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Wherewild App Presentation


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MyGalileo Hackathon App Presentation: Wherewild, an app game where you learn about your environment by finding real wildlife habitats.

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Wherewild App Presentation

  1. 1. WHEREWILD WILD LIFE CARTOGRAPHY FOR EVERYONE An app by Galileo7 team : Dierk Eichel - Jan De Vries - Damien Michaudet
  2. 2. We gather geo info about the wildlife presence, all around the world. Wild life GeoInfo ● I have an insight of wildlife population around me ● I can signal the presence of a wild animal WHEREWILD : An app by Galileo7 team
  3. 3. Wildlife presence can have multiple sources. Information gathering ● I take a picture or signal an animal ● Wildlife associations databases ● Real-time tracked animals WHEREWILD : An app by Galileo7 team
  4. 4. Helpful in multiple situations User scenarii ● I want to show my son foxes in Berlin parks ● To know which specie belongs the animal i see, i look at what i might encounter in the area ● I’m notified of the reported presence of crocodiles in the river I wanted to swim in WHEREWILD : An app by Galileo7 team
  5. 5. This app offers a lot of possibilities Awesome features ● Specie recognition when you take a picture ● Time-map of wildlife presence ● Statistics about animals populations and migrations ● Signal an animal that is in danger ● Encyclopedic information about the animals you see ○ Survival info in case of emergency or attack ○ Emergency number of local hospitals WHEREWILD : An app by Galileo7 team
  6. 6. Screenshots WHEREWILD : An app by Galileo7 team
  7. 7. Screenshots WHEREWILD : An app by Galileo7 team
  8. 8. Thanks ! WHEREWILD : An app by Galileo7 team To a lot of great people ● The European Global navigation Satellite Agency ● WhereCamp! Berlin ● All the WhereCamp Hackathon organizers and crew ● The European Space Agency crew who makes us dream and look at the sky