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  1. 1. Seminar on Market-drivenAnimal Welfare in the EU and the U.S. Washington, March 22 Annechien ten Have-Mellema, LTO Nederland
  2. 2. Personal introduction• Pig farmer• Chairman of Dutch farmers organization LTO Nederland, section pig farming• Vice-chairman of Product Board for Livestock and Meat• Chairman of steering committee of the Dutch project ‘Ending castration of male piglets’
  3. 3. My farm• Breeding farm: 320 sows, production of gilts and fattening pigs• Family-operated• Group housing sows on straw since 2000• Fattening of non-castrated boars since 1995• Arable farming and biogas• Producing in a market concept
  4. 4. Focus of the Dutch pig industry• Strong emphasis on farm animal welfare: license to produce, sustainability• Anti-castration: high on the agenda• Introduction of group housing sows 2013• Market concept: One star-concept
  5. 5. Focus of the Dutch pig farmers• Basic EU legislation – Extra demands: market concepts• Networking between farmers – research• Working together with NGO’s and in the whole chain.• Be proud of your precursors, they show the way to the future
  6. 6. How to move on?• Pig farmers want to change• We can succeed if all partners in the pig meat chain work together• A farmer only survives when he
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