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Television Heritage Online


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From Accessible to Participatory Archives. Presentation bij Eggo Müller (UU) at the Final EUscreen Conference, Budapest, 2012.

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Television Heritage Online

  1. 1. Television heritage onlineFrom accessible to participatory archives Eggo Müller Utrecht University
  2. 2. Television heritage onlineFrom accessible to participatory archives1. A TV scholar’s true story2. A media student’s probable search3. Participation and the archive
  3. 3. A TV scholar’s true story
  4. 4. A media student’s probable search “Blind Date”
  5. 5. • “YouTube has become the standard of what people expect audiovisual archives to be – unlimited access and active user participation have become crucial for an archive’s visibility and public existence.” Rick Prelinger in Snickars/Vonderau (eds.): The YouTube Reader (2009)
  6. 6. The participation imperative Jakob Nielson’s ‘90-9-1 rule’ (2006)
  7. 7. The participation imperative• Democracy• Arts and culture• Talent shows• …
  8. 8. Participation imperative• Traditional norm• New dimensions in digital culture• ‘Explicit’ and ‘implicit’ participation Schäfer, Bastard Culture (2011)
  9. 9. Participatory archiving• “The fundamental characteristics of the proposed approach are decentralised curation, radical user orientation, and contextualisation of both records and the entire archival process.” Isto Huliva in: Arch Sci (2008)
  10. 10. Participatory archiving Shilton/Srinivasan (2007)
  11. 11. “Dynarchive” (Ernst 2010)• based on user participation• aiming at cultures of minorities• “grassroots cataloguing, folksonomies, social tagging”• “on-going, iterative and emergent ontology- building process”• “scalable and sustainable participatory archive” Shilton/Srinivasan (2007)
  12. 12. TensionsARCHIVE DYNARCHIVEprofessionals crouwd/userscreator-centered user-centeredquality popularitygatekeeping participationtaxonomy folksonomycontextualisation appropriationinterpretation consumptionheritage nostalgiaRead-only memeory write-also memory
  13. 13. Perspectives• Harvesting traces of implicit participation• Responding to users’ requests• Engaging communities in the archival process• Creating portals for interactive archiving• Defining norms for amateur archivists• ‘Crowdsourcing’ and networked knowledge