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Tc 3 1_open-the-flower_call_for_partners_

  1. 1. OPEN THE FLOWER 10-17 October 2012, CRIMEA, UKRAINE OPEN THE FLOWER 10 - 17 October 2012, Crimea, Ukraine Training Course within Action 3.1 of Youth in Action programmeDear partners,We are pleased to invite you to the “Open the flower“ training course from 10th – 17th October 2012. Wehope that after having read the description of the idea of this course you will join us as a project partnerand then you will benefit from taking part in TC.About the “Open the flower“ course...The “Open the flower“ course conception is developed on assumption that knoweledge of group dynamicprocesses and understaning epamthy concetrated communication approach in work with young people is thebest way to let young people express theirselves especially those ones having difficulties with properfunctioning in group of peers. „Open the flower“ is a six day training course: there won‘t be much of timebut we hope it will be a good starter for further experiences for those intrested in personal developmentand wanting to improve their professional skills and gain set of methods when it comes to work withyoungsters. We believe that the training programme will allow the participants understand the dynamicprocess of work with groups of young people and gain methods that will use in work with youngsters such as:theater, drama, arttherapy, realaxation and visualisation.TC‘s content:In this course you will work in partnership with a diverse range of people from across Europe whointerested in building and developing their skills in work with young people. You will consider what groupprocess is, its assumptions. You will consider what skills are important when working with youngsterespecially those with difficulties, gain practical experience of applying methods allowing young people opentheirselves such as theatre, drama, art therapy, relaxation and visualization. You will be creating a scenarioof educational programme which might be applied in your work with youngsters. You will experience yourselfin different roles: teenager’s, adult’s, observer’s.There will be around 22 participants from Youth in Action Programme and Neighbouring Countries.
  2. 2. OPEN THE FLOWER 10-17 October 2012, CRIMEA, UKRAINEProfile of the TC‘s particpants:  be aged 18 or over,  be able to communicate in English,  have some experience in direct work with young people aged 13 - 19  be interested in personal development and be ready for deep emotinaly activities  be highly motivated to actively participate in the whole training and to contribute to the development of the programme and life of the group of the participants.About the venue and financial conditions...The seminar will take place in Crimea, Ukraine.Participants will be provided board and lodging. Particpants will be reimbursed 70% of their travel costsaccording to the rules of the Youth in Action programme.There will be particpation fee in amount of 30 EUROPart III must be sent both via e-mail to (scan version) and fax to: 0048 81 463 45 77Please, have a look at the first TC’s programme on next page and for further information contact:Eliza
  3. 3. OPEN THE FLOWER 10-17 October 2012, CRIMEA, UKRAINE **OPEN THE FLOWER ** CRIMEA, UKRAINE 10-17 October 2012 programme draftARRIVAL DAY 1 DAY – 11.10. 2 DAY – 12.10 3 DAY – 13.10 4 day – 14.10 5 DAY – 15.10 6 DAY -16.10 DEPARTURE DAY - 17.1010.10 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Getting to know each other Me Introduction to the Art therapy techniques Educational scenario Practicing debriefing Resources individual contact skills. Feedback intra and inter Final Evaluation Introduction to the Practicing Individual Practicing Individual Practicing Individual Practicing Individual Youthpass course / Hopes and fears Contact Contact Contact Contact Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Theatre and Drama Creating own Practicing debriefing Understanding the Understanding group techniques educational scenario skills. Feedback adolescents process. City rally for group of young people Practicing debriefing skills. Feedback Self-reflection time Self-reflection time Self-reflection time Self-reflection time Self-reflection timeDinner Dinner Dinner Dinner out Dinner Dinner DinnerWelcome evening Intercultural evening Relaxation Relaxation visualisation visualisation