Shortcut to Europe:                 European Union                Embassies’ Saturday, May 12          Open House         ...
MapParticipating Embassies                          Austria: 3524 International Court, NW    France: 4101 Reservoir ...
EMBASSY OF AUSTRIA                                    EMBASSY OF DENMARK                                  wine on the Emba...
Admission is free,           but please bring identification.Some Embassies will conduct security checks.Please avoid brin...
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EU Embassies' Open House Brochure


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EU Embassies' Open House Brochure

  1. 1. Shortcut to Europe: European Union Embassies’ Saturday, May 12 Open House 10 AM – 4 PM Experience the best of European culture without the jet lag! Join the European Union Embassies and the EU Delegation for our sixth annual EU Open House: a day of family fun, food, culture, and more. On Twitter:
  2. 2. MapParticipating Embassies Austria: 3524 International Court, NW France: 4101 Reservoir Road, NW Malta*: 2017 Connecticut Avenue, NW Belgium: 3330 Garfield Street, NW Federal Republic of Germany: Co-hosted at Netherlands: 2347 S Street, NW Bulgaria: 1621 22nd Street, NW the Embassy of France, 4101 Reservoir Road, NW Republic of Poland*: 2640 16th Street, NW Croatia*(joining the EU in 2013): Greece: 2217 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Portugal: 2012 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 2343 Massachusetts Avenue, NW  Hungary: 3910 Shoemaker Street, NW Romania*: 1607 23rd Street, NW Republic of Cyprus*:2211 R Street, NW Ireland: 2234 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Slovakia: 3524 International Court, NW Czech Republic: Italy*: 3000 Whitehaven Street, NW Slovenia: 2410 California Street, NW 3900 Spring of Freedom Street, NW Latvia*: 2306 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Spain*: 2801 16th Street, NW  Denmark*: 3200 Whitehaven Street, NW Lithuania: 2622 16th Street, NW Sweden: 2900 K Street, NW Estonia: 2131 Massachusetts Avenue, NW  Luxembourg*: United Kingdom:  Finland: 3301 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 2200 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 3100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW EUDelegation: 2175 K Street, NW * Not wheelchair accessible
  3. 3. EMBASSY OF AUSTRIA EMBASSY OF DENMARK wine on the Embassy terrace. Sing and dance to true Hungarian folk music. Enjoy a huge Sample Austrian wines, Viennese pastries, and “Denmark: Taking global challenges seriously.” children’s corner and Hungarian breed dog the famous Austrian Meini coffee while listening Visit our Embassy to learn about Denmark’s petting. Learn about Hungarian inventions, to a live performance of traditional Austrian folk role in the global community. Learn about the win a Rubik’s Cube, and plan your visit to music, and viewing an art exhibition and films Danish bicycle culture and our green energy Budapest at the tourism booth. illustrating the distinctiveness of Austria and its ambitions; build virtually anything in LEGO, people. An Austrian pastry chef will showcase Denmark’s most famous toy; and take a guided EMBASSY OF IRELAND his skills by preparing the traditional Apple tour of the Ambassador’s residence. We’re also Strudel. hosting the bake sale of the Danish School of Washington. Fáilte! Welcome to the Embassy of Ireland. We EMBASSY OF BELGIUM invite you to experience our showcase of Irish EMBASSY OF ESTONIA culture and sport. Featured also are works of We invite you to learn about Belgium, view art and sculpture on exhibition in the Embassy the video “Unveiling the Secrets of Cocoa and Visit the Embassy of Estonia and learn more reception rooms. Chocolate” and visit our economic information about the “E-country.” Enjoy Estonian folk desks.  Also stop by the Ambassador’s office, dance and song festival photo exhibition. EMBASSY OF ITALY which will feature a slide show of images of the Belgian Residence. Belgian beer, juices, and EMBASSY OF FINLAND Exhibition of sculptures by Costantino Nivola other special treats await you! and paintings by Christian Balzano. Italian cars Welcome to the first LEED certified green on show. Screening of movies on Italy. Savor EMBASSY OF BULGARIA embassy − the beautiful “Jewel of Embassy Italian specialties sold by Café Cinema. Row.” Enjoy the “Paradise Found − Åland Samples of Bulgarian drinks and cuisine.  An Island” exhibition while exploring the culinary EMBASSY OF LATVIA www.latvia-usa.orgEmbassy Activity Listing immersion into Bulgaria’s history, culture culture of the Finnish Archipelago. and traditions through the photo exhibition Take a unique opportunity and visit the “Bulgaria of the 21st Century” and the screening EMBASSY OF FRANCE AND THE EMBASSY traveling exhibit of leading contemporary of the promotional video “Bulgaria – the Code OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY Latvian painters, including Ieva Iltnere, of Eternity.” Miervaldis Polis, Kaspars Brambergs, Harijs Brants and others. Enjoy Latvian folk costumes, EMBASSY OF CROATIA How can you visit France and Germany at Latvian music, and films on the country and the same time? By coming to the Embassy of culture. Explore the Alice Pike Barney Studio “Hrvatsko veselje” (“Croatian Merriment”) France! House and its fascinating history. In cooperation with the Croatian National The Embassy of France is proud to host Tourist Board, the Embassy will present the EMBASSY OF LITHUANIA its German neighbors, whose Embassy is heritage, music, dance, cuisine, and beauties of currently under renovation. Discover the food, Croatia, home to seven World Heritage sites, as If you cannot make it to Boston for the culture, and diplomatic life of these two nations 14th Lithuanian Folk Festival, come to the well as the Dalmatian dog. Croatia is also the at one stop: enjoy the revelry of a German beer birthplace of the famous “cravat,” known in the Lithuanian Embassy! You will have a unique garden, indulge at a French café, or feast upon chance to be introduced to the history of U.S. as the necktie. a three-course prix-fixe lunch in the Embassy’s Lithuanian folk dance and experience our EMBASSY OF CYPRUS cafeteria, featuring delicious French and national cuisine. An exclusive contemporary German dishes. Live music will fill our gardens, interfaith art exhibition, “Sacred Words,” Explore the embassy; delve into leaflets on and children will be thrilled by fun interactive will be displayed in the Embassy’s historic Cyprus’ history, culture, tourism, and cuisine; workshops.  Before leaving, learn a few phrases stateroom. enjoy short documentaries featuring ancient in a complimentary German or French lesson.  castles, winemaking, cycling, and fabulous EMBASSY OF LUXEMBOURG Cypriot beaches; taste the traditional Cypriot EMBASSY OF GREECE Come visit the Embassy of Luxembourg for the Halloumi Cheese and soudjouko made of grape Greece makes senses. Put all your senses to day! juice and almonds. work during this exceptional one-day trip to Greece. Learn how Greek architecture started EMBASSY OF MALTA EMBASSY OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC and influenced the world. Tour Greece with Be enchanted by Renaissance swordfighters, tastings of Greek cuisine. Listen to the unique Come and discover Malta, located in the center ladies-in-waiting, and the queen herself as richness of Greek music and learn Greek. of the Mediterranean and home to one of you learn about castles and other filmmaking Experience the authentic Greek lifestyle, as it Europe’s oldest civilizations. A small country locations in the Czech Republic. Enjoy Pilsner survived for thousands of years. with its unique charm and its rich history….and beer and goulash and watch children’s choirs take advantage of the opportunity to experience and stunt dogs, all from the land where Oscar- EMBASSY OF HUNGARY some traditional Maltese hospitality. winning director Milos Forman and numerous Come and taste real Hungarian Goulash and U.S. films hail.
  4. 4. Admission is free, but please bring identification.Some Embassies will conduct security checks.Please avoid bringing large bags & backpacks.Photography is prohibited at some locations.For details, please visit: OF THE NETHERLANDS traditions, and culture, as well as other EMBASSY OF SWEDEN surprises, will be available at the Romanian paintings by the 16th and 17th century Tourist Office’s booth. Come and visit us for a day of family funDutch Masters on display at the Residence in our Georgetown waterfront location.of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the EMBASSY OF SLOVAKIA Sample Swedish treats and enjoy ourNetherlands to the United States. The neo- rooftop lounge as you get a taste of lifeclassical Residence is home to tapestries and Experience the traditional hospitality of and trends in Sweden and the Europeanpaintings by Dutch Masters such as Jan van Slovakia and its people. Learn about the country Union.Goyen and Abraham Storck. in the heart of Europe with an abundance of cultural, historic, and natural attractions, as EMBASSY OF THE UNITED KINGDOMEMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND well as attractive business and investment environments. Come and enjoy a folk music This is GREAT Britain: Culture, BusinessEnjoy the collection of Polish paintings by such performance in traditional costumes, a folk art and Sport. The Embassy will showcasemasters as Julian Falat and Jacek Malczewski in display, and food samplings. the Ambassador’s Gardens; a bazaarthe historical Polish Embassy building. View highlighting British business and trade; andthe exhibition showing the stages of a unique EMBASSY OF SLOVENIA activities on culture and sport including theEU project: the recreation of the seventeenth Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and London 2012century Shakespearean Theatre in Gdansk. Feel sLOVEnia and its beat. Taste traditional Olympics. Highlights also include BritishTaste samples of traditional Polish cuisine. Slovenian food and wine while enjoying a food, arts, whisky, displays, and family sculpture exhibition by Lučka Koščak. See how activities.EMBASSY OF PORTUGAL traditional pastries are made, hear music, dance traditional dances, and listen to DELEGATION OF THE EUROPEAN UNIONWatch short documentaries and enjoy traditional fairy tales. Learn about Maribor, www.EUintheUS.orgPortuguese music. You will have the the “European Capital of Culture 2012,” and Enjoy a unique insider’s view  of the EU’sopportunity to see a set of pictures from a medical tourism in hot springs resorts. headquarters in the U.S. Learn  the latestPortuguese photographer. Taste samples of about the Euro and how the EU DelegationPortuguese cuisine and wines. EMBASSY OF SPAIN (FORMER RESIDENCE and the  member countries’ representatives OF THE AMBASSADOR) work together. Test your knowledge with theEMBASSY OF ROMANIA EU quiz and win prizes. Festivities Experience a preview of the newly-renovated an interactive wall map  for youth, customCome and visit the Beaux-Arts style embassy former Residence of the Ambassador of Spain. luggage tags,  Kids Corner, live music, andbuilt at the beginning of the 20th century and Get a taste of Spanish food and wine by local refreshments.explore Romania through a video tour of restaurants and distributors, and enjoy ourboth its unspoiled natural treasures  and  its culture with performances of flamenco andvibrant cities. Leaflets on Romania’s tourism, contemporary dance. PASSPORT DC: ONE MONTH, 70 EMBASSIES, DOZENS OF INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES, ONE UNFORGETTABLE GLOBAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE NATION’S CAPITAL