editorialLe ReseauWhen the Euro-Med Youth Platform                                            Kevin Apap                  ...
Our White Sea                  Juliana santos is a former EVs volunteer and graduate in international relations; currently...
CHECK-IN                                     yet entered in contact with the European                                     ...
Our White Sea    as robert louis stevenson put it aptly, “youth is the time    to go flashing from one end of the world to...
task at all times. but the inspiration to       economic betterment of their community          ever that we support the p...
Your Better    Information is power. When choosing    between an i-Phone or an android, the                               ...
Silvia TerronLife Indexbalance between life and work? howdo you measure your well-being? is it                            ...
dule     Raluca Voinea                                      A European Awareness Mo                                       ...
as a response to the European Year ofVolunteering in 2011. This is the firstmodule to be developed along these lineswith a...
YOUR POWER                                                  to Empower You(th)                                            ...
life so far. One was when ten years ago       as well. What kind of activities there areour summer camp leader believed th...
international activities of different      under the goal of promoting a healthy           the Balkan member-organizations...
FeministSELF DEFENCE       a tool for empowering young women in NGO´s                   10 years ago I learned about a fan...
defence is a last resort. It is about how to    get a venue where they are able to talk                                   ...
EgyptianAssociationfor Science &Science Loversyouth are 50% of our present and 100% of ourfuture. we, the egyptian associa...
We apply such empowering through               gain good knowledge and information                   the youth have their ...
KnowledgeEuroscience Greece                                                                            outsideThe Greek re...
Youth     Empowerment                                                  The association Hodina H is a non-profit non-gorver...
Hodina H also runs leisure clubs. If the young people are skillful insomething and they want to share their knowledge, we ...
Challenges & Opportunities                                                  for empowerment in an international           ...
practicing of rights. They wanted to say           This faith and hope motivated                 This is our hope, and thi...
Le reseau-2011-english
Le reseau-2011-english
Le reseau-2011-english
Le reseau-2011-english
Le reseau-2011-english
Le reseau-2011-english
Le reseau-2011-english
Le reseau-2011-english
Le reseau-2011-english
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Le reseau-2011-english


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Le reseau-2011-english

  2. 2. editorialLe ReseauWhen the Euro-Med Youth Platform Kevin Apap Programme(EMYP) chose the theme of “Youth Officer EMYPEmpowerment through NGOs” for this Valletta, Maltayear’s edition of ‘Le Reseau’, one could Editorhave never imagined how fitting thistitle would have been, considering the NGOs having similar objectives. This yearever increasing need for young people to EMYP is glad to announce that our effortsbe empowered, especially during these brought together around 300 NGOs whodifficult times, both in the Meditteranean have joined our platform. While moreand European regions. This resulted in high than 2,600 members are following ourunemployment and austerity measures, Facebook page.affecting mainly young people. Another EMYP initiative, is the ‘Our One can say that today young people White Sea’ meeting. This is being heldare faced with far more challenges, such incollaboration with the Maltese Nationalas vulnerability in our society. Finding Agency for the Youth in Action programmetheir place in society has never been such and Salto-Youth Euro Med RC witha challenge. In fact this has become a the support of the Maltese and Turkishtop priority for many policy makers. The National Agencies. This aims at bringingcurrent changes, the mediterrean region is together NGOs and stakeholders from bothfacing, due to the politcal turmoil caused sides of the Mediterranean shores. These Published byby the Arab spring, while on the other will reflect various experiences NGO’s Euro-MEditErranEanhand the financial crises being dealth with have at organisational and management Youth PlatForMin the European regions has given rise level. This will help produce a comparativeto enormous considerations affecting the analysis of youth exemplary workchallenges as well as various decisions practices. Having great success in the pastbeing taken, by both young people and the two years, this year the meeting shall beyouth policy makers. held in Turkey commencing on the 7th- 9th It is in this environment that the December 2011.EMYP,launched in September 2003, After the success of last year’s hostEd bYaims to support youth NGOs within the issue of ‘Fund Hunt’, which you greatlyEuropean and Mediterranean regions and appreciated, EMYP is currently preparing ato create an environment of tolerance Fund Raising Toolkit to complement it.and mutual understanding. This is being With the help of many interestingdone by assisting them in networking and contributions from a range of stakeholderscapacity building, while at the same time we have managed to produce this 7th issueincreasing their participation and exchange of ‘Le Reseau’. We hope that through these Eupa, 36 old Mint streetgood practice. experiences and articles youth NGOs get Valletta Vlt 1514, Malta During this year, the EMYP more inspiration with regards to youthparticipated in the volunteering village empowerment. It is of great satisfaction to ContaCtevent held in Brussels, whereby we see how youth NGOs manage to sustian tel: +356 2558 6141 Fax: +356 2558 6139showcased the EMYP to both the youth themselves around the Euro-Mediterranean Email: euromedyp.eupa@gov.mtNGOs on a national and international level. region. This clearly relfects our goalDuring this event, the EruoMed Youth and for this reason, we ask you to keep www.euromedp.orgPlatform reiterated how the youth NGOs in touch. Any new ideas are welcome,can fully utilise our services: through the and you are invited to join the EMYP. Soeuromed website (http://www.euromedp. start now by becoming a member of ourorg). The main feature in this website is the facebook page and/or joining as a partnerSearch 4 Partners engine which facilitates in our platform through our websitethe creation of networks between youth This publication is supported financially by the European Community but does not necessarilyReflect its opinions or the opinions of the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Platform. 3
  3. 3. Our White Sea Juliana santos is a former EVs volunteer and graduate in international relations; currently, she is a Masters student in international relations with the arab and islamic World. in professional terms, Juliana santos is a youth worker as anEVE’s trainee and Check-in’s Projects Coordinator. In october 2010, I was given the opportunity of participating in “Our White Sea II - Networking for Sustainable Development”. During this three day seminar, I had the chance of being in contact with active and interesting people from 14 countries, both Programme and MEDA countries. This event enlarged my range of acquaintanceship and opened me some doors, such as: further knowledge on Youth in Action Programme as well as on Euro-med Youth IV Programme, personal and professional contacts and skills. I believe that volunteering - as a non formal education tool- is very important for the individual growth and also for contributing for a better and fairer society, with the values of solidarity and tolerance. By hosting and sending EVS volunteers, it would be a concrete opportunity to promote these values and an occasion to encourage and develop a real interest to enjoy EVS or other similar experiences in other young people of the local community. In Juliana Santos time, this experience could increase relationships and partnerships between our city and other youth realities abroad, in order to establish collaborations and/or links for future common youth activities. I would like to present you now the two Portuguese associations I’ve been working for the past months and the amazing work they’ve been developing, as they follow. This association would give • III Semana de Voluntariado complementary advice and support to the Oportunidade Para Ser Voluntário former EVS volunteers, helping them to (OPS)! 2011 (soon) (I’m the know and share their EVS experience, Coordinator of the all project) similarly to what happened in several other • 2010: AMICUS – Lisboa (Portugal) countries. ANEVE aims at promoting the Seminar: European Voluntary Service project • 30/11/2010 to 06/12/2010: EVS ANEVE within the Youth in Action Programme, by Crossing Associação Nacional de Ex- giving fully support to entities and both Voluntários Europeus (in English: National actual and former EVS volunteers prior Youth Exchanges: Ex-European Volunteers’ Association) to their departure, on-arrival, during and • 20/08/2010 to 30/08/2010: VoluntYOU has been empowering youth since the after the service. Also, ANEVE organises – Youth Obsessed with Useful Actions very first beginning of its existence, for information campaigns about EVS, – Lisbon (Portugal) the simple fact that it was founded by a workshops and training courses for EVS • 25/01/2009 to 31/01/2009: Cartoon group of Portuguese youngsters, who were volunteers and advocates the creation of in World Center – Konya (Turkey) former European Voluntary Service (EVS) the European Volunteer Statute. • 20/08/2008 to 30/08/2008: VoluntID volunteers. – Volunteer Intercultural Dialogue – The idea of creating a non-profit Some of the projects launched Alcoutim (Portugal) association for youngsters was formally by ANEVE: • 07/06/2008 to 13/06/2008 ITALIA created in October 2000, after a meeting • I Semana de Voluntariado Naples (Italy) that took place in Brussels, promoted by Oportunidade Para Ser Voluntário • 11/05/2008 to 20/05/2008: the European Commission. Later, it got the (OPS)! 2009 INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE support from the Instituto Português da • II Semana de Voluntariado THROUGH DANCE – Izmir Juventude (in English: Portuguese Youth Oportunidade Para Ser Voluntário (Turkey) Institute), the Portuguese National Agency (OPS)! 2010 (I was the responsible for • 07/01/2008 to 12/01/2008: ERYICA for the Youth in Action Programme and communication and logistic support – Cardiff (United Kingdom) Rota Jovem Association. during the all project)4
  4. 4. CHECK-IN yet entered in contact with the European Associação Check-In – Cooperação Voluntary Service but our organisation e Desenvolvimento (in English: wants to be involved in host, sending and Check-In Association – Cooperation coordinating EVS projects. and Development) is a non-profit youth association founded on 9th April 2010. Examples of some concrete projects: Check-In organizes activities at the Exchanges: local, national and international level • 30/07/2011 to 08/08/2011: INTO for young people between 16 and 30 THE GREEN – Be active in new years old, having a special concern for fields! – Vinci (Italy)Youth Initiative: the young people with less privileged • 26/07/2011 to 02/08/2011: Sharing• 05/2008 to 01/2009: KIT SVE access to the information and the roots, sharing traditions – Verín subsequent implementation of projects (Spain)European Voluntary Service: for youth mobility, when the reason has • 20/07/2011 to 30/07/2011: “Culture• 06/12/2010 to 12/12/2010: EVS kick to do with their geographical location, actually...” – Prague (Czech off to the year of volunteering their economic status or their personal Republic)• 08/2010 to 12/2010: EVS Voluntary situation. REC Check-In has 5 nuclei that operate Training Courses:• 10/10/2010 to 14/10/2010: SOHO – in five regions of Portugal. In the • 29/07/2011 to 06/08/2011: Trainer’s Coimbra (Portugal) south, you can find the association’s Laboratory – Brasov (Romania)• Several meeting of NEVA - http:// headquarters in Beja. In Tagus Valley • 01/07/2011 to 08/07/2011: area there’s the nucleus of Barreiro city. Volunteerism and Training• 11/01/2009: EVS MEETING POINT Lisbon region is in Lumiar (Lisbon). Methodologies – Ganziantep In the center of the country, Aveiro is (Turkey)Training Courses: representing the association. And in • 27/06/2011 to 05/07/2011: Drama• 11/12/2010 to 19/12/2010: FACE the northern area of Portugal, Braga Process: International Training IT! Training for Facilitators – Góis develops the association’s work in the Course on Drama Process & Raising (Portugal) (I was the responsible for community. Awareness about Social Exclusion – logistic support) Check-In has been working on the Coy (Spain)• 17/09/2010 to 24/09/2010: We Youth In Action mobility Programme, Cre8 the climate together – Velves by developing the following initiatives: Leonardo da Vinci programme: (Macedonia) seminars, exchanges and training 11/09/2011 to 11/12/2011 and• 11/05/2010 to 18/05/2010: Human courses. This year, Check-In started 11/02/2012 to 11/05/2012: DRAFT Rights: A tool for fighting against working with Leonardo da Vinci - Door Reaching Arts For Talent - poverty internship within the Lifelong Learning internship for 5 participants in Italy Programme. At the moment, it has not during 13 weeks. (soon) 5
  5. 5. Our White Sea as robert louis stevenson put it aptly, “youth is the time to go flashing from one end of the world to the other to try the manners of different nations; to hear the chimes at midnight; to see the sunrise in town and country; to be converted at a revival; to circumnavigate the metaphysics, write halting verses, run a mile to see a fire, and wait all day long in the theatre to applaud hernani.” Perhaps i did not have the chance ii’- the name attributed to the Mediterranean to experience all of the activities sea by the islamic world. however, since mentioned by robert louis but i did the roman domination extended from spain taste the dynamism of the youth from to Egypt, ‘Mare nostrum’ began to be used Mediterranean countries who gathered at in the context of the whole Mediterranean a serene place by the Maltese coast during sea. historical accounts verify that the a week-long seminar held in Malta in Mediterranean sea is ground for exchanging, 2010. i attended on behalf of Ceratonia sharing and learning. Foundation, a cultural wing of Malta Global economy is now more Green Party (alternattiva demokratika) internationalized than it has ever been. and that works in collaboration with long-term solutions, including systematic Nighat Urpani Green European Foundation in brussels, alternatives, to the north-south inequalities on raising awareness and on producing generated by plutocracy need to have an research projects on Green Economy and international dimension. being a youth Green living, for sustainable growth. the and living up to the expectations in this conference was named as ‘ our White sea increasingly globalised world is not an easy6
  6. 6. task at all times. but the inspiration to economic betterment of their community ever that we support the process of civilcontribute positively and excel can come organizations, are needed more than ever. societal reform by engaging youth fromfrom attending motivational seminars active civil organizations can be an answer north-south to sustain what is certain to befor youth, inclusive of youngsters sharing to the new accountable social democracy a long-term endeavor for development andexperiences and ideas from north and that secures involvement of individuals and securitysouth part of the world. Keeping this in numerous social groups, with a potential the seminar was an evidence of theview the seminar focused on participation to be an effective mechanism for meeting willingness shown by the Mediterraneanand empowerment , which are two the genuine interests and needs of local youth to make geographic proximity andessential driving forces of sustainable populations. it can hardly be contested geopolitical common interests a successdevelopment, by identifying the role and that the grassroots challenges need local through their commitment to a more openthe place of nGos towards Youth Policy solutions in each society, which vary and free cultural engagement and sharingin the Euro-Mediterranean context on depending on different political, economic of good practices in several fields. Their‘sustainable development’. the seminar and social needs of the communities. participation surely introduces new ideas,was co-organized by EuroMed Youth in the light of the current events enthusiasm and vision to influence regionalPlatform, the Maltese national agency taking shape in the Mediterranean, ‘A New relations in the Mediterranean in a positive(EuPa) for the Youth in action programme Response to a Changing Neighbourhood: manner.and salto-Youth EuroMed. A review of European Neighbourhood Youth, from both sides of the shores the conference brought together Policy’ 2 states that ‘the Eu is the main can share their ambitions and skillsnGos and individuals from both sides of trading partner for most of its neighbours. with varying degrees to enhance thethe Mediterranean shores. the participants sustainable development and job creation cultural integration and socio-economicfully participated and enjoyed the in partner countries benefits the EU as development in areas like transport,opportunity to reflect and discuss their well. … engagement between the energy and health, which slowly buildsexperiences at nGo organizational and Eu and its neighbours in areas such as the culture of co-development. stephenmanagement level. they also shared a education, strengthening and modernizing Covey explains in his book The 7 Habitsproductive analysis of good youth work social protection systems and advancing of Highly Effective People, that peoplepractices in their countries. women’s rights will do much to support with the ‘win’ mentality don’t necessarily i believe the seminar was a very our shared objectives of inclusive growth want someone else to lose. they thinkeffective technique to raise awareness and and job creation’.2 the document goes on in terms of securing their own ends andto share knowledge on different approaches to say that ‘Civil society plays a pivotal leaving it to others to secure theirs. in therequired, to actively involve young role in advancing women’s rights, greater Mediterranean region, every opportunitypeople in their community development, social justice and respect for minorities must be availed to strengthen political,rather than leaving youth to perceive as well as environmental protection and economic and cultural ties within andthemselves as passive recipients of public resource efficiency’ across the Euro-Mediterranean area.policy. there is a distinction between the the Eu clearly fully supports the Whilst congratulating the Maltese‘mechanical’ reformism with insistence on Civil society’s political role for non- national agency (EuPa) for the Youthexpert, scientific solutions and the ‘moral’ state actors through partnershipwith in action programme and salto-Youthreformism of liberal socialism which societies, helping them to develop their EuroMed for their excellent organizationemphasizes the need to involve the active advocacy capacity and their ability to of the seminar, we hope that youth fromsupport and involvement of civil society.1 monitor reform. Youth can play active the Mediterranean region will continue to there is no denying that the south part in regional integration. regional address both the causes and the symptomsis facing immense economic and integration refers to processes by which of disparities and security risks throughsocial challenges. to mention the few: states go beyond the removal of obstacles such seminars. these seminars clearlypoverty, low life-expectancy and youth to interaction their countries and create provide a space to work together onunemployment. the seminar clearly a regional space subject to some distinct specific projects, for mutual prosperity anddemonstrated that if the youth is given an common rules.3 the 21st century is marked security. today’s youth are tomorrow’sopportunity, they can prove themselves by contradictions and global dynamics due leaders and the Mediterranean is a commonas self-activating individuals and groups, the predominance of an economic, social, sea where our common interests and valuescapable of using their physical and political and cultural model that can neither flow.organizational resources. the world be applied universally nor consideredhas changed and social democracy is sustainable. there the demands of our 1 see lavalette, Michael and Pratt, allan. (2006) Social Policy: Theories, Concepts and Issues, 3rdconfronted by the realities of globalization, times is calling on the youth who believe ed., diversity and individualism. that another world is possible and that it is 2 Joint Communication by the high representative of the union for Foreign affairs and securityhowever, it goes without saying that possible to work within the framework of Policy and the European Commission, 25th Maya major part of the income and skills another political culture. it goes without 2011. 3 see best, Edward and Christiansen, thomas (2008)by local groups willing to engage in saying that at this historic moment in the ‘regionalism in international affairs’ in development work for socio- Mediterranean it is more essential than baylis et al The Globalisation of World Politics. oxford university Press 7
  7. 7. Your Better Information is power. When choosing between an i-Phone or an android, the the business of helping governments to identify the best policies for raising living to be used by governments and making it accessible to the public. because best university for what you want to study, standards. ultimately, the public is one of the best or who to vote for, we do our research. What makes the oECd so special is gauges for determining whether policies research can take the shape of asking that it is one of the most comprehensive are truly addressing societal needs. friends, following blogs or discussion sources of comparable data and statistical While measures like Gross domestic forums, or consulting the relevant reports. analysis. Countries submit their national Product (GDP), inflation and rate of Why do we do this? because we want to statistics (from unemployment rates to unemployment can be helpful for make the best decision. educational performance to development comparing countries, as individuals it in the same way, policy makers aid) and the oECd harmonises the can be difficult to see how these translate consult various sources of information and information, making countries comparable into our daily lives. the oECd has been stakeholders before taking important policy and recommending better policies based on working to assess the limits of these decisions. Why do they do this? to ensure shared experiences. measurement tools and to identify new, they are choosing the best option for their these recommendations are to policy- more comprehensive measures to capture constituents given their constraints. makers what lonely Planet is to vacation well-being. in 2004, we launched the in both cases, we compare ourselves planning: they empower governments to Global Project on Measuring societal with others (be it friends or countries) to make the most-informed decisions. Progress to involve more stakeholders in see whether we can find guidance in their We believe that an informed public is this discussion. other initiatives, like the example or learn from their experiences. also a powerful force in helping policy- stiglitz Commission on the Measurement makers identify what problems need to of Economic Performance and social The Organisation for Economic be addressed. An informed public is an Progress, have also contributed to this Co-operation and Development empowered public. the more informed debate. (the OECD) is a key resource that the public is, the better able it is to governments, business people, workers, advocate for what it considers essential and We began this process by asking activists, academics, students, the media thus influence policy makers accordingly. a simple question: How’s life? and citizens look to for policy advice. our Better Life Initiative is aimed What do you need to improve your For fifty years, the OECD has been in at taking the information traditionally life? is it better education? or a better8
  8. 8. Silvia TerronLife Indexbalance between life and work? howdo you measure your well-being? is it needed for the progress of your society. With this in mind, we created country-specific information on the quality of life across the oECd area, and contains, a tool thatthe same thing for all people in your Your Better Life Index (www. links to hundreds of freely-accessiblecommunity? Is there really a one-size-fits- oECd publications.all solution? enables users to choose which elements Most importantly, please take a are most important to them. based on your moment to create your better life indexYou tell us. What is most choices, you can generate a personal index and share it—with friends, on Facebook,important for your well-being? that ranks oECd countries according on twitter, and especially with us. once to your individual priorities. once your a representative number of indexes haveYour Better Life Index choices have been made, you are able to been shared, we can begin to piece together the oECd has taken an initial step explore by country and by topic. a more complete picture of well-being—to identify the elements of well-being. is education at the top of your list? is one that truly represents you.they are: jobs, income, governance, it life satisfaction? What is your country The OECD will use these findingsenvironment, housing, education, doing about it and is it working? how to guide our future work and thecommunity, work-life balance, health, are other countries doing and why? What recommendations we give to yoursafety and life satisfaction. While not an policies could be applied to improve your governments. it’s a win-win situation:exhaustive list, these dimensions enable us country? With Your Better Life Index, you you’re informed, we’re informed,to begin measuring and comparing well- are able to learn more about the social governments are informed, we are allbeing beyond GdP, the most traditional and economic policies currently in place informed and in a better position to act.indicator of progress. in your country and how they compare to the future is in all of our hands. We this year we are proud to present our others. hope that this tool will help us all makefindings through an interactive platform the data has many applications. better policies for better lives. bli@oecd.orgthat places citizens in the driver’s seat. this Whether you are student studying for a For questions, please contact us at:is crucial to the policy-making process school project or a member of an nGobecause while the oECd can provide wanting to strengthen a proposal, Yourobjective information, only you the public Better Life Index can be used as a researchcan judge what is most important and most tool. the website provides detailed 9
  9. 9. dule Raluca Voinea A European Awareness Mo desk on Volunteering from Euro Eurodesk The European awareness modules are The first European Awareness module part of Eurodesk’s ongoing strategy of from Eurodesk (”… so you think you communicating with young people about know it all?”) was specifically targeted why the European Union is important to towards encouraging ordinary young HYHO-Closing moment: At the end of the session, participants write their commitment on them, what opportunities exist in Europe people to address the issue of European a piece of paper, they turn into a paper plane, for young people and to encourage any citizenship in their everyday lives. they make it fly and then they grab one (not young people, who wish, to take some The second European awareness their own). In a month time, they have to get in contact with each other, and see how they are form of action as part of their role as module, Help Yourself by Helping Others! going with their commitment. European Citizens. (HYHO!) has been designed by Eurodesk10
  10. 10. as a response to the European Year ofVolunteering in 2011. This is the firstmodule to be developed along these lineswith a specific focus on one policy area –volunteering. The European Commissionhas promoted and supported volunteeractivities by young people for manyyears, and the current European Year ofVolunteering allows the profile of volunteeractivity by young people to be raised stillfurther. Each help Yourself by helpingothers! session is intended to involvearound 20-25 young people, fromschools, youth organisations and otherlocal youth structures, in looking at theirown communities to find evidence ofthe impact of Eu policies and to explorethe opportunities, locally, nationally andinternationally for volunteering. The one-hour interactive sessions endby encouraging the young participants During a Hyho session. participants in a HYHO! session writing down on the participants’to take some concrete action to make resource papera difference in their own lives byvolunteering themselves. The sessions areled by Eurodesk trained professionals;these are often the Eurodesk Multipliers HYHO! sessions are organised in each For further information regardingwho are already working locally with country through the co-ordination of the volunteering in other 32 Europeanyoung people and European information national Eurodesks. All materials needed countries or EU in general, pleasethroughout the EU. The module itself has to run HYHO! sessions (tutor’s manual browse through the Volunteering pagesbeen planned to require the minimum including the methodology for running of the European Youth Portal:amount of equipment or technology the session, background information, deliver it, since we cannot be sure participant’s resources, feedback forms) are exchanges/index_eu_en.htmlthat every venue would have the latest available through the Eurodesk or technology available. If you are interested to find out more Raluca Voinea Through HYHO! sessions young about the HYHO! module, please do not Eurodesk aisblparticipants benefit from being better hesitate to get in touch with our national Scotland Houseinformed about Europe and the Eurodesks: Rond-Point Schuman 6opportunities for volunteering in Europe B-1040 Brusselsand in their local communities, while the The Eurodesk website includesprofessionals involved have the chance volunteering and other opportunities for www.eurodesk.euto develop new skills and gain new young people. Find a path that’s right forexperience from using this approach. you on 11
  11. 11. YOUR POWER to Empower You(th) Stimulate.Approve.Give power to. Raise confidence in one-self and others. Make things happen. Encourage. These are some of the synonyms that you can find to probably one of the most Vaslika Lalevska Treasurer of ACTIVE-Sobriety, awakening words of today - Empower. Friendship and Peace The basics I might not know the exact answer to Starting since the 1960s in the USA, the first part of the question but I can give with the purpose to give the power to the a definite “YES” to the second one - if students to take up roles in the political and you think back, you would be surprised social life, youth empowerment has grown in the number of people and their actions and spread, nowadays being defined as the that have stimulated you in life - it’s your process of making individuals aware of high-school teacher who encouraged you to their influence or power and enabling take your fine-tuned singing to the annual them to use it when dealing with other New Year’s show; the coach that says that people. yes, you can run the last lap if you persist; What empowerment basically includes the neighbor who sent her children to is the ability to make decisions, the your street puppet-show to show support confidence to take action, the positive and even the cheerful mice in the cartoon attitude towards change, the positive image “Cinderella” who by standing together of one-self and finally, the efforts you make made you sure that teamwork is the way to spread all these elements to your friends, not only to make a dress for Cinderella, ACTIVE - SobRIETy, FRIEndShIp but also to make great things happen. family and peers - to empower others. And And pEACE is a European youth Sometimes, it is the surprisingly minor the list is not exhaustive. This statement umbrella organization gathering things and actions that can boost the major itself brings a question on its own - do you youth from all over Europe who enthusiasm in you. feel empowered, or even further, have you has decided to lead a sober lifestyle. I can say this for myself; I have had ever been empowered by someone in your ACTIVE considers alcohol consumption these moments a couple of times in my environment? as an obstacle for the development of individuals and the society and focuses its work on making the world a little more drug-free. Existing for 21 year now, ACTIVE is consisted of 34 organizations from 23 different countries (Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Norway, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine) , with aspirations and plans to spread even further. ACTIVE closely cooperates with noRdGU, and is a member of IoGT International, Eurocare, The European youth Forum and UnITEd for Intercultural Action. For more information about ACTIVE, visit www.activeeurope.org12
  12. 12. life so far. One was when ten years ago as well. What kind of activities there areour summer camp leader believed that that can stimulate the empowerment withinmy English was good enough to greet the you(th)? Varied and overlapping in severalaudience that came to see our performance. categories, starting from writing for theTwo, was when six years ago, I was school newspaper to volunteering in theinvited by my class mate to take part in a local youth club!seminar that was organized by ACTIVE, anumbrella organization working to make the • Individual and peer engagement -world a bit more drug-free. I think it was taking up seminars, courses, language,the blend of a few more, but mainly these art or violin classes, joining the localtwo, which led me to taking up university football or tennis team or putting up • Community engagement andstudies carried out in English language, a stand with yours and your siblings’ active citizenship- identifying withto get interested in the further youth-led craftwork. These are examples of a particular cause in the social,activities the organization offered, to activities that will encourage a person economic or political sphere and takingbecoming part of the Board of ACTIVE- to improve on an individual level or up activities to raise awareness andSobriety, Friendship and Peace and to to stimulate this within the nearer be involved in the decision makingultimately writing this article. environment; process. Pollution, promoting healthy lifestyle, equal opportunities, betterThe what & how of youth • School/University engagement - it treatment of senior citizens, educatingempowerment is delightful to hear how a today’s youth through organizing sessions or Nowadays, the focus on youth successful journalist has started founding youth clubs are some of theempowerment is increasing. What is their interest in writing through the causes and activities.being stressed out is the need, use and schools’ newspaper. The interests onethe personal satisfaction that every young experiences while in the education • Intercultural/Internationalperson can experience after determining process (formal or non-formal), from engagement - the willingness tohis/her interests, connecting them with writing for the schools newspaper, understand and learn other cultures anda cause or an action and spreading the being part of the environmental section, promote your own, the desire to seefeeling to their peers. This is the essence taking the main role in a musical or how things are perceived and functionof empowerment and it is applicable not participating in a science competition among your country’s subculturesonly when it comes to education or work can sometimes make a good career and and abroad can not only stimulate abut to free time, hobbies and private life interest choice. person to participate in intercultural/ 13
  13. 13. international activities of different under the goal of promoting a healthy the Balkan member-organizations and kind but also to organize them, with lifestyle, free form alcohol and other drugs; the campaign of the Swedish member the desire to wake up a similar interest and a democratic, diverse and peaceful organization UNF called FAKE among your peers. Also known as “to environment that encourages youth FREE, a think-tank analyzing alcohol empower”. potential. So we are talking about young cultures and myths and answering What all these activities have people who identify themselves with a the question about the line between in common, aside the overlap in the particular cause and through their interest partying and drunkenness.1 In fact, the categories, is the fact that although they and skills educate, raise awareness and mentioned activities include many of might be initiated by individuals, they empower, all for the vision of making the the empowerment elements explained almost never stay on an individual level. world a bit more alcohol-free. above - and may I add that this is how it is Instead, they spread and tend to attract How it is NOT done? By pointing ACTIVE-done, for the past 20 years! more people - people who followed their fingers or blackening alcohol users! To conclude with, I will use a quote interests and joined the workshop on Instead - through the two annual seminars from Gandhi: “Be the change you want to photography you organized and the same it organizes, ACTIVE provides peer see in the world”! And there are two ways people who will refer their camera-skilled capacity building on youth rights, values to spread the light of change – to be the friend to apply for the trainer position and participation, project writing and candle or the mirror that reflects it. It is you are offering. What is also common, communication; an alcohol-free and time that you choose your way! and what follows, is that same-minded workshop-full summer place through the people tend to group and are guided by annual summer camps and a chance to Further references on ACTIVE: a drive, very often a non-monetary one. display creativity and to work on the issue • ACTIVE web page - • Human Rights Generation - http://www. Hence, this makes them initiators of non- of human rights through the campaigns. governmental organizations (nGos) and What makes the activities unique is that • FAKE FREE - volunteering, two very important elements they are sober and much more fun. Further references on youth empowerment and of youth empowerment. ACTIVE in its work includes building daily dose of inspiration: • Kelly Curtis, M.S. - Empowering Youth (How to and sharing skills and spreading youth Encourage Young Leaders to do Great Things), ACTIVE’s way of being active potential; especially in the ongoing Search Institute Press, 2008 • TED Ideas Worth Spreading - Focusing on youth empowerment campaign “human Rights Generation”, • II Youth Convention on Volunteering - http:// encourages me to share how ACTIVE where the focus is set on videos on the • International Year of Volunteers - http://www. - Sobriety, Friendship and peace is treatment of human rights in Europe; stepping up. Under the ACTIVE volunteer- the balkan seminar, initiated by the • Youth For Human Rights - http://www. based umbrella one can find 23 countries Norwegian organization Juvente for the • A list of little things we should appreciate - http:// and 34 member organizations, all united purpose of increasing the capacities of
  14. 14. FeministSELF DEFENCE a tool for empowering young women in NGO´s 10 years ago I learned about a fantastic tool all women in all different shapes and ages for empowering young women! and it’s not about strength or technique During my many years in working but about a will and a feeling of being with NGO´s, the women’s movement and valuable. young people I have tried different tools of Feminist Self Defence is a good tool empowerment. The best by far is Feminist to use in an NGO. Here the participants Self Defence. probably know each other a bit, which The fundament of Feminist Self makes the environment safe and also Defence is that all women are valuable and gives the opportunity to practice and use worth defending. It is about taking back Feminist Self Defence on regular bases. the right to her own body, about turning To make sure that the participants are Anija Johansson fear to anger and readiness of action, about safe, both mentally and physically, it is seeing solutions instead of threats. The important to remember that Feminist Self starting point of Feminist Self Defence is Defence should be done by a trainer with a that girls and women in different ways are lot of experience of this method. being exposed to boys and men’s violations To create a good and safe environment and violence. Feminist Self Defence gives for the young women participating, boys women an opportunity to practise setting and men are not allowed to take part in limits and defending themselves with their Feminist Self Defence. It should be an mind, voice and body. It is designed to fit opportunity for young women to meet on 15
  15. 15. defence is a last resort. It is about how to get a venue where they are able to talk handle a threatening situation with simple about issues focusing on being a young and effective kicks and punches. woman. Feminist Self Defence shows them that although all women are different Methods individuals they share a lot of experiences In Feminist Self Defence I work with from being women. They get a chance different non formal learning methods. to share experiences with other young I use different games to make the group women, a sense of belonging to a bigger of participants relaxed, to laugh and feel context and an awareness of their situation at ease. I use different exercises to help and rights as women in our society. the participants to get in touch with their Feminist Self Defence gives the bodies, feelings and boundaries. I use participants access to tools for empowering different role-plays for the participants themselves and other women, it to work out and try strategies for solving strengthens their self esteem and break uncomfortable or threatening situations them free from oppression, it strengthens in a safe environment. I invite the group their self confidence which helps them to use their voices, to scream and sing to to overcome social or personal barriers, learn how strong their voices actually are. it raises their awareness and knowledge I invite them to discussions, reflection about their rights and how to defend these, rounds and -groups to discuss topics and it gives them strength to participate in the issues important to young women. Topics society on the same conditions as boys and issues they might not be able to deal and men, it supports the emancipation and with anywhere else. It is important for the inclusion of young women. By practicing participants to be able to share and to learn Feminist Self Defence the participants their own terms, to share experiences as from other young women’s experiences. gain power through awareness, mental and young women. It is important to explain In reflection rounds everyone get the physical strength, solidarity with other this for the young men in your NGO. I opportunity to speak their mind and the young women, they get access to their own find it very useful to invite young men to reflection groups give young women a resources and possibilities by talking about give them information and an opportunity chance to share in smaller groups. and dealing with them in different ways, to discuss Feminist Self Defence, to make they get a bigger control over their own sure that they understand why they can Outcomes lives through awareness of their strengths not participate but also to give them the The most important outcome of and their rights. All this enables young opportunity to discuss issues like gender Feminist Self Defence is the empowerment women to reach their aspirations and goals. equality, gender based violence, gender of the participants. It provides both And last but not least – Feminist roles and self esteem. Boys and young men immediate and long term empowerment. Self Defence brings a lot of joy, laughter are, of course, also in need of discussing Participating young women explain and happiness to the participating young issues like this and should therefore be how strong they feel, both mentally and women. given the chance to discuss their role in our physically, how good it feels to discuss society. issues concerning men’s violence against women, gender inequality, difficult What is Feminist Self Defence? situations in school or at work, how Please contact me for more Feminist Self Defence consists of three important it is to be reminded of their right information about how you can work parts. The mental self defence deals with to their own feelings and the right to say with Feminist Self Defence self esteem and self image. It’s a chance no. And they just can’t stop shouting No! in your NGO. for the participant to recognise that she is No! No! valuable and worth defending, to recognise Feminist Self Defence heightens Anija Johansson that she have the right to set limits and the participant’s awareness of their own National and international trainer. focus on her own needs. The mental self physical strength. They get in touch with defence raises the participant’s awareness their body and experience how they can about the right not to be abused or feel safe with and use their whole body I have been involved in NGOs for 12 years. I started in the womens mistreated in any way. The right to say no to defend themselves. They get a sense of movement but soon became involved and the right to her own body and feelings. their body being theirs, being a subject and in different youth organisations. I have The verbal self defence deals with body not an object. been involved both on a voluntary base and as employed. I have been a trainer language, breathing and voice. It’s about Feminist Self Defence gives the on a national and international level recognising how to handle threatening or participants an opportunity to experience since 2001. Today I work partly as a offending situations with body language solidarity. They experience the importance trainer, both as free lance and for the Swedish NGO Kvinnofridskompetens/ and voice. It is about practising what to and strength of support between young Competence for Womens Safety” – say and how to say it. The physical self women. They connect to each other and Anija Johansson16
  16. 16. EgyptianAssociationfor Science &Science Loversyouth are 50% of our present and 100% of ourfuture. we, the egyptian association for scienceand scientist lovers, recognize our organization’srole of developing the youth through the differentprograms that would empower the youth of egypt.Ibrahem Shahawy GabreHead of the organization 17
  17. 17. We apply such empowering through gain good knowledge and information the youth have their periodical many ways in different fields. We believe from these scientists. While visiting meeting every month to discuss their that youth represent our future and that these factories and companies the youth requirements. these requirements are nonformal learning is the first step to understand the production process and how sent to the board of directors, of which empower them. For this reason we organise we save our environment during production. the youth are represented, for discussion seminars, listening circles, workshops and We offer to them opportunities of training during their periodic meeting in order to round tables for discussion about youth in these factories and priority to work after assess its plausibility. problems, society problems and how we graduation. in our projects we choose one of the can balance between youth requirements in addition to non formal learning we youth to be the coordinator of the project and our society problems. in addition to care about our poor youth through soft loans in order to acquire the experience and these activities, nonformal education is programs in which our organization apply skills of project performance. We also carried out by periodical visits to research simple training for youth about some jobs and look for talented youth in schools and centers, factories and companies in which hand crafts to allow them for best investment universities who would be eager to take youth can exchange ideas with researchers of the soft loans. We have processed about 500 part of the science Club established by our and scientists. these help them understand soft loans for both genders, allowing them to organization, and to apply their scientific the process of researches and in addition start their own project. ideas and simple experiments.18
  18. 18. KnowledgeEuroscience Greece outsideThe Greek regional section of Euroscienceis a non-governmental, non-profit and outside schools, in cooperation with European Institutions. The photo contest, the cityorganization, which aims at promoting as well other educational programmes the project aims to disseminatescience & technology, as well as policy- we have developed, have been awarded a knowledge to kids and youth, aged 8-18,making in the field of research and Netdays distinction. by demonstrating scientific, hands-ondevelopment at national level. Euroscience-Greece is also putting experiments in the field of molecular Euroscience is the National Contact an emphasis on deprived social groups biology, photonics, earth and spacePoint (NCP) for the Action “Science in (i.e. people with disabilities, migrants science. We use special designed kits forSociety “of the EU’s FP7, and we have etc) and their relation with science. The molecular biology, advanced geophysicalsigned the European Commission Chart project “Accessibility to Knowledge” equipment (seismographs, groundon Research and Technology. The branch is quite illustrative of our goals, since penetrating radars, magnetometers etc.)assembles a multidisciplinary pool of it aimed at investigating the extent to for the earth science experiments andexperts and has supporters, friends and which Greek Universities and public web2 tools for space science. our newvolunteers all over the country. libraries are accessible to people with addition for this year’s programme is the Euroscience-Greece is running a mobility problems and visual, or hearing photonics experiments, where kids canseries of activities in the field of science impairments. Meanwhile, we are also learn about lasers and the light in general& technology communication to the wider running the programme “Knowledge and how this can be used in severalpublic and unprivileged social groups. outside the city”, aiming at giving children applications from telecommunicationsEuroscience is a founding member of who come from geographically secluded to medicine. science cafes areNYEX (Network of Youth Excellence), areas access to research and innovation. complementary being used as a teachingan international network of NGOs and FARE week, usually organized tool. Each event is a three day one with aOrganizations under the auspices of NATO in mid-October, is one more of our day of basic lectures on each topic and aand UNESCO, which aims at promoting activities. Among others, activities include workshop designed for teachers, two daysgifted students to the world’s best research programmes that bring together science full of experiments and a short evaluationlaboratories. Under this programme, Greek and the arts, like hologram exhibitions where kids and teachers evaluate thestudents visited the X-lab of Gottingen and visual art performances inspired project and propose new topics and ideas.University in the summer of 2005. by scientific disciplines - organized in the project is supported by united Way Euroscience has established the cooperation with art exhibition venues- as Worldwide in collaboration with theScientific Awards event -organized in well as the organization of conferences and amgen Foundation.Greece for the first time. The Awards are seminars.given to book publishers on the merit Euroscience-Greece has categorizedof their work in the field. In the days its activities under the followingfollowing and preceding the Awards, working groups: “Gender and Science”, More information regarding the projecta series of events -which make up the “Technology & Innovation Dissemination”, info@euroscience.grScience Book Week- take place, and aim “Society and Science”, “Scientific Bookat bringing science and scientific readings Policy” and “Mobility For Disability”. Euroscience Greececloser to the wider public. Our section is open to the public, nCP for sis. One of our major concerns is children companies and organizations in order to Gr. lampraki 93, 18532and their relation with innovation and provide information on issues relative to Piraeus, Greeceresearch. In this respect, we organize the Action “Science in Society”, as well tel. 30 210 4226855a science photo contest for children as on other EU projects and activites. Fax.30 210 4114788on an annual basis. In addition, we are Membership for individuals is free ofdeveloping educational programmes inside charge. 19
  19. 19. Youth Empowerment The association Hodina H is a non-profit non-gorvernmental organization based in Pelhrimov in the Czech Republic. The aims of Hodina H are non-formal education, youth leisure, information for young people, motivation and support of young people, development of knowledge and skills of young people, development of the international cooperation, development of the civil society. Our main target group is children and youth till 26 years old however we work with other specific groups as other non-profit organizations, elderly and others. Youth empowerment is mostly about young people and showing the possibilities to make decisions, to be actively involved in the life around us and to create better society. And how does that Hodina H? Hodina H runs many different activities which enable young people being the real part of the life around. We can mention Youth information centre, traditional events, leisure clubs, international projects and youth parliaments. The first named was the Youth information centre Pelhrimov. youth information centre pelhrimov supports, informs, directs, consults and helps. Also it provides many Eva Havlickova services such as providing information for free, wi-fi zone, other IT stuff and European information network for youth Eurodesk and Youth in action programme. Now back to Eva havlickova works in the the youth empowerment. The young people can meet in the Youth information centre and association hodina h in Pelhrimov, organize some activites. Also they can use the online services of the Youth information Czech republic. the association centre. It is publishing their own event or to share their opinions about different topics in Hodina H in a non-profit non- the online forum. governmental organization established Our organization runs some traditional events too. These events are actually running on 4th January 2002 and is registered thanks to the volunteers, the young people helping to organize these kinds of events for at the Ministry of internal affairs in the public. The young people contribute to the society life and they get something for that Czech republic. its mission is to get – refreshments for free during the event, certificate about the voluntary work and most and provide information mainly for importanly the good feeling. children and youth, education support, getting to know new things, personal development, quality leisure spending, development of international cooperation, support of volunteering and education to citizenship. Ms. havlickova has been working in the position of project manager for the last 5 years after being engaged as a volunteer with hodina h while studying at the university. her job includes a lot of various activities and responsibilities. she is responsible for some leisure clubs for youth and elderly, international projects and part of the promotion field. www.hodinah.cz20
  20. 20. Hodina H also runs leisure clubs. If the young people are skillful insomething and they want to share their knowledge, we support them inorganizing their leisure club, promotion of it and running it during the year. Another type of activities are international projects. The youngpeople can participace in the international projects in the frame of variousprogrammes such as Youth in action, Europe for citizens and so on. Theparticipation is connected with expressing of their opinions, preparation andrealization of presentations and follow-up. The follow-up is mostly in theform of creating new future project. The projects allow to the young peopleto change their surroundings, their life and the life of the society and theirpersonal development at the same time. If they need a guide to go through thewhole project making process we are there to help them with everything andhelp with orientation in all that kind of stuff. But the work is up to them, theyhave to do the steps on their own. The last part of Hodina H work concerning youth empowerment throughNGO is participation through children and youth parliaments. Hodina Hcoordinates the Children and youth parliament Pelhrimov where are therepresentatives of the primary and secondary schools in Pelhrimov and alsoit coordinates the Children and youth parliament Vysocina – the regionallevel. The young people have the posibility to discuss and change the mattersconcerning themselves in their school, city, region and also they have chanceto meet the local politicians responsible for the youth policy in the town orregion thanks to the youth parliaments. Recently we have organized our traditional event Dancing region.Dancing region runs every year at the beginning of June and it is a non-competitive dancing exhibition of dancing groups, clubs or teams from theVysocina region in the Czech Republic. The volunteers of Hodina H are atthe place from 7 o‘clock in the morning until 5 or 6 o‘clock in the afternoon.They help with groups registrations, dancing hall decoration, preparation ofadditional activities for chidlren, helping to move things to the shop withrefreshments, helping to the sound engineer, controling special points withvarious activities (games for children, selling toys, information point aboutvolunteering and Hodina H, tasting delicious chocolate etc.), welcomingcelebrity, serving drinks and snacks for the jury, welcoming visitors at theentrance... They are moving all over the place, here, there, everywhere. Thething is that it is Hodina H event but the thruth is that it wouldn‘t be possiblewithout the volunteers and their help. 21
  21. 21. Challenges & Opportunities for empowerment in an international youth ngo: considerations on the experience of the world organisation of young esperantists After several years as a volunteer in to cooperate in an international team, various organisations, I cannot but trying to bridge cultural differences recognize that these experiences have through listening and mutual recognition. contributed significantly to my growth They discuss, exchange views, exercise at a personal and professional level. Now democracy, take decisions and assume that I work in an NGO, I often wonder responsibility. Manuela Ronco how to ensure that its activities do not only It’s important to realize that these provide quality service to those who use outcomes are not created from nothing, Project officer TEJO – World Organisation it, but are also the result of an educational never take them for granted. Often of Young Esperantists. and rewarding process for those who carry it’s necessary to delay the operational Email: them out. employment of the volunteers, to devote The efforts put into the commitment time and energy to supervision, to segment after one year of full-time in NGOs enrich society, but are also full tasks into smaller ones, tailored to the volunteering in the headquarters of of positive findings for young people who skills of the youngsters, and make them tEJo in rotterdam, now Manuela choose this kind of activity. The associative feel supported and accompanied. Working works at distance as a project officer, participation helps to shape the identity at an international level, being scattered supporting and coordinating the of youngsters, who are preparing to enter around the world, these objectives are even activity of the organisation, which is fully into the adult society, or are taking more challenging. Experience taught us based on the commitment of young their first steps in it. Through volunteering, to face this with creativity and awareness, volunteers located in all the world. they can as well strengthen their taking advantage of the opportunities given knowledge, their skills and the network of by technology, always questioning our TEJO promotes international relationships to which they may refer later practices, aiming at the dialogue without understanding through meetings, in their path [Ambrosini 20051] denying the conflict. Youth empowerment educational programs and the use of In the World Organisation of Young cannot but be the result of a process of the international and neutral language Esperantists (TEJO), and in its 44 national empowerment of the NGO itself. In TEJO Esperanto. the organisation defends sections, young people are working these two aspects go hand in hand because cultural richness of language diversity, together to spread the international its leaders are young volunteers as well, human rights of language minorities language Esperanto by enjoying it. And, experimenting their leadership, sometimes and global understanding through easy doing that, they are learning to organize making mistakes, surely learning and access to our network of international an event, to edit a magazine, to run a improving. contacts. the use of Esperanto is the web radio, to speak in public, to seek 1. ambrosini Maurizio, scelte solidali. l’impegno cornerstone of our efforts. funds, to manage them and to relate with per gli altri in tempi di soggettivismo. bologna, il institutions. But there’s more. They learn Mulino, 2005. isbn 88-15-10218-3.22
  22. 22. Yes thYOUCan A VOICE SHOUTING IN THE STREETS, MAKE STRAIGHT THE WAY OF THE DEMOCRACYyoung people across the Arab states What were their peers in Egypt,hung their hopes for decades on their Algeria, and Libya looking for?leaders who promised them reformations What did the youth in yemen,and changes which never happened. bahrain, and Syria lack to make such aAnd in many countries the shift towards challenging move?positive change was so small to predict. What triggered kings of Moroccodemocracy was out of reach in Arab and Jordan to start instant reformationsworld and these leaders, whom I grew in the constitutions?up with knowing no leaders in my region Simply speaking, young peopleother than them, would stay in power needed a real change and they wereuntil their death. Another chance of the seeds of change. young people needpassing on their power to their sons after a change which ensures a sustainablethem was revealed in many countries. future for the youth generations. They What were the young people who need a future which will secure equalinitiated the revolution in Tunisia opportunities for all citizens wheresearching for? each and every citizen enjoys the full 23
  23. 23. practicing of rights. They wanted to say This faith and hope motivated This is our hope, and this is the faith no for corruption, no for manipulating thousands of Arab youth to move that youth could carry to Europe. power, no for unemployment, no for forward and yes they did the change With this faith, we will be able to poverty, no for discrimination, and no they waited for decades to see. young move up investing in our assets. With this for emergency laws. Instead, Arab youth people should not surrender and must faith, we will be able to transform our wanted to say yes for democracy, yes for keep struggling until they get involved in societies into a beautiful symphony of just development, and yes for a new civil decision making. Until the governments sustainable brotherhood and sisterhood. state able to cater its citizens. They knew make the youth the heart of the new With this faith, we will be able to work that their recent traditional leadership governments policies and plans. They together, to pray together, to struggle would not be able to solve the problems should be given the space they deserve, together, to go to win together, to stand up our societies are facing for decades in the rewarding their movement towards a for development together, knowing that same way they created them. better future for their society. we will be in a better place one day. As A new era had begun; and the Arab It is the responsibility now for these Martin Luther King once said, I ‘m citing youth started to realize that the spirit of young people to form the new leadership here: young people should be replacing these of our Arab countries, a leadership able Let freedom ring from the shores of traditional old ideologies which do not fit to invest in our potentials and focus the Arab Gulf in the east to the sores of for the current global trends. With their on the capacity building of this vital the Atlantic in the west. innovative knowledge and creative skills generation. our European friends have Let freedom ring from the snow of and the proactive education patterns, a role in supporting Arab youth to build Lebanon and Syria in the north to the young people are able to fill in the gap their competences in human Rights, Grand Sahara in the south.. and address the needs of society because dialogue, and development in order to Let freedom ring in palestine and after all two thirds of Arab societies are build a region of peace and prosperity Iraq. made up of youth. and a strong bond between the two Let freedom ring from every village These young people are seeking shores. and town in all southern Mediterranean to be proactive in their communities We cannot walk alone and we need shore. and societies rather than passive and for sure the support of our global friends And when this happens, we will be voiceless. Many of them were looking who kept showing their solidarity for able to speed up that day when all of Arab for such decent lifestyles and formal and our causes in the region. youth, women and men, Jews, Christians non- formal educational systems similar And as we walk, we must make the and Muslims and all faiths, will be able to their peers in the northern shore of pledge that we shall always look ahead to join hands and sing in the words of the the Mediterranean. They were looking to see young people in leadership and old Slaves song: into similar democratic and powerful our countries in better positions than it Free at last! Free at last! economic and social systems that exist in is now. I have a dream and it must be true developed countries, and to have their There are governments who are still and I should like to see that power same social capacity to invest in their asking the demonstrators, “When will within the youth to work with each potential and to develop their countries, you be satisfied and the state is trying other in order to get the power over which unfortunately became a property to provide your basic needs?” We can leading their societies towards the best and asset of the ruling families and their never be satisfied as long as the youth they can. A dream made by these young supporters for decades. are the victims of the poorly- planned people, whose campaigns for freedom policies. We can never be satisfied as and rights have all been fought and long as our bodies are heavy with the lost, whose structures have crumbled, fatigue of searching for jobs in towns writings were unread, voice is unheard, and cities and find nothing. We cannot and prayers were not answered. Go be satisfied as long as youth are used as a ahead, empower these young people who puppet for politicians’ interests. We are made it. See if you can offer the best for not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied their professional development. Send until “youth justice rolls down like them into these youth programs and waters, and youth empowerment like a activities to learn about human rights and mighty stream.” intercultural dialogue. Motivate them Therefore, even though we face the to be the leaders of tomorrow. Then see difficulties of today and tomorrow, Arab if they will not lead, work and organize youth still have a dream. It is a dream projects for development and democracy. Melhem Mansour deeply rooted in the common Arabic Currently the EU is in the phase of Country-Specific expert dream. reflection over its neighborhood policies. Local advice and support- Syria youth have a dream that one day the The EU budget should be reviewed to Regional Capacity building Initiative II (RCbI II) Arab nation will rise up and live out the empower these young people who were EU project true meaning of its mission: “Wisdom, the seeds of change and who carry the dialogue, and Civilization” responsibility to lead a positive transition Active in Euro- Med youth program Arab youth have a dream today! in their perspective countries.24