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Electric Vehicle University - MS310a Tips for Model S Owners, Driving

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. 2 Tips and Tricks Driving, part 1 MS-310a This course is presented as part of Evannex University—a free, open learning environment that presents concise, video-based mini-courses for those who have interest in electric vehicles (EVs) …
  3. 3. Tips and Tricks The Model S is a high tech product Users learn things that become part of the knowledge base of the community of owners Many can be found buried in the Owner’s manual But they are best imparted by word of mouth or as a collection of “tips and tricks” 3
  4. 4. Where they come from …. Tips and Trick are a short-cut to learning the car Word of mouth Contributors on the Model S forums Tesla Motors forum Tesla Motors Club forum Books, such as Nick Howe’s Owning Model S, 2/e Collections of tips published on the web “Lesser Known Tips and Tricks” developed by Geremy Farrell at Teslarati, “Hidden Features, Tips and Tricks” at tricks-tidbits/ 4 Forums Compendia Books WoM
  5. 5. Driving the Model S Driving the Model S is no different that driving any other car … except … in a way it is! a “computer with 4 wheels” tips and tricks that will enhance your driving experience 5
  6. 6. Driving Parameters Using the Controls button in the lower left hand corner of the display, controls —> driving steering, regen, traction control, creep controls —> settings driver profiles, units and formats, safety & security, Homelink and more 6
  7. 7. Owner’s Manual The user manual can be displayed in its entirety on the 17” display controls —> settings tab on top —> manual button in lower left hand corner use table of contents to find what you need 7
  8. 8. Homelink the Homelink function is GPS aware, so program it where you’ll use it. if you’re having trouble with setup: hold the gate/door remote in the middle of the frunk as you program Homelink alternate: place the remote at the front of the frunk floor about 2 inches toward the driver’s side of the frunk light (@NickHowe) 8
  9. 9. 9 … a free study guide for all EVU mini-courses is available for download from our website … For a complete list of mini- courses and the study guide, visit:

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THE CENTRAL QUESTION ... How can I avoid a slog through the Owners Manual to learn the most salient tips and tricks for driving the Model S? COURSE ABSTRACT Tips and tricks generally associated with the control and driving of the Model S are discussed. Course level: Advanced


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