partners Gold Sponsors Underwriters Laboratories call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT)
  2. 2. !" # $ % & ( )** Barcelona 12 - 14 April At A GlanceProgramme At A Glance Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 11 April 12 April 13 April 14 April Forum EV Recharging Forum Day 1 Forum Day 2 AC Barcelona Forum Hotel Infrastructure Training Course A In Parallel In Parallel In Parallel Best Practice For Successful Free Seminar EV Transport E-Bikes Forum Negotiations Between China Planning And Western Businesses Afternoon Session Marketing EVs Training Course B Detecting Failures And Exhibition Manufacturing Defects In Li-ion Batteries Gala Dinner Museu Maritim de Barcelona From Asia To Europe 13 speakers of this Forum from a total of 60, are flying in directly 60 Speakers from countries such as China, Japan, India, South Korea, Taiwan and 13 Asian Companies Singapore. The EV Battery Forum started in China where 11 billion Euros are being invested on EV development. Save time and money, 23 Vehicle Manufacturers instead of travelling to Asia, join this conference and exhibition to 12 Topic Themes Within meet and learn from Asian solution providers as well as speakers from the other 16 countries 6 Different Conference Sessions GALA DINNER Tuesday 12 April 2011 20.00hrs Museu Maritim de BarcelonaWe host our Gala Dinner on the evening of the first day. Why? What betterway to start the networking by taking the time to get to know well your peersaround a dinner table or whilst visiting the museum? Start the discussionshere and build on them during the following days of the forum.The Gala Dinner is included in the ticket price when Entrance tobooking a minimum of a 2 day conference Museum and Gala DinnerAbout the Gala Dinner VenueThe Maritime Museum is a superb example of Gothicarchitecture with striking vaulted rooms and buildings.Opposite the statue of Christopher Columbus, in the bottomof Ramblas, this museum is also one of the most imaginativeof the city and one of the most visited too. The Royalshipyards (constructed in 1378 by agreement of King PereIV) are some of the most complete Medieval dockyards in theworld, housing drawings, replicas and paintings. © copyright EV Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2010 call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) email:
  3. 3. Sponsors !" # $ % & ( )** Barcelona 12 - 14 April & Partners Gold Sponsor Rincon Lithium is a new producer of battery grade lithium carbonate with a long-life, world class resource suited to large production capacity that will support the growth in the mass-produced EV market in the coming decades. The efficient Rincon production process has been proven in pilot operations and small commercial scale production will commence after commissioning in 2010. The combination of its sound long term development strategy and robust financial resources will enable Rincon Lithium to develop into a secure, reliable part of the lithium supply chain for electric vehicles. Michael Tamlin (Speaker) General Manager - Commercial RINCON LITHIUM (AUSTRALIA) Gold Sponsor UL is an independent product safety certification organization that has been testing products and writing Standards for Underwriters Safety for more than a century. UL evaluates more than 19,000 types of products, components, materials and systems Laboratories from more than 66,000 manufacturers each year. In total, there are more than 20 billion UL Marks appearing on products worldwide. UL’s global family of companies and network of service providers includes 68 laboratory, testing and certification facilities serving customers in 102 countries. UL is facilitating the development, publication, and distribution Priya L. Tabaddor (Speaker) Business Development Manager of world-class standards related to the safety of Li-ion batteries and is collaborating through industry research partnerships – Large Battery to identify safety concerns and address them through test method development and standards. UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES (USA) Institutional Partners BARCELONA CITY COUNCIL/ ECONOMIC PROMOTION AREA Economic Promotion is the department of the Barcelona City Council that is devoted to promoting Barcelona as an attractive place to do business and guiding and supporting companies, institutions, professionals, students or researchers that want to establish themselves, do business in the city or work, research or study in it. THE MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, TOURISM AND TRADE is the department within the Spanish general administration responsible for proposing and carrying out government policy in the areas of industrial development and innovation, trade policy, small and medium sized enterprises, energy and mining, tourism, telecommunications and the Information Society. The Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía, IDAE) is a publicly owned business-structured entity reporting to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce through the General Secretariat for Energy. The basic function of the IDAE is to promote energy efficiency and the rational use of energy in Spain. It also seeks to promote diversity of energy sources and the use of renewable energy sources. LIVE PLATFORM LIVE (Logistics for Implementation of Electric Vehicles) is a public-private platform (Barcelona City Council, the Government of Catalonia, IDAE, ENDESA, SEAT, SIEMENS) that promotes the use of electric vehicles in the city as an opportunity to position Barcelona as a centre of innovation in electric mobility on a worldwide scale, with the aim of giving support to the development of strategic implementation of electric mobility in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. www.livebarcelona.catKey Partners www.clustereficiencia.orgPartnersMedia Partners China Automotive ReviewProduced by Dufresne specialises in creating high-quality market driven conferences join our group and training. The company focuses on energy storage related topics on such as the EV Battery Forum and the Energy Storage Forum with annual international meetings in Europe and Asia. © copyright EV Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2010 call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) email:
  4. 4. Exhibition & !" # $ % & ( )** Barcelona 12 - 14 April Sponsorship Exhibition Exhibition Schedule Tuesday 12 April 9:00 to 19:00 (Gala Dinner at 20:00) Wednesday 13 April 9:00 to 19:00 Endorsed by The Barcelona City Council and The Ministry of Industry, Thursday 14 April 9:00 to 19:00 Tourism and Trade the EV Battery Forum is bringing a combination of Dimensions Asian and Western participants Each exhibition module is 3 x 2m or multiples. Contact making it a unique buyers and us for details about the benefits related to the exhibition sellers exchange for the features. Some of our past exhibitors include: Chery, UL, EV and Battery value chain. O2Micro, Netzsch Instruments, Budenheim, Hero Electric, Conference Hall 1 Galaxy Resources, Cincinnati Sub-Zero, SET Electronics. sea view 2 Free Seminar and Exhibition Registration 3 A free half day seminar will also be located next to the booked booked exhibition hall, providing an additional opportunity to 9 4 expand your networking. 12 10 5 13 11 6 14 booked co co ffe ffe 7 es Exhibition Hall es tat Sponsorship tat ion ion 8 & Exhibition t: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) 23 15 please 24 19 contact: 16 booked t: +34 672 830 810 (+1 GMT) 25 booked 20 17 26 21 18 booked These are some of the 27 22 companies that attended the 28 EV Battery ForumExhibition space and driveway 2010 Beijing & 2009 Shanghai 29available for displaying your Exhibition HONDA BYDElectric Vehicle right at the 30 showcase at SAIC MOTOR LUXGEN EVentrance of the event! The EV Battery Forum PROTON VOLKSWAGENmainstream media will be present. Beijing 2010 CLP POWER CHERY CODA AUTOMOTIVE FOTON Sponsorship Opportunities DONGFENG MOTOR ELECTROTHERM FAW GM OPTIMAL ENERGY BAK BATTERYGala Dinner Untap this opportunity to position your brand within Sponsors logos on stage backdrop, TOYOTA LABS GP BATTERIESSponsor BETTER PLACE A123 SYSTEMS this unique networking event registration ELECTROVAYA O2MICRO at the Museu Maritim de backdrop KPCB YUASA BATTERIES Barcelona or call one of our and banners KATECH WESTERN LITHIUM consultants who will help IEC B&K LI-ION LISHEN BATTERY ALEEES you in tailoring your product CHEMETALL FAAM needs with one of our Gold Sponsor E-ONE MOLI ENERGY ATL sponsorship packages which video animation EVB TECHNOLOGY LG CHEM features over 30 different shown on main BOSCH CEA LITEN elements. Sponsorship stage at start of ABB HERO ELECTRIC packages start from 2500!. conference ST KINETICS VERBUND RINCON LITHIUM EDFWho Will You Meet? From Which Sectors? From Which Regions? VANTAGEPOINT TD HITECH ENERGYHead Of R&D and Strategic Planning Battery Pack Suppliers and Manufacturers Europe 60% GALAXY RESOURCESTeam Leader for Hybrid and Electric Systems 2 and 4 Wheels Vehicle Manufacturers China TSINGHUA UNIVERSITYFounders, Presidents and MDs Cathode and Anode Material 10%Chief Engineering R&D Battery Materials Testing CHINA ENVIRONMENT FUND Japan &R&D Department Manager Investors and Venture Capitalists TALISON MINERALS Korea 6%Professor & Dean EV Recharging Infrastructure NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORDirector Electrical Storage Systems Grid / Utilities QINGYUAN ELECTRIC VEHICLEDirector Of HEV/EV Raw Material Suppliers South East Asia 3% TIANJIN INSTITUTE OF POWER SOURCESHead of Battery Quality Analysis Academics UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES Middle East 1%Senior Battery Engineer Government Policy SUMITOMO CORPORATIONPowertrain Product Engineering Electrode Assembly And Filling Equipment India CHINA 863 PROJECT Cell Packaging Machine Rest 3% North America 15% MAHINDRA AND MAHINDRA BMS of the Mining AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER World MITSUBISHI CORPORATION Bus Manufacturers 2% © copyright EV Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2010 Register Online:
  5. 5. Barcelona 12 - 14 April Training Course Monday !" # $ % & ( )** 11 April 2011Training Course A Monday 11 April AC Barcelona Forum Hotel 9.00 - 17.30 Best Practice For Achieving Successful Negotiations And Long Term Product Quality Between China And Western BusinessesThere is no question that China plays an important role in facilitating the cost Course Leadereffective development of batteries and electric vehicles worldwide. It is with Jeremie Ni has won the 2010 prize China’s best economic talents.this in mind that the Energy Storage Academy brings you this training course Mr. Ni has set up in Paris the China Training Institute “ChinForm”specifically designed for professionals who want to discover the opportunities where he provides insightful cross culture management trainingthat can be derived from a successful long term business relation with China. Jeremie Ni to a dozen of French business school as well as several FrenchBased on his extensive first hand experience, Mr. Ni will share real life scenarios Founder multinationals for more than 10 years. He graduated fromlearned from helping European automotive firms to develop businesses in China SINAUTEC Shanghai Tong Ji University and ESSEC in Cergy.and vice versa helping Chinese companies expand businesses in Europe. Start: 9.00 Lunch: 13.00 - 14.30 End: 17.30 SESSION 5 Morning Break: 10.45 - 11.15 Afternoon Break: 16.00 - 16.30 Defining Product Quality SESSION 1 SESSION 6 Understanding Chinese Culture Sourcing In China SESSION 2 SESSION 7 The Automotive And Battery Industry In China Today Effective Negotiation Skills Between China And The West SESSION 3 SESSION 8 Examining The Corporate And Business Structure In China Managing Intellectual Property In China SESSION 4 GROUP DISCUSSION Communication Styles in China How Do You Effectively Work With Chinese Companies?Training Course B Monday 11 April AC Barcelona Forum Hotel 9.00 - 17.30 Detecting Failures And Manufacturing Defects In Li-ion BatteriesThis course has been researched to give you a clear understanding of cell design The concepts of each technology and best practices are presented in a clear andfor safety. Some of the past delegates who took part in previous courses include: concise format with case studies, cell X-ray details and CT scans, enabling theCoda Automotive, BYD, FAW, Proton, TUV SUD, GP Batteries and Targray. The delegate to make sense of the reasoning behind the manufacturing procedures.trainer will use clear pictures and a microscope which all delegates can have access Delegates will learn how to use a systematic approach to Li-ion battery packto. Participants will be able to learn from the failures as much as from best practices. investigations and how to differentiate between external abuse, pack electronic !"#$%&!($%)%*%$+!,%(-!!!!!!!!!!! faults and internal cell faults, thus helping you towards improvements in !!!./!)012%3!4&)!5$%&+!! manufacturing processes. !!!6!7%&$*%8!&!7.+9! !"#$:*5;*%%$;*5!<&*&5%$ Course Leader %&()*+$,-,./0$ $ Troy A. Hayes, Senior Managing Engineer - Materials & Metallurgy 1"2345$*6789:;$:342<:=>7? EXPONENT (USA) !"#$%&%!"$()*($+,(-../(&)0#1, Dr. Hayes lives and works in China thus he will be bringing his hands on experience of working with Chinese manufacturers. Start: 9.00 Lunch: 13.00 - 14.30 End: 17.30 He conducts engineering audits for processes such as battery cell manufacturing and battery pack assembly, manufacturing Morning Break: 10.45 - 11.15 Afternoon Break: 16.00 - 16.30 and processing, chemical etching, injection molding, and metal casting and forming. TOPIC SESSIONS Methodologies Of Identifying Root Cause Of Failures In Pitfalls In Manufacturing Quality Control Li-ion Battery Packs Detection Of Defective Cells Techniques Commonly Used By Manufacturers To Detect Statistical Analysis Defects Contaminants In Assembled Cells Location Of Metal Contaminants Degradation Mechanism Analysis Key Manufacturing Practices And Techniques To Achieve Dendrite Analysis High Quality Li-ion Cells Pitfalls In Cell Design © copyright EV Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2010 call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) email:
  6. 6. Barcelona 12 - 14 April In parallel with E-Bikes Forum Tuesday 12 April 2011 !"#$%&()*+,*#-,.)(/0)1&01)%8.30 Registration & Coffee PANEL SESSION Mobile Polling Session 14.30 How Can Utilities, Car Manufacturers And City Councils9.00 Welcome Address Cooperate To Share Data From Charging Infrastructure Users? Davide Bonomi, Content Strategy Director DUFRESNE - EV BATTERY FORUM Moderator: Michael Salomon, CEO9.20 Chairman Introduction CLEAN HORIZON CONSULTING (FRANCE) Ad te Advising leading utilities and independent power producers Keith Hardy, Senior Technical Advisor ARGONNE NATIONAL LABORATORY (USA) g Panelists: Ramon Pruneda, Project Manager - Strategic Sectors Economic Promotion, BARCELONA CITY COUNCIL (SPAIN)9.30 Creating New Business Models And Meeting Charging In charge of sustainable mobility and electro-mobility projects such as LIVE Infrastructure Requirements For 2 Wheelers In Urban Centres ustrian Roland Steinmetz Carlos Bergera, Head of EV Department Managing Director, EVCONSULT IBERDROLA (SPAIN) on behalf of AMSTERDAM CITY COUNCIL (NETHERLANDS) The world’s top wind power producer developed bespoke charging Roland has written a guideline for 450 municipalities in the solutions for two wheelersing the flow of electricity to plug-in Netherlands on how to become EV ready H. David Jones, Chief Operating Officer9.55 How Can Smart Charging Infrastructure Enable An End To ZAP (USA) End Business Model With Billing And Roaming For EVs? Zap is the oldest active electric vehicle manufacturer in the USA. Carolin Reichert, Head of E-Mobility David is responsible for managing daily operations and expanding into RWE (GERMANY) South America, Africa and the EU Experienced strategic planner who developed the e-mobility business Robert Stussi unit heading a team of 40. RWE is one of Europe’s five leading President, AVERE (EUROPE) electricity companies Vice President, WORLD ELECTRIC VEHICLE ASSOCIATION Robert has directed a 25 city two and a half year demonstration program with10.20 To What Extent Can We Achieve A Worldwide Global electric buses. He advises cities on alternative vehicle and fuel technologies n Standard For The Battery Charge Port? utility grid Senior Representative Jonathan Read, CEO/President LEADING UTILITY ECOTALITY (USA) Description of Company and speaker Ecotality is the leader of the $230m EV project for the U.S. Department of Energy. Jonathan has a proven history of building global businesses from start-up through IPO and onwards 15.20 Examining First Set Of Results From The Amp Platform And Achieving System Compatibility10.45 Coffee Break And Exhibition Visit Gerd Schauer, Senior Technology Manager - Innovation R&D VERBUND (AUSTRIA) Leading Austrian utility grid partnering with technology players and11.20 Partnering With Parking Companies And Utilities In Europe: targeting to have 1,000 EVs on the road by 2012 Lessons Learnt Sebastien Albertus 15.45 Tianjin Eco-City: Deciding On EV Infrastructure To Meet General Manager - Electric Vehicle Business Development Commercial And Residential Developments RENAULT (FRANCE) MengHui Lim, General Manager, Economic Promotion Currently working on a number of fronts in preparation for the launch of SINO-SINGAPORE TIANJIN ECO-CITY INVESTMENT & its range of zero-emission vehicle with a total investment of 4 billion DEVELOPMENT (CHINA / SINGAPORE) Euros on the R&D of electric cars as part of the Renault-Nissan alliance China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city development promotes the use of clean transport and renewable energy/resources. Mr Lim worked for11.45 Identifying The Optimum Mix Of Private And Public 14 years in the Singapore government promoting international trade Charging Stations Within City Dwellings Santiago Cascante 16.10 Coffee Break And Exhibition Visit Technology and Innovation Manager ENDESA 16.45 Overcoming The Challenges Of Implementing Charging Endesa and Mitsubishi signed a MOU collaboration on E-mobility Stations In Old City Centres and V2G. currently coordinating the Electric Vehicle Fast Charge (please visit for updates) Infrastructure Projects Company and speaker A DescriptEndesa ion of Company and speaker 17.10 Evaluating Energy Storage Systems In Fast Charge12.10 Harmonising Billing Systems And Paying Methods In Conditions And Testing Of Commercial Fast Charging Points Between Countries Emanuele Pasca Michael Weltin Research Technical Area, Engineering & Innovation Strategy & Business Development - E-Mobility ENEL (ITALY) E.ON (GERMANY) Launching important pilot project in 3 Italian cities - Rome, Milan and 20 Audi A1 e-trons are coming to the roads in Munich with 200 new Pisa - through the deployment of 500 charging points charging stations. Michael also has experience as a public policy advisor e and battery-switching infrastructure will ng Austrian utility grid partnering with technolo 17.35 Examining Monthly Subscription Based Recharging Services12.35 Fast Charging Cost And Business Models Whilst Maximising And The Battery Technology That Can Facilitate Them Penetration In Public, Private And Residential Areas Michal Vakrat Wolkin Holger Braess Global Head of Battery Technologies, Automotive Alliances Corporate Strategy & Planning - Mobility & Environment BETTER PLACE (USA) BMW (GERMANY) The company charging and battery-switching infrastructure will launch BMW will invest about 420 million Euros in electric vehicle commercially in Israel and Denmark late 2011 manufacturing. Holger is continously assessing new business models and contributes to several EU projects aging the flow of electricity to plug-in 18.00 Closing Remarks From The Chair13.00 Lunch And Exhibition Visit 20.00 Gala Dinner © copyright EV Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2010 Register Online:
  7. 7. Barcelona 12 - 14 April In parallel with EV Recharging Infrastructure Tuesday 12 April 20118.30 Registration 12.35 Lunch And Exhibition Visit9.10 Chairmen 14.30 Understanding The Key Steps To Consider When Developing Inocencio Gonzalez, General Manager Battery Packs For Light Electric Vehicles CLUSTERMOTO (SPAIN) Xiaodong Wu Clustermoto is a Spanish non-profit association for motorcycle technologic innovation (CHINA) Ed Benjamin, Founder & Chairman Dr Wu was the CTO of Suzhou Phylion Battery and is also the project LIGHT ELECTRIC VEHICLE ASSOCIATION (LEVA) (USA) manager of “research and development of large format li-ion battery system LEVA developes technical standards for LEVs and promote the use of LEVs worldwide for vehicle application”, of the Chinese National “863 Project”9.30 Evaluating E-Bikes Worldwide Market Projections 14.55 Understanding The KPIs When Testing Batteries For E-Bikes Naveen Munjal, Managing Director And Light Motorbikes HERO ELECTRIC (INDIA) Wolfram Kaiser, Managing Director Naveen is president of the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles ELECTROMOTIVE (GERMANY) (SMEV) in India. Studied electric vehicles since 1996 Experience includes electochemical converters and storage and helping e-bikes manufacturers with their powertrain solutions9.55 Examining Best Strategies For Introducing E-Bikes Within A Specific European Region 15.20 Describing The Performance Of The E-Bike Battery To The Inocencio Gonzalez Consumers General Manager, CLUSTERMOTO Jakub Ditrich, Managing Director Project Manager - ZEVs, RIEJU (SPAIN) EKOLO.CZ (CZECH REPUBLIC) Rieju is a motorcycle manufacturer established in 1934 and will launch The company produces mid-range electric bicycles for EU markets its first full electric scooter in 2011 15.45 Evaluating The Progress Of The EnergyBus Standard (EBS)10.20 Identifying An Appropriate Battery Supplier In Asia And (please visit for updates) Developing The Desired Product Quality At The Optimum Market Price 16.10 Coffee Break And Exhibition Visit Ed Benjamin Founder and Chairman, LEVA PANEL SESSION Managing Director, E CYCLE ELECTRIC (USA) Ed has been involved in electric bicycles and LEVs since 1996 with 16.45 Examining Business Models And Regulation Needed To extensive experience in China and Taiwan Foster The Uptake Of 2 Wheels EVs Moderator:10.45 Coffee Break And Exhibition Visit Ed Benjamin Founder and Chairman, LEVA11.20 E-Bikes Battery Module Integration Results From USA Managing Director, E CYCLE ELECTRIC (USA) And Europe Panelists: Said Al-Hallaj, CEO Robert Stussi ALL CELL TECHNOLOGIES (USA) President, AVERE (EUROPE) Said has considerable experience in thermal runaway and passive Vice President, WORLD ELECTRIC VEHICLE ASSOCIATION thermal management systems Robert has directed a 25 city two and a half year demonstration program with electric buses. He advises cities on alternative vehicle and fuel technologies11.45 Examining The Results From 800 Vehicles In Private Usage Mo-Hua Yang, President TD HITECH ENERGY (CHINESE TAIPEI) With Charging Infrastructure And GSM Datalogger Mo-Hua Yang has spent 12 years researching the e-bike market. He also Stefan Lippert, Managing Director was one of the top 5 speakers at the EV Battery Forum 2010 in Beijing ELMOTO (GERMANY) Marc Barceló, General Manager Produced more than 1800 e-bikes. Experience in fleet projects with VOLTA MOTORBIKES (SPAIN) 530 vehicles and 800tsd test kilometers with GSM data Aimed at urban commuters Volta will offer it’s new EV-1 in two guises: the entry level model (11kw) and the top-shelf model (22kW)12.10 Evaluating Fleet Business Models For E-Bikes In Europe Francesco Nepi, CEO 17.35 Closing Remarks OXYGEN (ITALY) Focusing on the fleet market, existing users include the postal services 17.45 End Of E-Bikes Forum Day from Norway, Switzerland and Denmark. Moved from Nickel-Zinc to Li-ion What the 2009 & 2010 Forum Delegates say... "?.(;3)!&$%!@%$A!30$$%*!&*8!$%7%@&*9 ":=3%77%*!.$5&*;)&;.*9 -)#$<&*&5;*5!,;$%3.$>$@,.%$,+,A.(A$1(;B8:? !"#$:*5;*%%$;*5!<&*&5%$>!%&()*+$,-,./0$1"2345$*6789:? © copyright EV Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2010 call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) email:
  8. 8. Barcelona 12 - 14 April In parallel with Marketing EVs Seminar Wednesday 13 April 2011 Forum Day 18.30 Registration & Coffee 14.30 Examining The Quality And Standards Needed For Validating Next Generation Li-ion Batteries9.00 Welcome Address Priya L. Tabaddor Davide Bonomi, Content Strategy Director Business Development Manager - Large Battery DUFRESNE - EV BATTERY FORUM UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES (USA) Independent product safety certification organisation, testing products and writing standards for safety for more than a century9.20 Chairman Introduction electrical, electronic and related technologies Jonathan Buck, Director 14.55 Examining New Separators Developments Which Prevent Thermal IEC (SWITZERLAND) IEC is a world leading organisation that publishes international Runaway and Enhance The Safety Of Lithium Battery Cells standards. Mr. Buck is responsible for the organisation’s outreach to (please visit for updates) industry and government leaders electrical, electronic and related technologies 15.20 Predicting Heat Release To Prevent Thermal Runaway KEYNOTE THOUGHT LEADER Propagation And Achieving Long Term EV Li-ion Battery Safety9.30 Market Policies And Incentives For Electric Transportation Mo-Hua Yang, President A Senior Representative speaker is confirmed from TD HITECH ENERGY (CHINESE TAIPEI) MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, TOURISM AND TRADE - Mo-Hua Yang has spent 12 years researching the e-bike market. He is SPANISH INSTITUTE FOR ENERGY DIVERSIFICATION also one of the top 5 speakers at the EV Battery Forum 2010 in Beijing AND SAVING (IDAE) Description of Company and speaker electrical, electronic and related technologies 15.45 Case Study: Sharing Results From A Statistically Based9.55 Will There Be Enough Lithium In The World To Power Cell Balancing In Order To Control Charge And Discharge EV Batteries? Independently Michael Tamlin, General Manager - Commercial Michele Pennese, R&D Manager BEV & Hybrid Powertrain RINCON LITHIUM (AUSTRALIA) MICRO-VETT (ITALY) Michael has over 13 years experience in the lithium industry. The company is involved in the design and construction of electrically Rincon Lithium commercial shipments commence in Q1 2011 powered vehicles. Mr Pennese is a qualified inventor with several international industrial patent applications10.20 Learning How To Apply Geographic, Demographic And Grid Scenarios Into Your Ecosystem 16.10 Coffee Break And Exhibition Visit Francis Jen, General Manager - Electric Vehicle Division LUXGEN EV by HAITEC (CHINESE TAIPEI) 16.45 Evaluating Cell Balancing Techniques To Achieve Uniform Luxgen is the EV brand part of the Yulon Group’s automobile Heat Generation And Managing EV Li-ion Battery Pack Safety manufacturing operation established in 1953 Horst Mettlach, General Manager electrical, electronic and related technologies, electronic and related technologie ADAM OPEL (GERMANY)10.45 Coffee Break And Exhibition Visit Horst is involved in the development of Opel Ampera / VOLTec battery system11.20 Examining The EV Battery Energy Density Needs For Luxury Vehicles PANEL SESSION Mobile Polling Session Paul Bostock 17.10 How To Overcome 100 Years Of Internal Combustion Engine Technical Specialist - Hybrid Strategy & Integration (ICE) Vehicles Preconception And Market Penetration JAGUAR / LAND ROVER (UK) Moderator: Developing battery-assisted hybrid versions for both brands due to launch 2013- 2014 Jacques de Selliers, Managing Director GOING-ELECTRIC (BELGIUM) electrical, electronic and related technologies, electronic and related technologies Jacques manages Going-Electric a non-profit organisation promoting11.45 Using Battery Management System (BMS) And Cell State Of Electric Vehicles within the European institutions Charge To Maximise The Battery’s Capacity Panelists: (please visit for updates) Francis Jen, General Manager - Electric Vehicle Division LUXGEN EV by HAITEC (CHINESE TAIPEI) The Luxgen EV is already on sale and is powered by li-ion batteries12.10 How To Facilitate The Integration Challenges And The Samuel Hunter Roig, Commercial Director Countrywide Transition From ICE To EV In India TESLA (SPAIN) Aravapalli Srinivas, Vice President - R&D Currently the only automaker in the U.S. that sells highway-capable EVs in serial production. Delivered more than 1,300 Roadsters to customers MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA (INDIA) A 7.1 billion dollars Indian multinational with a leadership position in Jackton Lu, Founder & CEO utility vehicles. Acquired a majority stake in the REVA (EV) in 2010 LUJO EV (CHINA) A Chinese government supported enterprise manufacturing and12.35 LiFePO4 Based Li-ion Battery For Electric Vehicle assembling electric vehicles and its core parts Applications, Field Test And Modeling Mark Basten, Group Chief Engineer - Electrical/Electronic Anthony Wong, VP of Business Development & EV Engineering European Technical Centre ATL (CHINA) TATA MOTORS (UK) Established in 1999 ATL concentrates on designing and manufacturing The Indica Vista EV uses polymer lithium ion batteries and is expected Lithium-ion Polymer (LIP) battery cells from Chinaelectrical, electronic and to hit dealership showrooms in 2011 related technolog ) c and related technologies, electronic and related technologies13.00 Lunch And Exhibition Visit 18.00 Closing Remarks From The Chair 18.10 End Of Forum Day One © copyright EV Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2010 call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) email:
  9. 9. Barcelona 12 - 14 April In parallel with EV Transport Planning Thursday 14 April 2011 Forum Day 28.30 Registration & Coffee 14.30 Examining The Latest Developments Of The EV Control System For Small Size Vehicles9.00 Main Summary Points From The Previous Day Sangjoon Kim, Research Engineer HEV Control System Team Jonathan Buck, Director HYUNDAI (SOUTH KOREA) IEC (SWITZERLAND) South Korea’s biggest automaker invested over $34 million over one Established IEC regional centres serving the Asia-Pacifc and year to create the BlueOn. Mr Kim has taken part in developing control Latin American regions system of the Sonata/K5 HEV and the BlueOn EV9.30 Examining the Battery Pack Needs Of Electric and Hybrid 14.55 Physical Stability With Silicon Anode To Achieve High Commercial Vehicles And Sharing The Latest Results Capacity With Multiple Cycles Giorgio Mantovani, Advanced Engineering Manager Jaephil Cho, Professor/Director - Converging Research Center ALTRA IVECO (ITALY) for Innovative Battery Technologies Awarded the Public Transport Innovation Award within the category ULSAN NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE & “Energy and Environment” during the European Mobility Exhibition. TECHNOLOGY (SOUTH KOREA) IVECO is an international manufacturer of commercial trucks and buses Received research grants of 35 million dollars for 5 years in the areas of energy harvest, storage and flexible batteries electrical, and related technologies9.55 The Electric Bus In China. Energy Capacity And Safety 15.20 The Chinese EV Li-ion Power Battery Landscape Milestones Demonstrated Yongping Chen, BYD Auto Europe Manager Yunhai Shi, Director of Project - Power Battery BYD (CHINA) LISHEN BATTERY (CHINA) Lishen has a joint venture with automotive partner Coda (EV) on the The K9 is a pure-electric bus produced independently at BYD’s Changsha- design, engineering, and pack assembly for the battery system based bus manufacturing site. It utilises BYD’s unique Fe battery system 15.45 Developing High Capacity Cathode Materials And Maximising10.20 EV Battery Warranty: How To Split Responsibility Between EV/HEV Energy Density BMS, Cell And Vehicle Manufacturers Yoshio Ukyo, Senior Fellow H. David Jones, Chief Operating Officer TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS (JAPAN) ZAP (USA) A researcher of lithium batteries for over 11 years after having made Zap is he oldest active electric vehicle manufacturer in the USA. David substantial research on ceramics and the catalyst is responsible for managing daily operations and expanding into South electrical, electronic and related technologies America, Africa and the EU electronic and related te 16.10 Coffee Break And Exhibition Visit10.45 Coffee Break And Exhibition Visit 16.45 From Materials To Vehicles: Examining How The EV Value11.20 Comparing Li-ion Materials Costs And Improving Your Chain Is Developing In Order To Capitalise On Li-ion Batteries Energy Storage Strategy Arne Fahje, Automotive-related Business Unit MITSUBISHI CORPORATION (GERMANY) Wolfgang Bernhart, Partner - Automotive Competence Center Arne is working on lithium-ion battery business development projects. ROLAND BERGER STRATEGY CONSULTANTS (GERMANY) The i-MiEV has sold 3,000 units in Japan. 5000 i-MiEV have been The company has 36 offices in 25 countries including China. Wolfgang produced since June 2009 has extensive experience in advising CEOs/CTOs and COOs in the automotive industry 17.10 Examining Vibration Endurance Tests And Complying With BATSO 01 (Battery Safety Organisation) In Order To11.45 What Are The Future Directions And Benefits For Partnering Achieve International Certified Safety In The Supply And Between Vehicle And Battery Manufacturers? Value Chain Zhongyi Deng CTO & Vice President Of Business Development (Automotive) Tim Schäfer BAK BATTERY (CHINA) Head of Strategic Coordination, LI-TEC BATTERY One of the largest manufacturers of lithium-based battery cells in the Chairman, BATSO (GERMANY) world by production output Joint venture of Evonik Industries and Daimler. Develops Li-ion batteries for automotive applications electrical, electronic and related technologies electrical, electronic and related technologies12.10 To What Extent Can The EV Battery Pack Be Recycled And 17.35 Evaluating Investments In Lithium Mining Worldwide And Achieve A Second Life? Predicting The Price Of Lithium Olivier Paturet Nissan European Zero Emissions Business Director Daniela Desormeaux, General Manager NISSAN INTERNATIONAL (BELGIUM) SIGNUMBOX (CHILE) Partnered with more than 30 governments and cities in Japan, the US An economist from Chile and an expert in industrial chemicals and and Europe to advance the deployment of electric vehicles worldwide natural resources. Most of the world’s lithium supply is mined and produced in Argentina and Chile electrical, and related technologies12.35 Examining The Key Testing Measurements Applied In Order 18.00 Closing Remarks From The Chair To Achieve Higher Density Batteries (please visit for updates) 18.10 End Of Forum Day 213.00 Lunch And Exhibition Visit © copyright EV Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2010 Register Online:
  10. 10. Barcelona 12 - 14 April In parallel with Forum Day 2 Thursday 14 April 2011 Free for Government EV Transport Planning Register online now This full day session will examine the most likely methods that could be utilised to improve urban planning and transport in relation to electric vehicles. It has been specifically designed to allow you to practically apply the lessons and theories learnt by your peers. Whether you are defining the best solution or policy strategy for your EV deployment project or are planning to design and produce a new car pool service, you will gain from having a more interactive opportunity to learn with and question, both the seminar leaders and fellow delegates facing the same challenges as you. Seminar Leaders Start: 9.00 Lunch: 13.00 - 14.30 End: 18.00 Ramon Pruneda, Project Manager - Strategic Sectors Morning Break: 10.45 - 11.15 Afternoon Break: 16.10 - 16.45 ECONOMIC PROMOTION BARCELONA CITY COUNCIL (SPAIN) Ramon is in charge of sustainable mobility and electro-mobility projects such as SESSION 1: Making Your City EV Ready LIVE. The development partners of LIVE are Barcelona City Council, via the areas of Environment, Mobility and Economic Promotion; the Government of Catalonia, via the Catalan Energy Institute; IDAE and the companies ENDESA, SEAT and SIEMENS. Identifying The Key Factors To Consider When Picking A City Ramon’s experience includes liaising with the public and private sectors in key For EV Roll Outs aspects such as: testing and promotion of the electric motorbike, converting TMB bus fleets into hybrids, pilot municipal vehicles. Evaluating Results From Taxi Fleets And Car Pool Sharing Roland Steinmetz In Order To Achieve New Business Models For Optimising Managing Director, EVCONSULT Urban Planning on behalf of AMSTERDAM CITY COUNCIL (NETHERLANDS) Roland is the co-author of EV starting guide for city councils with quick reference to environment, infrastructure, vehicles, policy advise and top 10 actions. He is How To Find The Optimum Transport Mix For Lowering also project manager for procurement, organisation and realisation of charging Emissions Within An Urban Space infrastructure network for electric vehicles in the City of Amsterdam. Visit to see how the City of Amsterdam has managed an ambitious plan to stimulate electric vehicles in the city and surrounding area. Examining Legalization Procedures For The Installation Of A Tomas Studenik Recharging Point In A Multi-owner Parking CEO, TILI on behalf of CITY OF PRAGUE (CZECH REPUBLIC) Tomas is involved in the EV strategy and implementation partner of the City of SESSION 2: Education Programmes Prague which is planning to build 1000 charging stations and put the same number of electric cars in the streets by 2014. He advises also on sustainable transport and Learning From EV Education Programmes And Improving efficient use of resources in public transport. TILI is also a partner of the Superbei project of turning Skoda Superb into a pure EV. The Penetration Of Clean Energy Transport Guests Speakers Albert Cot, President SESION 3: Policy ENERGY EFFICIENCY CLUSTER IN CATALONIA (CEEC) (SPAIN) Head of R&D Dept for Energy & Installations units, COMSA EMTE Which Policy Measures Have Worked So Far And Why? The CEEC is an Innovative Business Association formed by more than 70 sector companies and public entities based in Catalonia that set aside a Differentiating Between Parking, Charging, HOV Lanes And part of their budgets for R&D Fiscal Incentives Carl H. Nielsen, Chairman CLEARDRIVE.EU (DENMARK) Helps local governments to reach their defined goals for greener cities and infrastructure via Electric Taxi Projects PANEL SESSION David Garcia, Managing Director Looking Ahead: How Can Public And Private Sectors Create THE QUIMERA PROJECT (SPAIN) New Business Models For Clean Transport Solutions In The The company is seeking to leverage its investor capital, corporate Next 3 Years? network and IP into new business ventures. Two of the projects involve an e-bike and a GT class racing EV Abel P. Braceras, New Energy and Sustainable Mobility INMOTIA (SPAIN) The EV Transport Planning programme will be updated to include 2 more The company works on sustainable projects of electric mobility that help guests speakers. Visit for updates develop better cities Adeline Tung, Centre Director (Milan, Italy) SINGAPORE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BOARD (SINGAPORE) EDB is the lead government agency responsible for planning and executing strategies to enhance Singapore’s position as a global business centre"C%$A!5..8!&*8!0)%/07!;*/.$D&;.*!-&)!1%%*!)-&$%8! ":=3%77%*9! "E&3F%8!4;-!;*/.$D&;.*!3$;;3&7!/.$!80$;*5!-%!8;)30));.*!&*8!%=%30;@%!)%));.*)9 !!0*8%$)&*8;*5!-%!:C!D&$F%9 "C0CAC#$B%*;.$!:*5;*%%$ (@#$:*5;*%%$>$&.%%-$1):G:HI8:? D,(E($F%%-$)%%.$ "*#$B%*;.$!E$.2%3!:*5;*%%$>!A%J*$*K%)%(L,$1K"*? 1A58;:? © copyright EV Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2010 call: +65 6243 0050 (+8 GMT) email:
  11. 11. Barcelona 12 - 14 April In parallel with Forum Day 1 Wednesday 13 April 2011 Afternoon Free Seminar Free to attend Marketing EVs Register online now Implementing Strategic Marketing For Start: 14.30 Break: 16.10 - 16.45 End: 18.00 A Rapidly Evolving Business Environment Free Seminar and Exhibition Registration Social Media Marketing is a critical, but often poorly understood, tool that This free half day seminar will be located next to the exhibition hall, can either hurt or help the market for EVs. Thought leaders in the EV arena providing an additional opportunity to expand your networking. will do well to have research based expertise in Social Media Marketing practices that are specific to all EV stakeholders, including OEMs, Register online to qualify. Subject to seating availability. governments, public utilities and NGOs. This seminar will share a study of Chairman the Social Media Marketing landscape and also will look at how the media is evolving and how the EV market may best make use of them to deliver Angel F. Aghili President an engaging new message that goes beyond the marketing mix. AVELE (SPAIN) Angel F. Aghili is the founder and president of AVELE, the Spanish Association for the promotion of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. He has been working in different projects TOPIC SESSIONS of electric vehicles and renewable energies for more than 20 years, producing three prototypes of EV and patenting the name of its energy system. Rethinking Marketing And Communication For The Electric Seminar Leaders Vehicle Users Community Paolo Marino President & CEO Examining The Most Relevant Marketing Tools To Increase NEWTON21 ROMA (ITALY) Public Awareness And EV Sales Paolo has worked with customers such as Toyota Motor Italia and Nissan. Previously he has held positions within Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, Universal McCann. Marketing To End Users The Residual Value Of The Remy Tennant (USA) EV Battery Pack To Lower The Cost Perception Consultant Lowering Range Anxiety Through Marketing Efforts Working with Plug In America, he completed one of the very first market research studies on the role of web 2.0 and social media in the dissemination of electric How To Use Social Media Networks To Engage Vehicle vehicles. He worked on CalCars’ ongoing campaign to include economic incentives Consumers And Promote EVs - Sharing Findings From for conversions of ICE vehicles to electric vehicles under vehicle scrappage legislation. Served as a team mentor to Clean Tech Open entrant EVIN (Electric A Recent Survey Vehicle Infrastructure Network), including co-authoring its sustainability report. - who is influencing who? - what kind of communications campaign? Who Should Attend? This seminar is designed for marketing executives, PR executives, corporate affairs, strategic planners and media professionals who are involved in engaging the users of electric vehicles, e-bikes and recharging infrastructure. Upcoming Forums produced by Dufresne 17 - 18 February 2011 Adelaide, Australia What the 2009 & 2010 Forum Delegates say... "G%77!.$5&*;)%8!H!@%$A!;*/.$D&;@%9 See for updates *)"#$:=%30;@%!E$%);8%*>! E**.$*K%)%(L,$/*,O*0$1E:4:7? 6 - 8 September 2011 Shanghai ":=3%77%*9! 3 4 5 0 ( )** "0$A#$B%*;.$!:*5;*%%$>!D,(E($F%%-$)%%.$1A58;:? See for updates 17 - 19 May 2011 Paris "#..8!3.D1;*&;.*!./!.(;3)9 !+&#,-./$#0,&1$#"2 !" # $ % & ( )** P0J#$K?L>!D*N$D*,.0$1A58;:? See for updates "6!D%!($./%));.*&7)!;*@.7@%8!;*!I6J9 $!N2(#%*%$&7!<&*&5%$>!+/$A@,)$1N27>:? "G%77!.$5&*;)%8>!5..8!!!! !!(%$/.$D&*3%!H!5..8!@%*0%9 &D#$?%3-*;3&7!B(%3;&7;) !*/K*.$M$+*-J$.%L,.$1KN? © copyright EV Battery Forum (Dufresne Private Ltd) 2010 Register Online: